What Are We All Playing This Weekend?

Games? Nice. Playing? Us. Yes. Playing? You. Yes?

Adam: I’m going to play Dark Fear, the horror adventure with the porcelain doll and the fishing and the hunting. The Witcher 3 is still very much on my plate as well and I found myself missing it almost as much as I missed my loved ones when I was trapped in Los Angeles for E3 last week. Let’s keep that between ourselves though. I’m making good progress and will be digging into the expansions SOON.
Alec: When not hiding in the bathroom and muttering “it’ll be ok it’ll be ok it’ll be ok” to myself, I might spend another eight hours trying and failing to make my Oculus Rift display an image again. I miss Voodoo 2s.
Alice: It might seem a good weekend to sit by the sea but I suspect the weather will frown on that. A good weekend to sit up a mist-cloaked hill, perhaps. Also Darkest Dungeon because I’m determined to beat the town event mission Wolves at the Door, which twice has come around when my finest heroes were laid up in bed or half-mad. This time I’m prepared. I’ve had a burly Man-at-Arms with some top pals waiting for ages for Wulf to come round again. He’ll stop those bastard bombs all right.
Graham: [Graham has retreated a strange and distant isle. Who knows if it will even still be there once this fog lifts? Wailing people at the nearest port beg fisherman to row them out, clutching cursed lamps, paws, gems, and trinkets in their hands and crying someone must be there to help them, to take these curses back, someone must be.]
John: I shall be playing being ill, because 2016 is my Year Of Being Ill. I shall attempt to level up on grumbling, and invest points in aching and sighing.

And now I’ve realised I can cloud share my save between phone and PC, playing a load more Crashlands no matter where I sit.

Philippa: This weekend. I don’t know. I’m writing this on Friday and just feeling so sad and disappointed and angry. What will I play? I don’t know. I don’t want to poison games I like with this mood. I might spend it in the garden, identifying insects and watching the frogs bask in the sunlight. That feels like a restful thing to do. Or maybe something I haven’t done in even longer – drawing on the patio with coloured chalk, absorbed by the textures and dust and transience. It’s strangely soothing and fun to do when you’re babysitting too.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?


  1. Pich says:

    Overwatch, like the month before.

  2. W4nT4n says:

    In spite of recent events: Civ V

    We bought Warhammer Vermintide for our gaming group. That should fill the rest of the weekend

  3. Alfy says:

    EUIV. I haven’t played it in ages, got all the DLCs and I want to see how it goes now. If I end up playing a continental power, I’ll probably try to deny the English the Channel trade node out of spite… :(

    • anHorse says:

      I’ve actually done the exact same thing lol

      Started a game in the french area with the aim of totally isolating England and Wales

    • McGuit says:

      I am also doing EUIV for the weekend.
      Amazing sale on the DLC and other wrappings from the Steam Sale. Going to try and form the Mongolian Empire.

    • horsemedic says:

      Very retro. Everyone else has moved on to EU X.

  4. hoho0482 says:

    Witcher 3 (so as to avoid outy father in law as will end in argument) after bouncing clean off it first time around. About third off the way through – not convinced will make it to the end.

  5. rahji says:

    Finally took the chance in the steam sale and bought Dark Souls. Almost an hour in, I beat the Asylum Demon. To be honest, that game is scary. Already played Demon’s Souls, so I got some experience with the souls formulae.

    Also Sam & Max Season 3 for a change of scenery. The jokes are good!

  6. Andrew says:

    “35MM”, ‘cause Alec and Steam Sale. Looking into “Soma”, “The Park” and maybe “The Last Leviathan” (ships!).

    • Severn2j says:

      Thanks for pointing out 35MM.. Hadn’t heard of this and for £2.99 you cant go wrong. Added to my weekend list.

      • Andrew says:

        Sure thing. I already played a little bit yesterday, and, yes, it’s cool in a weird way. Well, Alec already said everything, so.

