Ubi’s Steep Wingsuiting, Skiing Etc. To December

The most surprising and delightful announcement of Ubisoft’s E3 shindig is Steep [official site], an extreme wintersport ’em up with wingsuiting, snowboarding, paragliding, and skiing around the Alps. It looks fast and fun and generally pretty dang cool! And briefly gruesome when people slam into the side of a mountain at a million miles per hour. Along with online racing and whatnot, hey, it can let you just drift around a nice snowy place. It’s due this December. Here, get this gameplay in your eyes:

Ahh that’s nice, isn’t it? I do especially like how the mountain is online so you’ll run across other players up to their antics, and can join in if you please. I like bumping into people online. Ubisoft do say it has solo activities too, if you want ’em.

Though, all that talk of ‘Mountain view’ does make me wish I could import my Mountain with all its beautiful garbage but no, that’s just a map view. They’ve given the map a fancy name. That’s all. Sorry.

Here’s the typical flashy E3 trailer too:

Ubisoft Annecy are leading development on this, assisted by Ubisoft Montpellier and with Ubisoft Kiev chipping in for the PC version.

Steep is due to launch this December. Signups are open for beta testing.

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  1. A Gentleman and a Taffer says:

    Aww, man, the SNOW people are gonna be pissed. Looks kinda cool though, there aren’t enough snow based games around.

  2. blur says:

    I know it’s in beta, but I’ tired of the way that snow is implemented in games. Developers give snow sort of soft edges, but it otherwise is shockingly good at keeping its shape. This issue particularly evident at 5:35 in that video. There’s no spray at all, and the powder snow somehow forms a vertical wall.

    In reality, snow sprays all over the place while you ride through it, and falls in on itself, as if you were trying to stack sand.

    From here to release, I really hope they manage to get some of that snow physics right.

    • Oozo says:

      Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. Actually, I always wondered why nobody tried to make a freeride game with procedural generation. Invest a lot in snow physics, try to come up with a system that creates slopes, following more or less real-life principles — and then put multiplayer in it, seeds, daily challenges. In my wild, wild dreams, you could even sell that tech to other companies, SpeedTree-like, so the investment would be worth it… because, let’s be sure, it’s certainly not easy. So I guess right now, this game here is as good as it gets. (Fingers crossed that it’ll play well, wonky physics nonwithstanding.)

      • Oozo says:

        Oh, just found out that it will model the mountains I’m actually living in — that will make the whole thing even more interesting.

        • Ross Angus says:

          “In” as in “I have a secret underground mountain base”? You may have become my new hero.

          • Oozo says:

            Actually, there is a whole system of secret underground lairs in the Swiss alps, thanks to a remarkably claustrophobic WW II-strategy known as “reduit”. Unfortunately, I’m not that cool and can’t help living in a very mundane appartement instead of a heavily militarized cave.

  3. Siimon says:

    Hey RPS, I know this incredibly asinine, dumb, thoughtless, restriction isn’t your fault, but I’d like you to be aware that when you link YouTube videos from UbisoftUK (and other such regional profiles) those of us outside of the UK can’t watch the trailer.

    • Don Reba says:

      Works here in Spain. Where are you?

      • HopeHubris says:

        Also works in Australia

        • Don Reba says:

          So we know it is neither distance nor territorial disputes with the UK that are the problem. :)

          • Siimon says:

            Haha. I guess maybe the UK one is worldwide then, excluding US for no apparant reason. Maybe your version of the trailer has too much freedom to be shown in the US :P

  4. tnankie says:

    I am not sure what I think of this, my two main sports are paragliding and skiing and neither look that…well simulated. It’s funny the way video games turn sports of judgement and feel into reflex and timing (not necessarily bad, just not authentic; I suppose its the only one life in real life problem/issue).

  5. tonicer says:

    Haha Ubisoft … rofl

    ahem … link to youtube.com

  6. snowgim says:

    Nice disconnect there at 2:55. Your character screams “No!” as his close friend plows violently into the side of a mountain breaking every bone in his body. But don’t worry, you still got second, and the next race is about to start!

    • LucasThePatator says:

      Even with this kind of games, they feel obligated to put violence in the presentation. Marketing by big video game companies always involve violence.

  7. Ross Angus says:

    Every time he said “mountain view” I heard “Mountain Dew” and a part of me died.

  8. Eukatheude says:

    “The game also supports gopro view”
    So that’s what you call first person perspective now?

    • Blackrook says:

      Noticed the gopro ads in there as well.

      Bad but my main question is, can you shut up the asinine
      voices of the avatars. If I’m not screaming in real life the game isn’t working and I don’t want to here ‘canned’ woohoos.

  9. syllopsium says:

    I expect it’s too computationally difficult to make the snow realistic.

    Wingsuits have to be one of the top contenders for a video game, though. I’ve done some mildly extreme sports, but wingsuit enthusiasts all have a deathwish : if they don’t give up relatively young, they will die.

  10. Otterley says:

    “The Bob Ross Mountainside Painting Simulator”: A little bit of Titanium Hwhite and just a dash of your Bright Red to offset the wingsuit’s Phthalo Blue.