Inside, From Limbo Devs, Is Coming On July 7th

Darkly-darkly platformer Limbo split opinion around these parts when it was released back in 2010, with John loving it and Kieron thinking it was Rick Dangerous for goths. Maybe they were both right? Anyway, now PlayDead’s long-awaited follow-up Inside [official site] is due to arrive imminently, and there’s a new teasing teaser trailer below.

Which is rather light on detail for a game that’s coming out on PC in less than a month (and on XBox One on June 29th). I suppose we could turn to the trailer from 2014’s E3 trailer to see that its main character, at the time at least, was a small child much like that from Limbo. Will this game turn out to be Rick Dangerous for office workers?

Or if you crave still more detail, Eurogamer might have that answer via a seven-minute video of the game narrated by Aoife Wilson, who has played the whole thing:

So you are fragile and it is difficult, at points. No giant spiders, though. Rick Dangerous for office workers it is.

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  1. Aitrus says:


  2. brat-sampson says:

    Reaction to the trailer is that this looks boring. I mean that in a good way. I mean like in terms of the atmosphere and environment, like they’re trying to evoke mundane tiring feelings of repetition, office life, slow characters going about slow business etc. The gameplay looks like Limbo, tbh, but with a different style and array of puzzle-platforming hazards, maybe you’re trying to free people?

    Either way, I’m almost certainly in after Limbo anyway.

    • emotionengine says:

      I got a similar vibe from this. It’s an oppressively menacing kind of boredom that permeates, and that had me rather excited.

      Incidentally, this reminded of another highly stylised lo-polygon trailer that showed glimpses of corporate drudgery and systemic oppression (or maybe that was what my brain made of the imagery) that I saw posted here a few months ago. An up and coming title by a developer that was known for somewhat different fare (of the seemingly more action-oriented kind, if I am not mistaken?). I just can’t seem recall the game and or developer…

  3. ROMhack2 says:

    Reading that conversation back, I didn’t know how somebody could get so mad about Limbo.

  4. Ross Angus says:

    They’ve also released these beautiful gifs.

  5. syllopsium says:

    So, it’s basically Limbo with a bit of colour. Not that that’s a problem, mind, Limbo was a great game.

  6. Kinsky says:

    Regarding Kieron having opinions, I’d like to mention that he wrote an embarassingly pretentious article which hails BioShock Infinite as a modern masterpiece, and argues that its uninspired gameplay is in fact a purely intentional part of its genius. That is all.

  7. ephesus64 says:

    Odd choice for that trailer, the game itself appears to be completely different. Seems quite suspenseful!

    I’m glad I saw a little bit of gameplay, but Eurogamer didn’t seem right for the task in some ways. Their silly reactions to a young boy having violent and disturbing things happen to him came off a bit callous. It bothered me, to be honest.