      • malkav11 says:

        Obligatory “it’s cheaper over in Indiegala’s Hump Day Bundle plus you get a load of other games” reminder.

    • caff says:

      Me too. And maybe some Rocket League.

  7. Severn2j says:

    Ill be trying new things on my new Vive. Picked up Hover Junkers and The Solus Project (which apparently does VR), so will be trying those out.. Also, Portal Stories VR sounds like the most perfect thing in the world, so Ill be seeing how it cant possibly live up to my unrealisic expectations.

    Plus, anything else Vive-y that I see on Steam over the weekend.

    • Sakkura says:

      Got a new Rift, also going to be picking up new stuff for that. The Solus Project is one game I’ve been looking at too.

      I have to try Apollo 11 VR just because, and then maybe Elite Dangerous because EVE Valkyrie feels a bit too arcade-y for me.

      Maybe some underwater exploration/building in Subnautica. Oh and third-person RPG in the form of Chronos. Plus I already picked up Windlands (which I suck at) and various other stuff that is free or comes with the headset.

    • gabrielonuris says:

      The Solus Project, yeah, that’s what I’ll be playing too. Got it on GoG, together with the Dreamfall games and Hearts of Stone. Man, have you played The Dig? The Solus Project is almost like a first person The Dig! Maybe the puzzles aren’t so hard, but the atmosphere is the same.

  8. BlackMageMario says:

    I’ll be playing DOOM mostly and also Knights of the Old Republic 2. Maybe Cave Story+ and a few other games as well, we’ll see.

  9. ramirezfm says:

    I was going to buy something new and shiny on them Steam sale, but then overnight it turned out my monies today are not worth the same amount that yesterday, so I’m going to play MotoGP 15, because DutchGP is this week. And maybe some Grim Dawn.

  10. Vintageryan says:

    I just discovered The secret world four years late and loving it, great storyline and one of the most immervive games I have played, its also 66% off.

    Gaming time this weekend will have to fit between the football and hopefully we stay in this one.

  11. melnificent says:

    Playing the should I buy a vive or not game. I’ve enjoyed my DK1 a lot, but it’s struggling more and more to play things now. But it’s £700. But the kids can play in it too so it’s a family purchase… but it’s £700.

  12. Minglefingler says:

    Stellaris, alongside Witcher 3. Blood and Wine feels like an appropriate way to finish everything up, I’ll be sad to finally be done with Geralt. I bought a lot of Crusader Kings 2 dlc in the steam sale so a new game of that can’t be far away. I’m also avoiding angry conversations with people about the referendum result after someone telling me yesterday that they didn’t agree with a fact. Not that it was wrong, just that they didn’t agree with it.

  13. Sin Vega says:

    I’m playing this weird game where every now and then I suddenly remember how utterly, hopelessly hosed I and almost everyone I love is. It’s not very good.

    Might play some Marry Your Way The Hell Out Of Here later, if I can find anyone to play with. Bleah.

    Hope everyone’s okay. Stick together, folks!

    • Premium User Badge

      The Almighty Moo says:

      I too will be playing that game, coupled with some ‘loss of a large and cherished part of my identity’ and ‘staring into my phone as if it will somehow be g answers or comfort.’ foolishly I picked these up before the start of the steam sale, but it would appear they have some serious play time.

      Best to you Sin.

      • PanFaceSpoonFeet says:

        Meh. Get over it you guys. Did you really wander about before thinking how great it was too be part of the EU?? I’m up in Scotland, we got whooped/negated. it happened, that’s democracy. By that I mean I’m returning to gunpoint, and Mibeez batman city.

        • Premium User Badge

          The Almighty Moo says:

          Fair, but I rarely wander round thinking how wonderful it is to have two thumbs, doesn’t mean I wouldnt miss ’em.

    • pennywyz says:

      As other people have said, democracy happens.

