EVE: Valkyrie Gets A Death Star-Esque Trench Run Mode

The first major free update for EVE: Valkyrie [official site] is now live, which means you can finally take the fight to an enemy team’s carrier ship. Called Carrier Assault, this new mode taps into every Star Wars fan’s obsession with flying down trenches, shouting “you’re all clear kid,” and then making really expensive military equipment blow up.

Getting to that climactic finale, however, requires chewing through three stages of attack and defense, the first being a skirmish mode. Here players will vie for control of three power relay stations, and when they manage to capture two of them, the enemy carrier’s shields will temporarily dissipate. From there, the attacking team must destroy cooling nodes on the enemy carrier to disable its defensive systems before launching a Death Star-style trench run to destroy the core and the ship itself. New boost gates have also been introduced, getting pilots back into the action quicker by providing them a one-way speed boost to specific objectives.

But Carrier Assault is more than just a new game mode, there’s also a new map called Crossroads to dogfight in as well. Crossroads is also available in both of Valkyrie’s Scout and Survival game modes, letting you discover more echoes to help fill in the teeny amount of backstory that existed prior to the update. While I haven’t had the chance to try Carrier Assault for myself yet, I did get to do battle in Crossroads back at Fanfest earlier this year. It’s…well it’s a new map, which is to say it looks pretty as hell but I would be hard pressed to point out what distinctly sets it apart from other Valkyrie maps. In any case, Carrier Assault looks rad.

The update also introduces a bunch of smaller fixes and balance tweaks, including a new tactical menu to display the status of every player in your match and their basic statistics. There’s also a rework to how multiplayer match selection works, now allowing you to choose between playing every available game mode or just Carrier Assault continuously, like falling in love with a song and then listening to it on repeat until you want to puke. If you want to read the full patch notes, you can do so here.

Finally, no word yet from CCP on when HTC Vive support will be added, but it should be later this year. They recently announced that Valkyrie would be coming to Playstation VR on October 13, so hopefully Vive support arrives before then. If you own a Vive and are dying for some space combat, perhaps House of the Dying Sun will satiate you?


  1. int says:

    How many people play this game? I’m guessing it’s between 1 and a higher number.

    • Ufofighter says:

      Not so high

    • rsf says:

      Tone seems to be people are miffed about this being VR?

      Gameplay looks stock standard space action on a cap ship.. take down defensive subsystems then critical ones..

      While players wait for a non VR/exclusive experience to come along, they can try out the sims built on the community developed FreeSpace 2 Open engine. The free standalone Diaspora is one, with staged/detailed capship battles..It supports TrackIR, but not Occulus/Vive yet. There’s a star wars original trilogy mod for the FS2 engine on moddb, that should be more star wars.

  2. DodgyG33za says:

    At first I thought, wake me up when this isn’t exclusive to Oculus. Then I though ‘bugger it’ if they don’t want me in their club from day one, I ain’t joining.

    Sad thing is I own a DK1 and DK2. Pre-ordered the release version and cancelled when they pulled the always on DRM stunt. I had cancelled my DK2 when Facebook bought them, but relented because I was desperate to join the VR bandwagon.

    I have been waiting for VR to come of age since I first experienced it in the early 90’s in the Trocadero. Oculus is a great product, but if we let Facebook dictate the future of VR it will be worse than waiting another ten years.

    • Ethaor says:

      Well said. A computer screen exclusive… what a world we live in. What’s next mouse exclusivites? Lucky’s tale 2, only playable on the Oculus mouse in stores near you.

    • ironman Tetsuo says:

      ah man, that jet fighter sim and the multiplayer battle game against Pterodactyls and the headache inducing chequerboard platforms, sweet sweet memories…

  3. Det. Bullock says:

    And meanwhile…
    No X-wing vs Tie Fighter remake from EA, only a vr DLC for Battlefront.
    It’s like the old times where the good games were often knock-offs of properties whose officially licensed games were utter crap or were compltely nonexistent.

  4. Rindan says:

    Someone wake me up when the Facebook bribe money runs out and they are allowed to sell to Vive users.

  5. CloneWarrior85 says:

    It’s amasing seing how CCP never learns.

    First Dust for PS only, now this… but i guess being a rich spoiled son does that to you.

    I wish i could burn money like that too.

  6. BarryDennen12 says:

    At 0:28 in that video they use CAPCOM audio from the Challenger disaster. Technically not a big snafu, but a bit unnecessary. Didn’t Beyonce catch shit for doing that a few years ago?