Killing Floor: Incursion VR Announced For Oculus Touch

Killing Floor bills itself as “survival horror” but it’s not really. Don’t get me wrong, it and its sequel Killing Floor 2 are great wave survival FPSs – with their onslaught of Zeds, waves of chainsaw-wielding monstrosities, and the positively formidable Patriarch – but jump scares and the blind panic levied by running out of ammo doesn’t exactly constitute horror, does it?

Killing Floor: Incursion [official site], the “intense” co-op VR shooter announced this week by developers Tripwire, on the other hand, looks bloody terrifying! Take a peak below, I dare you.

Hmmm you’re tougher than I thought, dear reader. I can’t decide if its the creepier-looking monsters that shook me most about that up there, or the harrowing thought of shutting out reality and willingly plunging myself into that house of horrors. In any event, Incursion is being made for the Oculus Touch and sees players assuming control of elite Horzine Security Forces soldiers, before battling their way through farmhouses, “high tech facilities”, and other zombie-plagued locations in a bid to uncover the origin of the ZEDs. I think I’d rather not know, to be brutally honest.

No release date for Killing Floor: Incursion just yet.

The new ‘Bullseye’ update for Killing Floor 2, however, is out now and adds a new female character named Rae Higgins; the Sharpshooter perk class; two maps – Hostile Grounds and Containment Station; and your standard haul of bug fixes.

Killing Floor 2 is free to try this weekend on Steam as well, and on sale too.

Full patch notes can be found in this direction, and this here is a trailer for the update:

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  1. Xzi says:

    Great…another long-time Steam series goes Oculus exclusive in their VR iteration for no good reason. I can tell you for sure that this won’t be released any time soon. Oculus can’t seem to get their HMDs to many pre-orderers, let alone actually release their Touch controllers. Since the PR estimate on those is late this year, I’d guess summer 2017 based on their recent record.

    • frightlever says:

      “Great…another long-time Steam series goes Oculus exclusive in their VR iteration for no good reason.”

      Probably a million reasons. By “reasons” I mean “dollars”.

      Splitting the playerbase is going to damage VR on PC. Or maybe it’ll save it, by giving devs the money to make otherwise uneconomic games. I really don’t know.

      I’m sure most of these deals will be timed-exclusives.

    • demicanadian says:

      Dat shitton of money tho…

  2. Spacewalk says:

    How do they do that, get the guns to float in the air like that? Sorcery?

    • Xzi says:

      Unreleased motion controllers. Like wot come in the box with Vive.

  3. Kowie says:

    I have zero issue with them jumping on the VR bandwagon, what i do have a issue with is the ‘stand there glued to the ground and shoot at waves of monsters running around’ routine, its pretty unimaginative tons of devs are already doing this on the cheap.

    • SingularityParadigm says:

      Locomotion in first-person-point-of-view VR is largely an unsolved problem. Some people can handle artificial locomotion via thumbstick in VR without getting sick, but a majority of people can not. The options right now boil down to:

      1) teleportation mechanics (unsatisfying for many people and not viable for many types of games)

      2) vehicles with cockpits (works extremely well in select genres)

      3) roomscale (limited by individual users available playspace)

      4)roomscale as a vehicle (Hover Junkers is the prototype for this one; also limited by individual users playspace)

      5) omni-directional slidemills (expensive)

      There are quite a few other novel ideas being experimented with, but the above five encompass the majority of approaches used in games that have actually been released.

      Until Visual-Vestibular Mismatch is solved, or omni-directional slidemills come down in price and dramatically increase in attach rate, expect to see a lot of first-person wave-based shooters that involve limited movement.

      • Kowie says:

        Quiet aware of that issue, it still sickens me to see yet another well known game company doing VR on the cheap, i would have preferred them to figure out a way to make option 2 and 4 work.

  4. TheAngriestHobo says:

    Take a peak below, I dare you.

    I took a peak, my excitement is mounting.

  5. Beard_Arthur says:

    >Announced For Oculus Touch

    Unless there’s an impending announcement that this will be available for the other big VR platforms, or at the very WORST just a timed-exclusive, you can count me out.

    I’m REALLY wanting to just on the VR bandwagon, and I’m absolutely the ideal demographic for it (beefy computer, expendable income, early adopter), but hearing all this news on platform exclusivity is severely damaging my desire to get onboard.

    • Renevent says:

      I hear you, especially considering I just got a Vive a few days ago. Really not thrilled about companies splitting the player base when there’s not even that many of us to begin with.

  6. yhancik says:

    This reminds me of the time videogames added “3D” in their titles.

    • Beard_Arthur says:

      Except those games weren’t locked behind arbitrary store DRM.

  7. Faxanadu says:

    A more interesting question: How to make moving around in Oculus happen and not be totally gay?

  8. JoeFX69 says:

    I find this news very troubling for the people who have bought into the Early Access of KF2.
    Tripwire are clearly a company on the brink of some sort of implosion. Staff have been leaving, they’ve introduced more and more MT’s into an early access game, ignored fans, BANNED fans for legitimate concerns and criticisms, are way over schedule of their promises and patches, and now this announcement.

    I know I know, companies exist to make money, but with the recent news that Oculus are throwing money to bag exclusives and the inevitable backlash that has created (imagine being locked out of a game for not having the right mouse?!), Tripwire, a company that has continually proved recently it will do anything for a buck, are proving yet again that if it can get cash injections any way it can to stay afloat, it will, regardless of any commitments it has previously made to customers.

    Oculus will want something substantial from Tripwire. Heres my prediction: Tripwire wont deliver on promises made, Oculus will throw more money at the problem, then both will be embroiled in a legal battle which will see Tripwire die and the KF property being sold off