      You know what though…Brexit doesn’t stop you from being a kind person at the market, doesn’t stop you from going on a walk in the park and enjoying nature, doesn’t stop you from loving your family and friends, doesn’t stop you as a human from being charitable to the other inhabitants of this planet whether near or far… all things that matter far more in your short time on Earth than which flag is flying.

      I understand that it still matters a lot to many of you guys, but try to put this in perspective…Britain survived the Blitz…I think you can survive Brexit.

      • GWOP says:

        On the other hand… when Jeremy Clarkson is on the left of an issue, you know you have fucked up.

      • Premium User Badge

        The Almighty Moo says:

        A nicely worded and touching point and I have been keen to be mindful, but it wasn’t so much me I was worried about. I already know people who have had significant changes in material circumstances due directly to this and foresee more to follow. That is what worries and saddens me.

      • Jekadu says:

        Not a British citizen, but I do in fact reflect occasionally on my status as a member of the EU. I’ve travelled so much and have so many friends in other countries that the EU, to me, has turned into a sort of ideal or attitude.

        I can’t imagine how it must feel to be told that you’re not allowed to be part of that ideal any longer just because other people don’t understand that.

      • Sin Vega says:

        I’m a queer, chronically ill descendant of immigrants living in in-work poverty in a nation that’s just voted to cut off its own future and delve into ruinous isolationism to spite imaginary foreign devils at the behest of a rising far right political movement and a group of crooked millionaires desperate to loot the country and sell it to tax-dodging billionaires and international criminals. What little shift in perspective I can muster in my position changes very little about the crushing reality of how bad life here is going to get for many, many people. “But you can still be kind and charitable” is of practically negative comfort when kindness secures more punishment than peace, and charity is difficult to practice when it’s already keeping a roof over your head.

        • pennywyz says:

          I lived in Cambodia as a missionary for 2 years, among literally some of the poorest people on this earth. I won’t go into details of the types of truly horrible things that happen there, it is sufficient to say that it changed my perspective on life quite dramatically.

          I am now a physician, and am a part of diagnosing and treating some of the most horrible things that can happen to a human, medically speaking, on a daily basis. I currently focus most of my time on neurologic issues, typically brain cancer and stroke. Try talking to a 3 year old child’s parents about the choice between letting them die from a brain tumor now or lose what little glimmer of humanity the child has left in a major surgery removing half of their brain, only to (possibly) extend their life for a bit longer and then die of cancer anyway.

          It is in this context that I make the comment that Brexit is not the end of the world. Although knowing someone else across the world is starving does nothing to remove the pain from my currently broken finger, it does help me endure.

          Life is unfair for many of us, some in visible ways and some invisible. I am truly sorry for whatever you suffer through on a daily basis, but I can assure you that your crushing pessimism about your country and more specifically the character of your fellow countrymen is not helping.

          • Sin Vega says:

            Unfortunately I once tutored a girl whose life story was even more awful than that, so I think you should go back and tell those Cambodians to stop being so pessimistic about their situation because it’s really not helping.

          • pennywyz says:

            That’s the thing though… the Cambodian people are an incredibly kind and happy people despite their circumstances. At any rate I will end my part in this comment thread by expressing my sincere hope that you can find something to be happy about no matter how small given the current events(maybe a computer game?), and also best of luck with your health.

          • Sin Vega says:

            Thanks. I appreciate your patience.

    • unacom says:

      I don´t have the right words right now. I´m pretty much stunned too. However there are people out there who are simply not prepared to let you leave. There´s an old, venerated little game called “other ways”. Might think about playing it a bit in the next years to come.

  14. yogibbear says:

    HITMAN, Dota 2, Rocket League and trying to amp myself up for splurging on an eVGA GTX1080 SC ACX

  15. A Wanderer says:

    Borderlands 2, with the (excellent) Tiny Tina’s DLC and the (not that good but still enjoyable) Pirate’s Booty DLC. Just realised I never completed them and, well, you never get enough new whiny weapons, so…

    Started Dark Souls. Oh shit. Oooh shit. I’ve never felt so bad at a game since Dragon Age Origins in Nightmare difficulty. And that was a cakewalk compared to THIS. But strangely, I love the world and the way the story is told.

