Hotline Miami 2 Launches Level Editor, Goes On Sale

The level editor for Hotline Miami 2 [official site] is now properly launched, letting you create your own levels and campaigns for Dennaton’s top-down bloodbath. Or, you know, meant to make your own but mostly end up playing levels other people have made – that’s fine too. After six months in public beta, the editor is now live and the game’s on sale too.

The level editor does the full shebang: build levels piece-by-piece, decorate them, place and customise enemies, make cutscenes, string levels into campaigns, and all that.

It has Steam Workshop support so you can upload your own creations or easily download other folks’. I believe the GOG version is still getting the editor, but downloading levels will be a bit fiddlier without the Workshop.

To celebrate this launch, Hotline Miami 2 has a 75% discount on Steam. It’s down to £2.99 now, and the pack with the first game too is £3.74. Technically this particular discount is only for 24 hours, but the Steam summer sale starts tomorrow so…

Say, if you played with the editor or player-made levels in the beta, are there any you’d particularly recommend to your fellow readers?


  1. yogibbear says:

    Sadly I live in a backwards nanny-state country that decided it knew what games I was and wasn’t allowed to play. So I VPN digitally purchased the game on release, but then the storefront wouldn’t let me actually download it or get a key. So I have paid for the game, but have also been forced to pirate it to play it.

  2. Kestrel says:

    Better late than never. I adored HM1, but HM2 suffered from many poor level design choices. But a map editor should set me straight.

  3. DelrueOfDetroit says:

    Time to get to work on creating Jerry’s apartment!

  4. JakeOfRavenclaw says:

    Man, I loved this game. Even more than the first one, which apparently puts me in the minority. At that price it’s an absolute steal (and you can get both games for $5, even better).