Sea Of Thieves Showcases Chaotic High Seas Action

Sea Of Thieves [official site] got a gameplay video as part of E3 so we can see a bit more of the shared piratical world and get an idea for how the collaborative boating and cannonballing (and drinking) might work. I actually found it really engaging.

I know that that’s what a gameplay video is generally aiming for but so many miss the mark – with this one I can imagine catastrophic sea voyages as we accidentally abandon crew members, sail into rocks while someone says “you’ve got plenty of room” and capsize at the hands of vaguely competent foes. The only thing missing in the footage was sea shanties. I refuse to believe people wouldn’t sing sea shanties.

The footage is from play sessions with competitions winners (the competition involved showing how excited you were for the game, so it’s not surprising that the footage is as upbeat as it is).

The play sessions also functioned as feedback sessions:

In addition to the gameplay sessions, we made the most of the visit by talking with our fans about their experience. Often, this resulted in excited storytelling (“We decided to make a truce by drinking grog side-by-side in the middle of the ocean, but then they opened fire from out of nowhere!”), but we also received critical feedback about how the game felt, what features our visitors were expecting in the future, and how the experience could be balanced moving forward.

It’s Windows 10, though, and I am still refusing Windows 10 like Ryan Gosling refusing cereal.


  1. Ashrand says:

    E3 2017

    Microsoft: And our new VR MMO, Christieverse Online will be powered by the cloud, and of course Windows 10!
    Pip: … link to

    That said… yeah same really : /

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      Philippa Warr says:

      I wondered if anyone would respond with that. I decided not to put it in the post as I would have ended up telling the whole story and complicating the point somewhat! That story had such a sad ending, but Ryan McHenry’s cereal vines were so so so good and I loved Ryan Gosling’s cereal tribute. Might have cried the first time <3

  2. magogjack says:

    That gameplay video looked fun dispite the best efforts of the people in the video….

  3. Kaffis says:

    The gameplay video looked fun. But, as with all age of sail/pirate games, my interest is largely dictated by the depth of the sailing model. If ships sail right (by which I mean the wind speed and direction dictates your speed at different points with some good fidelity, and sails can take damage that plays in, as well), I’m MUCH more likely to want to play. Sailing ships shouldn’t drive like cars.

  4. mxmissile says:

    please dont be lobby based…

  5. manio22 says:

    Guns of Icarus anyone?

  6. Hyena Grin says:

    Gotta admit, it looks pretty fun. I just hope that the cartoony art direction doesn’t imply overly simplistic game mechanics. Maybe they shouldn’t be trying to model real sailing to the most minute detail, as that would rather limit appeal, but a lot of games like this suffer from not giving enough room for people to actually become skilled at something which requires a little dedication and effort to learn.

    Low barrier of entry doesn’t have to mean low skill ceiling.

    • Koozer says:

      It seems like the kind of game that finds a lot of its fun in failure and recovery, in the same vein as Magika or…other games I cannot think of, so I would assume each system will be just complicated enough to allow for that.

  7. freedomispopular says:

    Ugh I just want an awesome single player pirate game. Is that too much to ask?

  8. Ogun says:

    I’ll switch to Windows 10 just to get this game if it’s what it looks like in the trailer (minus the punchable talking heads) – but would guess the worries already mentioned in the comments (lobbies, over-simplification) will be borne out.

    @freedomispopular – did you try Tempest? It’s one of those early access things that still needs a lot of work, but so far it seems like a slightly more grown up and far prettier “Sid Meier’s Pirates”.

  9. racccoon says:

    Looks a great fun game, nice work so far. :)

  10. Tatourmi says:

    This is actually the game I am the MOST excited about. I mean, I have been dreaming about a good multiplayer longship game for so long. I think the thing most games get terribly wrong is melee and the choppy and fast movement of the players. I hope it gets this right.