    And continued my Empire : Total War campaign. My pc can’t run Total Warhammer, but I decided that I needed a bit of Total War in my life. Currently conquering Europe with the Maratha Empire, because why the hell not. The Orange Tide is coming.

    I should really stop swithcing between games and finish something. really.

    • A Wanderer says:

      *shiny* weapons, of course. Damn. That lack of edit button must be a conspiracy of the Chaos Gods.

      • tigerfort says:

        There are a couple of whiny weapons in Borderlands 2, though I don’t think the DLC adds any extra ones.

  16. Dekion says:

    Dragons age origin again. Enjoying the quality of the voice acting a lot. Lot of game for 4.99. Using a mouse rather than ps3 controller makes it feel like a completely new game!

  17. KieranFurie says:

    It’s Fallout New Vegas for me again. I got through Old World Blues so they’ve released me back into the wild.

    Going to throw my lot in with the NCR and should finish up today unless I get distracted.

  18. James says:

    I’ve been playing a variety of Total War games, invading Britain whilst listening to Let it Be by the Beatles. I think it’s a coping strategy.

  19. Jekadu says:

    Probably Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition. As much as I consider Baldur’s Gate inferior to later IE games, I found myself wanting to replay it. The new expansion is supposed to be really good, I miss IE games, and there honestly isn’t anything like it.

    Baldur’s Gate is rough, unpolished, overflows with shallow systems and content, and is very much a “first try” type of game. It’s one of the first modern video games, but it’s filled with the obscure nonsense and secrets that are typical of older games. The campaign is low-power, the plot is fairly mundane (barring the last-minute nonsensical twist) and the writing is utterly ridiculous. All in all, it’s oddly endearing.

  20. Don Reba says:

    I want to make progress on République, but Steam makes it difficult to concentrate. link to i.imgur.com

  21. BrotherSurplice says:

    Might play some Alpha Centauri. Picked it up on GOG in the summer sale and loving every minute of it. The writing and character of that game is amazing. Might play some World of Warships because I hate myself. Might poke one tentative toe into Graviteam Tactics. Might play Civ 5.

    Or I might continue my game in Hearts of Iron IV, leading the British Empire and the Allies in the fight against Nazi tyranny. Maybe that will assuage this profound sadness.

  22. Ejia says:

    I tried going back to VVVVVV to see if I could get veni vidi vici. One hour later: nope.

    I did just finish Botanicula, though. It was quite lovely!

  23. TheAngriestHobo says:

    I picked up Way of the Samurai 4 during the recent GOG sale and have been plugging away at that. I gotta say, as someone who’s often turned off by the grindiness and reluctance to innovate that plagues the JRPG genre… this game is a thing of beauty. Japanese aesthetic and comedic sensibilities combined with the Western penchant for nonlinear sandbox play makes for a pretty damned good game.

    Also, it has the most realistic British accents this side of Downton Abbey.

  24. fish99 says:

    Bloodborne! Finally managed to get into this after bouncing off it a few times. Just beat Rom. It’s pretty great, the world, enemies and story are much more interesting than Dark Souls 2+3.

    The things I don’t like – the dodging, the lack of skill weapons so far (literally only the Cane) and obviously I’d rather play it at 60fps rather than 25-30. Maybe with the PS4 Neo.

    • fish99 says:

      I take it back. I hate this game. How on earth do you manage to take crappy Dark Souls combat and make it even worse by ruining the rolling? The really sad thing is these games haven’t advanced one bit since the first Demon’s Souls – everything bad is still just as bad – the useless camera, the awful lock-on system, the awful hit boxes, the annoying run-backs, the blind one shots, and the way the game design is totally unsympathetic to all these mechanical flaws.

