Gorgeous Downhill Biking Game Animations

On my morning stroll around the TIGSource forums I found this gorgeous downhill bike game prototype by Megagon Industries. The art style at the moment is lovely and I really like the way it’s animated. Apparently it’s such early days that the game doesn’t even have a name yet but come look!

So far the three-person team has been focusing on getting the bike physics and the controls right. They say that aside from the bike and rider the art assets are actually placeholders although the low poly look is “already a good impression of the final style we’re aiming for.”

As it’s such early days the game itself could change a lot but it’s currently being billed as being about riding downhill along different mountain tracks, dealing with different obstacles and ground types.

The forums picked up on a SkiFree-ish inspiration which is cool and the official Tumblr should soon have some gifs of the ragdoll physics when you crash. OH! One last thing – I also found out today that the dirt which bikes throw up behind them is called “roost”.


  1. ran93r says:

    I want to play this right now… and also throw newspapers in to peoples front garden.

  2. Ross Angus says:

    Lovely. Perhaps a year from now, the finished art will be even nicer, but I simply can’t imagine it.

    • DrWDSo says:

      Lovely. Perhaps a year from now, the finished art will be even nicer, but I simply can’t imagine it.

      Seeing people like our work so far gives us a huge motionational boost! Thanks! :)

    • benkc says:

      Yeah, that’s quite lovely.

  3. FurryLippedSquid says:


    Short for “rooster tail”.

    The more you know.

  4. Capt. Eduardo del Mango says:


  5. Collieuk says:

    Graphics style reminds me of Runescape circa 2005 meets 4D Sports Boxing 90s.

  6. andytheadequate says:

    Looks interesting. I hope they’re able to nail the bike physics and the feel of different terrain types. I imagine if they’re done right then the rest should be fairly easy…

  7. bit.bat says:

    Low poly flat textures, the look of 2016. I like it so I’m not complaining!

  8. BillyBantam says:

    Looks really cool. Such potential for a game like this. Should be fairly accessible to all, but if they nail the physics then should be quite difficult to master for faster times down the mountain. Can see online leaderboards and multiplayer downhill championships :)

  9. davebo says:

    As a downhill biker I eagerly anticipate this game, even if it’s not a sim. If possible please support split-screen multiplayer so we can play with friends in the same room.

  10. picniclightning says:

    The bike physics remind me of the free game “Shapeshifter Biker,” which was mentioned in a Free Loaders column not long ago: link to more-mountains.itch.io

  11. benzoate says:

    I don’t know what it is, maybe the look of the dust particles, but I can’t help but think of LBA 2.

  12. tonicer says:

    Nice … first person would be extremely awesome.