Dota 2: Who’s Scored A Direct Invite To TI6?

Ooh – the direct invitees for The International 2016 (that’s the massive annual Dota 2 [official site] tournament with the eye-watering prize pool) have been announced. There’s also a bunch of information on how the qualifiers work so YOU, dear reader, could theoretically be in the running to scoop part of that $12.4m. Well. $12.4m so far….

Two-time Major winners OG are obviously going straight to Seattle, while star squad Secret and last year’s winners Evil Geniuses will need to work their way through the open qualifiers. That’s thanks to some roster swap action which means both violated Valve’s roster lock conditions.

Read on for the full list of direct invitees as well as who’s going to be duking it out in the regionals so far:

Direct Invites:

  • OG
  • Team Liquid
  • Newbee
  • LGD Gaming
  • MVP Phoenix
  • Natus Vincere
  • Regionals (Americas)

  • Digital Chaos
  • Friendship, Dedication, Love
  • Complexity Gaming
  • Not Today
  • Vultur Gaming
  • Drinking Boys
  • [open qualifier winner]
  • [open qualifier winner]
  • Regionals (China)

  • Vici Gaming.Reborn
  • TongFu
  • CDEC
  • Wings Gaming
  • IG
  • CDEC.Youth
  • IG.Vitality
  • [open qualifier winner]
  • [open qualifier winner]
  • Regionals (Europe)

  • Alliance
  • Power Rangers
  • Team Empire
  • Ad Finem
  • Vega Squadron
  • Flipsid3 Tactics
  • Virtus.Pro
  • No Diggity
  • [open qualifier winner]
  • [open qualifier winner]
  • Regionals (Southeast Asia)

  • Fnatic
  • Rave
  • Mineski
  • Signature Trust
  • Warriors Gaming.Unity
  • Execration
  • Orange.Taring
  • The Mongolz
  • [open qualifier winner]
  • [open qualifier winner]
  • The open qualifiers are being organised by Perfect World in China and FaceIt for the remaining regions. Information is here for China hopefuls and here for Europe, SEA and Americas. Thanks to the roster lock violations you might actually find yourself facing off against Secret or Evil Geniuses. I wonder if that will actually swell the interest in the open qualifiers – this idea that you might bump into a Dota celebrity or five just thanks to scheduling?

    Now we enter a period of intense speculation about the invite process and the weighting of particular LANs in scoring the direct invites and generally much Reddit pondering of the relative merits of someone versus someone else.

    The International will take place 3-13 August. That includes the wild-card rounds so the main event will be 8-13 August at Seattle’s KeyArena.


    1. jellydonut says:

      I’m so damn happy to see OG back in their stride again. 3 LAN wins in one month!!

      I’m gonna be holding out hope for n0tail and co in Seattle this summer. #teamfriendship

    2. opasnimiki says:

      Although I don’t follow any e-sport during most of the year, The International manages to peak my interest every time.

      This year, it’s interesting seeing both Team Secret and EG in open qualifiers, which kinda makes me feel like meta can really affect everyone’s chances of winning although to be fair I didn’t follow any tournament since last International so maybe there is different reason for their “poor” performance.

      I am really hyped for upcoming TI and hopefully it won’t be repeat of TI4 which had the dullest meta, if I remember correctly…

      • Zankman says:

        Besides meta/patch changes, a lot of the EG/Secret downfall has to do with Roster Changes/Instability/Cohesion issues; Certain players get a lot of flack for causing team disruption and constant player swaps… Other factors like weird tournament participation choices may weigh in too.

        The fact that there are no rules against poaching and no *hard* transfer deadlines in DotA 2 means that a lot of teams just go crazy with Roster Changes; This certainly hurts teams to a large degree.

        Meanwhile, a team like OG or TL has happy players and decides to stay the same for a longer period, thus actually managing to gel together, thus becoming solid at the worst or, in the case of these two, the best.

    3. Horg says:

      Disregard the EG / Secret open qualifier drama. Embrace the Veggies hype!

      link to

      Can those who make a living talking about DotA2 turn all that knowledge into practical results, creating the greatest underdog story of their generation, or will they get unceremoniously dumpstered by a random pub-stack? Only time will tell, but in an unforgiving best of 1 format from the round of 1024 to the semi finals, even EG have to be worried about facing the Veggies.

    4. Zankman says:

      OG currently looks unstoppable; The remaining few tournaments before The International (mainly something like The Summit 5) will tell us if anyone can even make them look vulnerable.

      As it stands, OG look like favorites to win TI with teams like TL looking like the best chances of someone upsetting them… Tho they will need to innovate more since they have obviously failed so far.

      Reminds me of tennis at the moment: OG is Djokovic, the clear Number 1.

      TL might be Murray – fine in their own right but will ultimately lose 7/10 matches against the Number 1.

      The rest are either old teams on a downward path or young teams that will likely never be Number 1 in their current iterations.

      However, a lot can change – who knows what the Qualifiers and The International itself will bring.

      I am sure no one will mind OG winning TI as long as they get at least somewhat pushed to the limit (5-Game Grand Finals, please!).

    5. yogibbear says:

      Someone tell Na’vi how to draft and they COULD beat OG.

    6. Grizzly says:

      Damn, I was kinda hoping for Trotsky to be there, but he simply hasn’t gotten all that much traction after the 4th International.

      • Xerophyte says:

        Trotsky is a solid mid and all but clearly Team LO just couldn’t handle All Union’s Zinoviev-Stalin-Kamenev tricore back in TI3.

        • Lars Westergren says:

          I don’t know, if he was so good why did he get ganked bot?

    7. Shinard says:

      Wait, Perfect World is organising the China qualifiers? After Shanghai? Are there no better options?

    8. Banyan says:

      Whoa, MVP Phoenix merits an invite? What a change since last year!

    9. Abacus says:

      God that cover image gives me goosebumps.