As Ever: Beyond Good & Evil 2 Is “Still On The Way”

Hoist E3 above the bloodstone with ropes of braided ivy then circle thrice with burning mugwort. Cleanse your obsidian dagger with goat’s milk then dry it with moss. Holding E3 firmly by the neck, plunge your blade into its guts and draw down, let the guts spill onto the bloodstone, unspooling like a VHS tape (you may need to reach in and yank to get things started). Examine the EEEntrails. See the patterns emerge beneath the rising steam. Know the future. Know that it reads the same as ever: yuh huh for real Beyond Good & Evil 2 is definitely still happening, for real, for really real.

The previous portent was an off-hand proclamation from Pey’j prophet Michel Ancel in January and, as is the way with these things, was a wee bit vague. It’s almost thirteen years since action-journalist Jade’s first adventure in Beyond Good & Evil (have you played it?), eight since the sequel’s announcement, and four since supposed prototype footage leaked. We’ll dance this dance beneath starless skies for as long as we must.

This year’s traditional E3 BG&E gutspilling came from Ubisoft chief executive warlock Yves Guillemot in a chat for YouTube Live with the one they call Geoff Keighley.

“It’s still on the way. It’s something that at one point you will see, yes,” Guillemot said.

Asked by the dark priest Keighley whether the game is “actively being worked on or it’s further out”, Guillemot responded:

“It’s difficult to say actually. Michel is working on it but he’s doing two games at the same time – he’s doing Wild at the same time. It’s coming along but he has to spend time on it so we can see it faster.”

It is as it ever was and ever shall be. Press silver to your forehead and blow kisses at the moon then skip to the end of this interview to hear the sacred words once more:

I’ll see you in the birch circle on Midsummer, yeah? We’ll be dancing round a giant wicker Secundo. We can wait. We have so many other wonderful games to play until the time is right.

Ta to cheery RPS fanzine PC Gamer for pointing this out.

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  1. Infinitron says:

    FYI you can embed Youtube videos so that they start at a specific time.

    • Alice O'Connor says:

      Uh huh, you try watching it without following the correct ritual and let me know how things turn out. Hopefully your inside-out remains will retain enough consciousness and mobility to write an e-mail.

  2. thedosbox says:

    eight (years) since the sequel’s announcement, and four since supposed prototype footage leaked.

    Wow, I hadn’t realized it’s been that long, though I’m happy to wait “until it’s done”.

    • darkhog says:

      Some people were happy to wait until Duke Nukem Forever is done. Your mileage may vary.

  3. Halk says:

    Oh, Beyond Good & Evil 2.
    Another one of those games I stopped caring about years ago.

    • Eclipse says:

      Good for you, that’s pretty much on par with how much the rest of the world care that you don’t.

      • SanguineAngel says:

        Good for the rest of the world, that’s pretty much on par with….

  4. Andrew says:

    “BG&E2? Sure, it’s still on the way. Just remember that and ignore all racist/sexist games about white dudes killing everyone we doing every year.”

    Are we sure that hostile take over is so bad? Really? Aren’t they kinda deserve it a little bit? Teeny-tiny bit?

  5. Harlander says:

    I’m pretty pleased with how holding E3 in Night Vale has worked out, to be honest.

  6. hng says:

    Beyond Good and Evil 2: On the Genealogy of Morality

    • Enkidum says:

      On The Genealogy of Morals is a superior but under-appreciated follow-up to Beyond Good and Evil, so, you know, that could be pretty cool and we’d still get hipster points because it won’t be as popular. But who are we kidding, it’ll probably be shit.

      While we’re waffling about Nietzsche, was there any reference in any way to the book in the game? I can’t remember anything remotely like that, but perhaps I’m a bit slow on the uptake. Still, a weird thing to call a game.

      • zbeeblebrox says:

        Not a single one, from what I recall. In fact, there wasn’t even a significant moral bend to the game that would even justify superficially calling it “Beyond Good and Evil”. I think they just thought it was a cool name..

  7. SanguineAngel says:

    I remember when that image looked like the mutt’s!

    I’d still be interested in a sequel if it did something interesting.

    • April March says:

      These days, the image is already start to fray along the edges.

  8. SpitefulHammer says:

    Hopefully it is actually a sequel and ubisoft don’t pull a Konami and tease the game before releasing BG&E gambling machines.

  9. SomeDuder says:

    Goodness gracious, I wonder what gaming sites will write about when this thing eventually gets released. The original was a fun game, sure, but I can’t figure out why a possible sequel gets the amount of attention that it currently does.

  10. Wormerine says:

    Sure it is. Whatever. I am one of few people who thinks original BG&E was only meh. It was ahead of its time (it was pretty much Arkham Asylum but with weak combat, stealth systems.) The story was disappointing. I liked taking photos of rare animals. It was ok. I am curious about the sequel. But what I really want is another Rayman game.

    • darkhog says:

      I know, right? I mean, sure, we got new 2d Rayman games few years back, but what I really want is another 3D one. IMO R2: The Great Escape and Hoodlum Havoc were the high point in the series.

  11. Maxheadroom says:

    Somehow I never got around to playing this back in the day. Its always been on my to-do list though.

    Have I left it too late? If I were to play it now without the benefit of nostalgia does it still hold up at all?

    • Andrew says:

      Short answer: yes.

      Longer answer: A lot of people want a sequel precisely because there was nothing like that since. It wasn’t triple-A polished title then, mind you, and it has rough spots, but it’s coherent medium sized B-game. I don’t want to gush over details, but I do believe that you never gonna be in a situation, when you would feel like, hey, I get what they were trying to achieve, but they failed because of limitations of some kind or another, or that we now know how to do it way better.

    • haldolium says:

      I don’t know… while it sure has a great and rather unique “adventuresque” atmosphere, the mechanics are sure horrible outdated and some fights can be really awful, not to speak of stealth sections which, to be fair. where already horrible when the game got released.

      I mean sure, give it a try, but also be prepared to be left wondering about the hype that sourrounds the “sequel”, since the original is just outdated by now given that action adventures probably seen the greatest jump in mechanical fidelity over the years and much of the hype comes from nostalgica.

      Played through it the other day, rage quit at the end boss since it just wasn’t worth it.

  12. darkhog says:

    I’ll be very sad if they won’t give out first B:G&E as part of that Ubi30 thingy.

    • Booker says:

      I already have it on Steam and GOG, so it probably won’t matter all that much to me.

      But yeah, what other older good Ubi games do they have…