8 Years On, New Sins Of A Solar Empire DLC

I remember when it were all Sins of A Solar Empire [official site] ’round these parts. Couldn’t move for Rossignols and Gillens talking about spaceship real-time strategy/4X games. Over eight chuffing years later, oh God I am so old, Ironclad and Stardock’s space management’n’war-em’up is still going strong. It was reinvigorated with the shinier Rebellion expandalone in 2012, which has just now received new, criminal empire-focused DLC that also includes a slew of new maps.

I guess this means that some accord was reached with Rebellion over the use of the word rebellion, then – must admit I stopped following whatever the hell was going on there.

Outlaw Sectors DLC out now, anyway. Any of you lot still playing?

There are 11 new maps to be specific, which range from 1v1 to 10-way space fisticuffs in scale. The Outlaw Sectors pack also promises the following:

  • Smuggling Specialization: Choose this planetary development to grab a cut of everyone’s trade income – but at a cost. The increased corruption from this black market activity will reduce that planet’s tax income.
  • Rampant Militias: Autonomous planetary militias will grow, raid nearby systems, and repopulate over time. Use them to help defend your worlds, or coordinate your attacks with their strikes for maximum impact.
  • Pirate Turf: Vicious when in their home sector, pirates can now raid multiple players simultaneously, drastically changing the art of the bidding war. And, just to make sure they are fully motivated to do what they do best, all credits spent on bounties will receive an automatic bonus.


More info here. The pack’s £3.99, via Steam or Stardock.


  1. Crackmac says:

    I do still play this from time to time. Since I am old and ponderous now this is the only RTS that I can still really enjoy (fired up Dawn of War 2 the other day and almost gave myself a heart attack). The autonomous militias and angrier pirates look interesting, can’t really go wrong for £4.

    • Gnoupi says:

      Can you hear it? The Paradox call.
      Grand strategy awaits you.

      • Carra says:

        Now we won’t see the poor man for the next half year.

        • a1ml3ss says:

          It all got too complicated after HOI II. Old games are so comfy to dip in and out of.

          • Gnoupi says:

            I’d argue that they made it much easier to get into their games since about EU4 (CK2 also in theory, but it remains opaque to me, unfortunately), so it’s worth trying that again.

  2. Bull0 says:

    Really wanted to like Sins but it never really took hold of me the way similar games did. The strategy felt hollow and the combat deeply unsatisfying. There are far better options for either but I appreciate the game’s attempt to marry the two.

  3. Solidstate89 says:

    Love the game, but the late game is unplayable (just like a certain grand strategy game I’ve also enjoyed playing…) as it just chokes on the fleet sizes.

    • Duoae says:

      You realise that you can change the fleet sizes to “small” right? That’s what we used to do back in the day to help with latency in 3v3 and 4v4 games… plus for the host’s machine to not kill itself!

      Still playing sins but solo vs comp. Not very good at it but I’ll definitely buy this dlc as they’ve all refined the game bit by bit so far!

      • Nauallis says:

        Setting small fleet sizes is what I’ve had to do to play the game against harder AI and stand a chance of winning. Otherwise they just steamroll you with frigates to start, and towards mid-game with seemingly unkillable capital ships (seriously, my five level 4 battleships can’t take the shields out on your one carrier? AI aids, WTF).

  4. Lord_Mordja says:

    While I’m not very interested in this DLC, I hope it means they’re working on a sequel.

  5. FreeTom says:

    Yeah, I never uninstall Sins, though I don’t play it very often of late.

    Can’t say no for four quid, eh?