      The number of times I saw the cane go completely through an enemy and not register a hit, or just randomly attack in the wrong direction (the rapier bug from every Souls game). It’s bearable, until you get to a hard boss fight. I’ve got no tolerance for crap game mechanics anymore.

  25. DaceX says:

    Finished my first Elite run of Steamworld Heist not long ago, will probably dive back in, trying to get a better rank at the end.
    Of course, since I couldnt restrain myself, I now have two weeks worth of daily episodes to edit, so there´s that.

    Other then that, probably some other stuff on the 3DS, since I want to catch the Pants-Man stream Matt Lees is doing once more. Just a small piece of positivity out of britain after these…interesting events

  26. dudelebowski says:

    All of you should check out VA-11 Hall-A. It is so good :)

  27. Phantasma says:

    For the last few weeks it was a high quality diet of Witcher 3 and Stellaris. Despite the latter being a bit rushed (but still one of the best space 4x games i played since Master of Orion 2) both reminded me again why this is my favorite pasttime.

    Now the Steam sales laid This War of Mine and Life is Strange in my lap, so i get the distinct feeling that this streak of bliss might continue for a while.

    After years of rushed botchjobs, (preorder)DLCseasonpass sheenanigans, lazy console ports, big publishers homogenising and cannibalising entire genres, rote cliché-ridden writing being the norm and not the exception, it’s extremely refreshing to play so many excellent games in a row.

    Why can’t it always be that way?

    • RegisteredUser says:

      If you are into the space 4X and a fan of MOO1+2 like me, you owe it to yourself to look into Distant Worlds: Universe. :)

  28. Crackmac says:

    Due to the Steam sale I thought I would stop playing Dark Souls 3 (maybe wishful thinking…) and have a dig through my wishlist. Settled on Ironcast because it looks quirky and I’m a sucker for Steampunk. So yeah, that and thinking of starting Homeworld 2 Remastered (never played it the first time around and I adore Homeworld)

  29. Ben King says:

    I’ll be playing through the Old City Leviathan which feels like it was written painfully by a college guy who just discovered how cool existentialism and misanthropy are… pretty though! I also put in 90 min playing THE FLOCK last night and had a really good time. Basically freeze-tag with flashlights and demons, and yes a respawn cap that MIGHT be hit sometime in the next 20 yrs. It’s competitive first person arena combat that I can actually handle because it doesn’t require aiming- just basic PC combat strategy which I’ve got and can be effective with as long as I’m not sitting behind a gun:-) Also all RPS staff are welcome to move across the pond to hang out and be buds with me in the US, not that this would actually make anyone feel better…

  30. RegisteredUser says:

    Defender’s Quest, after 4 years of free updates and patches, has now released a SECOND free graphical update and enhancement and I am likely going to check that out.

    They are great people and a wonderful example that there are still islands of cool people without DRM, Denuvo and “That will be 20 EUR for a re-release with 5% different graphics please” nonesense.

    Oh and perhaps Hard Reset Redux, for which the above applies as well. Hard Reset(non-redux, which gives you a huge discount on the redux which will likely reactivate after the steam sale) is currently less than 2 EUR on Steam and highly recommended for fans of run-and-grun real aka classic FPS.
    Also the modern Shadow Warrior, before SW2 comes out later this year. :)
    Great gore-y FPS fun!

  31. malkav11 says:

    I am terminally unable to focus on any one game, as always. My theoretical intent is to make more progress in Avernum: Escape from the Pit. At the moment I’m level 12 and pootling around between various bits of the eastern end of the map trying to pick off content that I can actually handle without too much reloading. I’ve cleared the Aranea City except for the Hivemaster, but that fight’s a doozy. I’m still a bit skeptical of the Ancient Crypt but it may be a good bet by now. And I just finished clearing out the Island Fort so I may be in a position to take on one or two other slith dungeons/map encounters nearby. Oh, and on a lark I pushed south long enough to check out the immediately accessible part of the Tower of Magi. Even though I played this series back when it was Exile, I’m actually not sure I’ve ever been to the Tower before. (I didn’t get very far in 1 or 2, and 3 is mostly on the surface as I recall). So that’s a thing.

