Titanosaurus Wreck: Ark Update Adds Dino & New Biome

Studio Wildcard describe the latest dino to breech the shores of Ark: Survival Evolved‘s [official site] fantastical technoisland as “extremely rare.” Which is just as well, I reckon, because, well, have you seen the size of the blighter? The Titanosaur enters the multiplayer survival ’em up courtesy of its v243 update, which also extends the existing Snow Biome and introduces the new Redwood Forest area. Pop below to see the new ruinous locale in situ, as well as some moving pictures of the newest debutante.

The new Redwood setting lets players tinker with a number of nifty contraptions such as retractable rope ladders used to help allies access your bases, tree sap taps ideal for crafting, gas masks to prevent disease contraction, and chain bola ammo for the Ballista Turret – the latter of which should help you snare airborne prey. The huge trees themselves house new wood and metal tree platforms, and the ruins which stretch out below are littered with collectible story notes that pertain to Ark’s lore. Together, this all looks rather lovely and tranquil and peaceful. See:

Until the Titanosaurs show up, that is. Yelp.

The Titanosaur is “potentially the largest creature ever in a multiplayer action game,” reckon Studio Wildcard, and, when tamed (if tamed) will provide a “massive benefit” to whichever tribe is up to the task. The developers also point out that Titanosaurs can’t be tamed by traditional means, but don’t really offer much explanation beyond that. So, um, good luck if yer willing to give capturing them a go!

Update v243 also brings with it the usual haul of bug fixes and tweaks – full details of which can be located this-a-way.

Ark: Survival Evolved is part of the Steam Summer Sale which means you can pick it up for £12.64/15,39€/$16.49 until July 4. (It’s back up to £22.99/27,99€/$29.99 thereafter.)

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  1. wombat191 says:

    all its missing now are ewoks for that forest

  2. giei says:

    and a sli of 1080 for stable 30fps at high preset

    • fish99 says:

      You know, I think the game actually runs worse than ever. I’ve been playing it recently for the first time in months and on the default map I was seeing drops under 30fps even in coastal areas (GTX970). The average fps was about 40. I’m sure it was better 9 months ago when I was playing it a bunch.

  3. Premium User Badge

    phuzz says:

    Dinosaurs. The original angry houses.