Warframe Getting SPORTSBALL Mode With Lunaro

SPORTSBALL is coming to Warframe [official site]. More specifically “Lunaro” is coming to Warframe, Lunaro being both the name of the arena sport mode the developers, Digital Extremes, are adding AND the name of the ball itself.

I played Warframe when it started popping up on the Steam charts a few years back and I remember it being about running really fast and brandishing my space katana. I was not very good at using my space katana but it was there, damnit. I think the last time I checked in with the devs they were about to add “fighting OUTSIDE in space” with the Archwing update. Oh God, that was 2014? How has this much time passed?

UGH – let’s watch the trailer so I don’t have to think about the eternal march of time.

I think my favourite thing about this trailer is that the gravelly-voiced trailer dude congratulates you for “SCALING THE BONE MOUNTAINS OF WAR” but then suggests you might want to take a sports holiday from all the fighting.

What with the scoops each player wields I feel like it’s a space version of jai alai crossed with, like, quidditch.

“Accessed in-game through the Conclave, Lunaro invites Tenno to join team Sun or team Moon with up to four players per team. Teams must defend their goal while doing their best to score by shooting the ball (or Lunaro) through the opponents’ goal. Tenno may defend their zone by smashing the Lunaro out of the opponent’s possession or by knocking them down with a crushing hit.”

Lunaro is going to arrive at some point this week. I feel like this could either be fun (like how everyone else seemed to feel about Blitzball in Final Fantasy X) or maddening (like how I felt about Blitzball in Final Fantasy X). Still, a decent opportunity for me to reinstall and see how it’s changed as the team ramp up to a big quest event type thing called The War Within.

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  1. Hyena Grin says:

    I have no idea how I feel about this. I mean, it seems like a bit of a non-sequitur, doesn’t it? I know that DE are trying to build kind of a ubiquitous multiplayer ‘world’ where you aren’t just logging in to do one thing. There’s options. Different PvE modes, different PvP modes, now a more sincere PvP sports-stype mode. It’s clear they want to provide enough variety of experience to keep people logging in. I commend that.

    But at least for me personally, it’s a bit too far off the beaten track of murdering things with space-magic to get very excited about. I haven’t logged into Warframe in a while though. More or less since I ran out of platinum from the last time I bought a prime frame. So maybe I’m not the target audience, here.

  2. Arglebargle says:

    Sadly, the more stuff they add, the less interested I am.

    Still do try to play every so often, as they’ve done a great job with the basics.

  3. dorobo says:

    ahahaha :D rocket league invaded warframe.. that epic voice so unconvincing :D I was hearing alternate version of that something like: WE MADE A GRINDFEST OF A GAME AND NOW FINALLY PLAYER NUMBERS ARE DROPPING SO WE DECIDED TO DO A ROCKET LEAGUE CLONE INSIDE WARFRAME BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT’S POPULAR TODAY! Silly marketing ruining everything these days.