    Of course, it’s the final week of Marvel Heroes’ anniversary event and there’s a 200% serverside experience boost, four different rotating events all at once, and so on and so on. Also I have a museum to fill in The Secret World, and a Sith Sorcerer storyline to finally complete in SWTOR. And I just bought 8 or 10 games in the Steam sale that could do with a look in. And Pillars of Eternity still needs finishing, as does Shadowrun: Dragonfall. And…

    • Jekadu says:

      I keep meaning to return to ESO, TSW, TOR and WoW. I’ve also invested in a HOTAS setup for ED which has only seen a few hours of use on account of real life getting in the way.

      I’ve got dozens of RPGs to finish up as well. I’ve put off buying any new AAA games recently because I know they tend to soak up all my free time.

  32. aircool says:

    Well, I’m feeling buoyant and jubilant, so I’ve reinstalled Wargame: Red Dragon so I can get totally and utterly thrashed by the AI.

    Also, after dinner when friends are online; Overwatch.

  33. Lars Westergren says:

    Holopoint, which is my favorite game on the Vive. Pillars of Eternity on highest difficulty, still love it. Got Doom on the Steam sale, fired it up and…. I was quickly so bored. If you like it, good for you. But it isn’t for me.

  34. Zenicetus says:

    In-laws are visiting this weekend, so I hope to spend some time hiding in the home office cave and dabbling with the latest Stellaris patch beta. There is also a new Early Access version for MOO CTS I want to check out. I picked up the Talos Principle in the Steam sale, so might have a go at that too.

  35. Premium User Badge

    Big Dunc says:

    I finished Witcher 3: Blood and Wine this morning and started a disasterous campaign as Northumbria in Crusader Kings 2 this afternoon. Then will have to decide which of the dozen or so games I bought in the Steam sale to play next.

  36. DelrueOfDetroit says:

    Duskers. I seem to have a thing for strategy games where opening doors is one of the main mechanics. I am really liking this game. Although last night we had a power outage which means that when I booted the game back up it puts me back in my ship as everything was before I started the exploration only now I can’t explore that derelict anymore. So long drone with some decent mods, we could have been best friends.

    • DelrueOfDetroit says:

      Oh! And Pocket Card Jockey on 3DS. You play solitaire and race horses! It is much much better than that sounds.

    • preshrunk_cyberpunk says:

      I’ve been itching to buy Duskers for quite awhile now. Somehow I’ve resisted.

      • DelrueOfDetroit says:

        I would definitely say go for it. Its lo-fi look does give the impression of simplicity but once you play it you’ll see how the look actually adds to the game. One of my favourite details is how some models of drone will have a different way of displaying the area around them.

  37. TeePee says:

    Rocket League. More bloody Rocket League. At this point, I’m genuinely concerned I might never play anything else.

    Although I will be playing some Project Zomboid tonight – it’s approaching that time of year where I dig it out to see how things are getting on, make a few mildly impressed noises and then put it back in the box for a while whilst the devs continue their excellent work.

  38. Hawke says:

    Anima Gate of Memories (NG+). Recently released action-RPG. Probably it’s the closest thing to NieR: Automata on PC at the moment.
    I guess, there are no old games I’d like to get on the current sale, so maybe I’ll finally beat my backlog.

  39. Imbecile says:

    Playing invisible inc, but finding expert really tough. Any hints?

    Also rocket league, which I’m also bad at, but somehow don’t mind.

