Did You Catch Dishonored 2’s E3 Gameplay Footage?

You might have seen actual proper gameplay from Dishonored 2 [official site] on Bethesda’s E3 press conference stream, or maybe you read Adam’s retelling of Emily’s wee adventure. Or maybe you didn’t. Or maybe you want to see it again. Maybe you don’t even know what it is (if so: it is a jolly exciting supernatural first-person stealth-ish game set in a strange version of Victorian-y Europe). The point is, look below: it’s Harvey Smith’s twenty-minute presentation of sneaking, gabbing, and stabbing in handy moving picture format.

I do very much like the look of that magical gadget used to slip between past and present in one mission. That’s a lovely effect, that. And Dishonored’s combination of magic and hardware is always pleasant. He’s a handy one with a screwdriver, that Outsider. Pretty good at tattoos too. Probably gets sick of people trying to tap his skills “as a favour for a friend.” In Dishonored 3, he’ll start his own undersea city to escape people who can’t be arsed to change their own lightbulbs or ink their own wristchains.

Dishonored 2 is due out on November 11th, developed by Arkane Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks.

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[Disclosure: Cara Ellison, former RPS columnist and current Alice flatmate, has worked on Dishonored 2.]


  1. Rizlar says:

    set in a strange version of Victorian-y Europe

    Thought this one had a Victorian-y Asia-y setting? Haven’t watched the video because no spoilers pls.

    • Josh W says:

      Tricky to answer your question then. I don’t think “victoriany north africa” is spoiling anything, because it’s not particularly accurate.

    • PineMaple says:

      I haven’t watched the recent video either, but I do remember older materials describing it more as Southern Mediterranean (think Greece, Spain, North Africa) than Asian

    • Sushewakka says:

      I think the aesthetic draws most clearly from French colonies in North Africa (Think late XIX / early XX century Morroco and Algiers)

      • Rizlar says:

        Yes, thanks for all the responses. Dunwall is pretty overtly based on Great Britain so ‘mosquito ravaged overseas territory and underbelly of the empire’ had me immediately thinking of colonial India/Hong Kong/what have you.

  2. heretic says:

    Looks epic, can’t wait!

  3. Josh W says:

    Corvo has a voice? That’s going to take some getting used to. I mean, they’ve already explored this with Daud, but Corvo was me!

  4. aterriblesomething says:

    t-that voice! corvo is being voiced by stephen russell??? i’m sold.

    • thedosbox says:

      Yep, and a few of the cast from the Netflix Daredevil series are also doing voiceovers.

  5. Muzman says:

    That time weapon looks a little like what Bioshock Infinite was trying to do but dropped somewhere in development. (and ok it wasn’t a handheld device but a girl, but never mind)

  6. racccoon says:

    That was insane! Very Cool Part 2! :)

  7. tonicer says:

    They should have gotten StealthGamerBR to do the demo gameplay.

    I mean just look at this:

    link to youtube.com

    link to youtube.com

    That guy is good and creative.

    But i doubt he could do anything cool with a stupid gamepad.

  8. fenriz says:

    that’s it? that’s all the gameplay talk?
    “i like that gadget effect”

    so this game is basically shooting and jumping?

    where’s the challenge???

    • Buggery says:

      I mean… All signs point to it playing similar to the first Dishonored. There appears to be new tools and powers as well?

      I’m not sure what else you expect.

  9. kael13 says:

    Ah yep, the sickening fov is still alive and well. Excuse me, I need a bucket.

    • vocatus says:

      All platforms suffer because of the existence of console peasantry.

  10. Koozer says:

    The time fan thing looks a bit too easy to use, I hope things get trickier with guards and time sensitive hazards in both times.