Arma 3’s Apex Expansion Visiting New Land On July 11th

Arma 3 will jet off on its summer hols to the sunny South Pacific on July 11th, developers Bohemia announced during E3 this week. The military sim’s Apex expansion [official site] introduces the archipelago of Tanoa with 100 km² of sun, sea, shanty towns, sugar cane fields, and submachine guns. Along with a new area, it adds new vehicles, men, weapons and whatnot. Observe the customary E3 moving pictures:

Apex will cost £24.99/29,99€/$34.99 when it launches July 11th on Steam and the Bohemia store.

Not that we condone pre-ordering but to head off people who’ll grumble if I don’t mention it: pre-ordering Apex (with a 20% discount) gives access to beta build with most of its new stuff. As Bohemia explain:

“If you own Arma 3 Apex, you can already test all Apex content (new terrain, armed forces, weapons, vehicles, and more), except for the co-op campaign. Just right-click on Arma 3 in your Steam Library, go to ‘Properties’, visit the ‘BETAS’ tab, and use the drop-down menu to select and install the Apex Sneak Preview build. This build represents a work-in-progress version and is not yet fully representative of the final Arma 3 Apex release.”

Yes, I know they announced this a few days ago but I’ve been busy with E3 things. I have a long list to work through, okay.

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  1. Mi-24 says:

    The insides of the rainforests look properly nice, also the AI is being upgraded to not see through trees and whatnot

    • BobbyDylan says:

      I’ll believe that when I see it.

    • SuicideKing says:

      Tanoa is freaking brilliant! :D

    • anHorse says:

      That’d be good

      I never got into arma 3 because I was being shot through trees from the very first mission

      • Mi-24 says:

        link to

        This is by an arma 3 youtuber who just did a test mission to prove it, it looks good, AI only engage at very close range in the forest.

      • snowgim says:

        I’m replaying Arma3 at the moment. Having a lot more fun with it on Veteran difficulty, but with the AI settings set to Recruit difficulty. Far less instant death from nowhere.

  2. Phidelt230 says:

    I wish they would dump the futurewar sci-fi bullshit so I’m not forced to download RHS to make the game playable on a mechanical level.

    I think the guy who decided to give every light-vehicle CROWs and bulletproofing and the guy that decided everyone and everything should get thermals should be shot.

    • SuicideKing says:

      Thermals would be usable if they tried. At least they can be disabled or avoided. CROWS on the other hand… :(

      Same for the drones. Hard to make missions around them. At least the majority of the Apex content is quite good, and we have AKs and VTOLs now!

    • Mi-24 says:

      My feelings towards this aspect of arma 3 have softened since release. Initially I was pretty pissed off at the “UH 80 Ghosthawk” etc but given the number and quality of mods out there it’s not much of a problem, because somewhere there’s a mod with an actual blackhawk. The thermal sights are silly and I would have rather they set it in modern day as opposed to the future but thats not a game breaking problem for me (anymore, I used to really hate it).
      I suppose it matters more if you play multiplayer and everyone’s equipped with thermal sights in which case yeah that does suck.

    • GepardenK says:

      Apex is kinda fixing your issues there with uniforms/headgear that hide your thermal signature (leaving ony small parts of your body like the eyes visible in thermals, and any red hot barrel after continious firing ofc)

      Each side also get both armed and unarmed versions of a new light vehicle class with open top so people can shoot in and out of it with small arms

      • Rayachidon says:

        You know that the reason behind the future weapons and vehicles was for balance right? Arma 2 had a range of balancing problems due to the many disparities in equipment.

        • GepardenK says:

          No it wasn’t. BIS stated they did it out of their own interest and inspiration around near-future settings. Balance could just as easily have been achieved in modern times by choosing the right equipment for their madeup factions. It should also be noted that Arma does not use generic loadouts across the board so balance is always centered around each individual mission and not by weapons contributed to each faction

        • Alfius says:

          Yarp, Arma 2’s Eastern bloc factions had straight up superior AA – the West tended to go light on the mobile AA front for pretty much the entire Cold War thanks largely to having straight up superior … A and an entire combat doctrine revolving around low level interdiction of vulnerable enemy assets as a soft counter to the Soviet tank roll.

  3. SuicideKing says:

    You can download the Sneak Preview even if you haven’t bought the expansion, but you won’t get the terrain.

    Even if you do not own Apex yet, you can try the assets in the Virtual Arsenal / Garage mode for free! This mode can also be accessed from the game’s DLC Content Browser (Shift + P).

    link to