Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Shows Off Siege Gameplay

Nope, we still don’t know when Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord [official site] will come out. If that’s the news you had been hoping for out of E3, hey, maybe you’ll still be cheered by this seven-minute new gameplay trailer showing off castle sieges in the sandbox medieval warfare RPG. Catapults! Destruction! Battering rams! Ladders! Murder holes! Fire! People tumbling off ramparts! Good stuff right here:

Gosh, that’s exciting isn’t it? TaleWorlds warn that it might be a bit rough round the edges as the game’s still unfinished, but it’s looking pretty good to me.

So when will Bannerlord be finished? Dunno! When our Adam interviewed TaleWorlds in April, they said “We’re still not too close to release unfortunately.” They did, however, tease a little of how we might first see it:

“We are considering Early Access, or perhaps an open beta of some sort. We definitely want to involve players at some point so they can dig in and help with final touches and game balance.”

That’s not set in stone either, of course. And apparently stone is vulnerable to having big rocks flung at it by irate Sturgians, so who knows what metaphors we can rely on any more? What would we even do in a world of literal language?

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  1. Auldman says:

    I’m impressed. Normally I wouldn’t be in favor of early access or beta and would rather they polish more but this thing has been in development for quite a while with only a sporadic bit of information dropped by the reclusive developers so yeah a fall beta would be welcome. Warband was kind of rough anyway when released and because of the modding friendliness of the game people forgave the developer. If this continues to be mod friendly then people won’t mind if it’s a diamond in the rough when we first see it.

    • badmothergamer says:

      This was my thought as well as this seems like a great case for early access, especially when you have such an active modding community that can help debug, and as you said, an already known history of somewhat buggy releases that need subsequent patching.

      And no, this has nothing to do with me wanting to play the game as soon as possible. I’m strictly considering what is best for the development of the game. Promise.

      • Auldman says:

        Right! I think it all hinges on modding ability for it to be worthy of early access or how much they really listen to feedback. My experience with Taleworlds (and I’ve done some modding there) is that they could stand to be more communicative with the fanbase. Just a touch more. But if modding is there from the get-go I am sure some things will be smoothed out by the modders and the developers might just grab some ideas from that. Taleworlds haven’t been shy in picking up tips from what their modders do.

    • Arathorn says:

      Well the original Mount&Blade was first released in early access way before that was common or was even called early access (the earlier you bought it, the lower the price). So it would make sense if this one follows the same route.

      The siege looks great, but the animations look like they haven’t changed much (if at all). I can’t wait to get my hands on this.

  2. froz says:

    HP cheat. I knew something was wrong when I saw that he goes to siege without shield.

    Seriously though, looks nice, but I don’t see anything really that different and new compared to the old games. Just the siege machines, which I think some mods already introduced to the game ages ago (they definitely did introduced cannons).

    • Ethaor says:

      Well, I guess you haven’t been hooked to the originals m&b. Nothing’s wrong with that, but if you had, you would have spent hundreds of hours into them and you’d think that 7 minute trailer offers a much improved different experience.

      Sieges in mount & blade always was a particularly rigid experience, even modded. It looks to be a much more dynamic and modular experience in Bannerlord.

      • Hyena Grin says:

        Yeah, having played hundreds of hours of M&B in its various forms, it’s hard to imagine how someone could watch that video and not see a vastly improved siege experience. Even apart from the obvious (and game-changing) addition of siege engines. Like..

        Environment destruction. It seems to be limited to obliterating ramparts, but that’s probably for the best. And it changes a lot, meaning particular sections of the walls won’t necessarily remain ‘ideal’ positions, and also reduces incentive to clump up.

        Multiple attack vectors. The sieges in previous games were almost entirely oriented around a single ‘breach’ in the defenses. It differed from castle to castle, each map having its own built-in breach. Sometimes a couple of ladders, sometimes a siege tower. This had multiple, and more than that, it had options.

        AI. The AI by default was attacking and defending at different positions, making use of the entire castle rather than clumping up around one ‘breach.’ People climbed ladders and busted down the gate and used a siege tower, and the AI defended each attack point without needing special orders. And on top of that the AI also seemed to recognize when it had lost the walls and fell back into the inner keep, where they wouldn’t be vulnerable to missile fire from the walls. Which is a sensible thing to do.

        Special defensive attacks. The AI was dropping stones and burning oil pots down murder holes, rather than using their own weaponry. This is a big change and makes the sieges feel a lot more genuine, honestly.

        Sure, there was a lot of familiarity there. The combat itself was very similar from what I could tell, and there were some re-used sound effects. But even after years of modding, I don’t think anyone has managed to create a siege experience as dynamic and complex as this video was. So it’s definitely an improvement, IMO.

  3. Andy_Panthro says:

    I’ve been playing Warband again recently, and Bannerlord is the one game I’m desperate for. This siege looked amazing, looks like they’ve added to and refined their previous games in a very impressive way.

  4. fearandloathing says:

    Not after graphical fidelity, but lack of development regarding animations is frustrating. Cannot see the game offering better combat with all the swinging and so on by the animated wood.

  5. tigershuffle says:

    appears more 1.5
    I think its the world map and the rpg that needs updating the most.
    Warbands combat is pretty satisfying as it is just needs a bit more oomph.
    Currently playing Third Age (Tolkein em up).

    If this has the ability for the community to mod I will be so happy.

    • Gomer_Pyle says:

      They are planning to make modding more accessible to modders.
      (And you will be able to have multiple mods at the same time.)

  6. caff says:

    Mount & Blade is one of those series that I’ve come late to, and regretted being a party pooper for not recognising it sooner. The Napoleonic Wars mod for Warband has provided me with some of the finest insanity in a large scale 128-player multiplayer game.

    • Abacus says:

      The Tropical Paradise server on Napoleonic Wars is one of the finest deathmatch servers I’ve ever encountered in a game. So many mini-alliances and betrayals all over the place there, it’s bonkers.

      • bigz213 says:

        I too was late to the M&B party. To this day, I love playing the Napoleanic mod on a 200 player RP server (regulary over 150 playing).

  7. yhancik says:

    Jeez I wouldn’t want to work for that Lord. Can’t you just do you Lord job without interfering with your subalterns’ job? I’m sure these skilled engineers know how to operate this device, my Lord. I also like his “I’ll hit this huge door once with my sword now i’ll let you finish the word”.

    I badly want to play this while listening to Ceephax Acid Crew’s Camelot Chronicles link to

  8. Wulfram says:

    They’re still using the same “ow” noises. But it does look better, which is nice because the sieges were pretty rubbish before.

    • mechanixis says:

      Honestly I’m really glad they haven’t changed the ow noises. All that goofy shouting is such an import part of the original game’s identity to me.

      • Gomer_Pyle says:

        Those are probably place holder as those things usually come near the end of a game’s development

  9. BaronKreight says:

    Delivered 225 damage. This game delivers!