Vee Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhh! Serious Sam VR Announced

Serious Sam 4 is not at E3 this year but Los Angeles still echoes with a familiar yell of “ᵃᵃᵃᵃᵃᵃᵃᵃᵃᵃaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!” Y’see Croteam have announced Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope [Steam page], a cybergoggle spin-off from their monsterblasting FPS. It’s another VR wave shooter, sure, but with Serious Sam’s over-the-top action amplified by waving two motion controllers as cartoon guns.

Here’s how it’ll go: Sam will be attacked by squillions of enemies and giant bosses and you will need to shoot them until they explode. There you go. Oh fine, and there are persistent weapon upgrades and you’ll need to choose the right weapons for each mission but the important thing is: you can wave two cannons (actual cannons which blast cannonballs) in your very own hands.

The game’s working on Vive and Oculus Rift goggles, though it’s made for motion controllers so I believe Oculeers will need to buy theirs when they’re released.

Croteam plan to launch Serious Sam VR onto Steam Early Access this summer then add more enemies, weapons, bosses, powerups, levels, and a skill tree as they keep working and gathering feedback. They haven’t settled on a price yet.

So where’s Serious Sam 4? It’s still coming. “Just to be clear, Serious Sam VR is a fun separate side project, we are still working hard on Serious Sam 4 as our prime goal,” Croteam have said on Twitter. “Be patient!”

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  1. bill says:

    So you can’t move?
    Serious sam without moving would be pretty pointless.

    • PhoenixTank says:

      Not pointless, but I do agree. Shooting and strafing are the two most frequent things Sam does – shortly followed by pumping out one liners, dying and jumping. With #2 gone, that rather takes out.
      If I had a Vive, I’d probably still play the hell out of it, though.

    • Einsammler says:

      There was a side-scrolling Sam who stacked guns like Team Fortressers stack hats.

  2. Blowfeld81 says:


    The sound that left me in terror up to this day.
    When I read it, it was back. I think, it just waited. Hiding in some part of my brain… fusing…ready….

    • Arathorn says:

      “ᵃᵃᵃᵃᵃᵃᵃᵃᵃᵃaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! yourself”
      By the way, did Serious Sam lose his hands or are they still in development?

  3. Emohawk says:

    Good on them for turning down Oculus’s “shitton of cash” deal. Screw Oculus for trying to divide the playing field.

    • milligna says:

      It’s going to be cited pretty frequently as A Big Mistake when the post mortems of VR: Phase II are written and the dust settles. That and shipping with a controller instead of Touch.

    • Asurmen says:

      Is there something I’m missing in the article that says they attempted exclusivity? Not that I mind such things.

    • SingularityParadigm says:

      There is more to that story you may not be aware of.

      Croteam CTO Alen Ladavac waded into the fray with a comment and his own Reddit thread.

      First, Ladavac comments:

      “I want to clarify some of the inaccuracies about our relationship with Oculus. Oculus did approach us with an offer to help fund the completion of Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope in exchange for launching first on the Oculus Store and keeping it time-limited exclusive. Their offer was to help us accelerate development of our game, with the expectation that it would eventually support all PC VR platforms. We looked at the offer and decided it wasn’t right for our team. At no time did Oculus ask for, or did we discuss total exclusivity or buyout of support from Vive. We look forward to supporting Rift and Vive.”

      And then here’s Oculus:

      “We regularly offer developers financial grants to help fund early development of new titles to accelerate development or expand the scope of the game. In some cases, we exchange funding in return for launching on the Oculus Store first, with the expectation that the game will go on to launch on other platforms.

      In the case of Croteam, at no time did we request that they stop development for other platforms, and we look forward to seeing Serious Sam be successful across the entire VR ecosystem.”

      • Little_Crow says:

        Well that’s about as unambiguous as it could get, obviously no marketing team were involved there.

        ‘Time Limited’ is a bit of a loaded term, but I assume it’s a timescale measured in months rather than being somewhere nearer the heat death of the universe.

  4. darktatka says:

    Help me Serious Sam VR, you’re my only hope.

  5. lagiacrux says:

    can we PLEASE make the term “cybergoggles” canon, when referencing something comes to VR?

    it sounds so much more awesome.

    – “did you hear? bethesda is bringing Fallout 4 for the cybergoggles.”
    – “thats awesome. i want AAA games for my cybergoggles.”

  6. Eclipse says:

    so you cannot move? What a gigantic fail.
    I guess I’ll stick with Quake 1 on Nightmare, HL2 and Alien: Isolation for the moment, old shooters are actually better VR games that this whole “vr experience” crap

    • Astatine says:

      But, strafing at Sam speed in VR would be so very nauseating! They have to find a different gameplay mechanic.

      I’ve got faith they can pull this off.