    • DelrueOfDetroit says:

      What team are you playing with? Dr.Xu is insanely useful. He can kill any robot regardless of armour level and he can unlock any safe without worry of daemons. If you can get a Sharpe fully kitted out you are laughing.

      Cloaks are your friend, they are the one get out of jail free card that always works.

      A tactic you may not have thought of is using the sprint function to lure enemies around the map.

      Don’t be afraid to kill enemies, but don’t get too crazy (unless you are playing with Draco then go all out.)

      • Imbecile says:

        Just tries xu for the first time, and yeah he’s pretty great, though I had to abandon him in the last mission. The sprinting I do, but may need to make more use of cloaks as you say. Cheers!

  40. Nucas says:

    Mars: War Logs, a charming lowish budget 3rd person action RPG set on mars.

    getting ready for its sequel, The Technomancer, out on the 28th. apparently the company’s modest successes have allowed them to devote 5 times the budget to this new title as they could with War Logs and it looks really slick.

    • Unsheep says:

      I’m very interested in Technomancer as well. I love Sci-fi games and this looks really cool and entertaining.

      I hope media gives it a fair review, however considering our media’s [identical] taste in games that’s highly unlikely to ever happen.

      So before I buy the game I’ll be avoiding reviews altogether, and just look at gameplay videos.

  41. Unsheep says:

    WRC 5, which I bought on PC during the recent sale. I’ve already played through it on console, but wanted to have it on PC as well.

    I tend to buy the same racing game on both console and PC. For one thing the console versions tend to be considerably more stable at launch, and it takes a while for the PC version to get patched, by which time the price would have decreased. It all works out well for me. Another thing is that I use my consoles for living room couch-gaming with a gamepad, and my PC for desk and racing wheel gaming.

    I’ll also be playing some MotoGP 15 and Euro Truck Sim 2, or perhaps some American Truck Sim.

  42. Premium User Badge

    phuzz says:

    Just Cause 3. Because mindlessly blowing up everything in sight helps take my mind off it.

  43. Viral Frog says:

    I just bought Prison Architect, Resident Evil 4, Helldivers, and Wolfenstein: The New Order. I spent the night with my girlfriend last night, so I haven’t had a chance to play any of them. I’m probably going to start with either RE4 or Wolfenstein. I’m leaning more towards RE4, though. I’ve been craving the mercenaries mode for like three months now. One of my favorite game modes in a game ever.

  44. Darth Gangrel says:

    I’ve just “completed” Rise of the Argonauts, i.e. I’ve come as far as I possibly can, thanks to a game breaking bug. I can’t select the lower right dialogue choice in any conversation (have to use arrow keys for selection, bad port) and that’s of course where the right option was located. This occurred after completing all main quests, so not much more fun stuff left I assume and it had indeed plenty of fun stuff. Such a waste, it’s otherwise an underrated game, a lost gem. Oh well, backlog is infinitesimally smaller now thanks to that.

  45. RaymondQSmuckles says:

    I’ve been buying more than I play lately, so this weekend I decided to do the reverse and finally play some of the things I’ve bought (Humble Bundle sale stuff, mostly). So, Sonic CD, KoF2002, and Temple of Elemental Evil. I was surprised how quickly I felt zero sense of joy from Temple. Also, Brogue drew me in a few times. At work we have a Vive set up, and some painting program (not Tilt Brush; forgot the name) was quite a nice time.

  46. Premium User Badge

    particlese says:

    Because this is my sad weekend gaming blog: Garden shopping! Gardening! Finally beating my previous-best in Devil Daggers! Wearing spiffy new clothes in ESO! Agreeing with the recent RPS article on Fantastic Contraption and VR UIs! Forgetting to read RPS and typing far too many exclamation marks on Monday!

    • Premium User Badge

      particlese says:

      “Sad” because it has included ESO and Devil Daggers pretty much every time since I started playing them: I like variety, but I’m enjoying those two so much that I don’t get as much gaming variety as I would like, and this reminds me of that.