Watch Hollow Knight’s Beautiful Beneath And Beyond Trailer

I’ve written before about Hollow Knight‘s [official site] beautiful art style but Team Cherry have released a new trailer so let’s have a bit more of the fantastical insect-y caves and lovely sombre palette:

The game itself is this 2D platformer where you explore the weird world of Hallownest – an underground kingdom inhabited by these curious insect folk.

I have a build of Hollow Knight but I’m pretty terrible at it. I die a lot. Mostly I spend my time cooing over the art. I’m not sure if that’s the problem or whether I’d still be terrible at the game if I wasn’t cooing. Perhaps I can use it as an incentive to see more of the game?


The trailer has jellyfish and is super-atmospheric.

When you’re done watching it, go look through the stunning sketchbooks and concept art in our dedicated article.

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  1. elnicky says:

    My first time seeing this. It looks incredible. It seems to have a touch of Ghibli-like creativity (with some Dark Souls, of course), and even looks like it’ll play very well.

  2. GWOP says:

    Watch the Hollow Knight: Ferocious Foes Trailer!

    Huh, sounds ominous.

    *opens link*

    *The player hits an enemy that starts deflating and flying around erratically like a punctured balloon*


  3. Alien says:

    Is this game like “Super Metroid”? I don`t know the proper English word: “Metroidiviana”?