Dynasty Warriors Spin-Off Berserk’s Trailer Gets Gibby

How do you like your claymore-wielding, lone-fighting, cape-sporting dark fantasy renegades served? If it’s with a penchant for murder, a desire to slice scores of forest-dwelling monsters in half, and a want to spill as much blood as is single-handedly possible, then Berserk has you covered. In case you missed the E3 reveal (you didn’t, though, because you bookmarked our E3 2016 news tab, didn’t you?) Berserk is the next Dynasty Warriors hack-n-slash spin-off based on the mature fantasy manga series of the same name. It’s now teased its first footage. And it’s typically pretty brutal.

Swords and blood and monsters being flung several feet into the air at the hand of an angry mercenary, behold:

Beyond that, details of what Berserk is all about are still pretty thin on the ground. The angry guy with the nice eyes up there is named Guts – the protagonist of the manga series – and that dark and dreary forest area is supposedly medieval Europe. Speaking to Gamer JP, and translated by Play-Asia, publisher Koei Tecmo’s president Hisashi Koinuma also suggests the game adaptation will take place in the lore’s Golden Age and will tell a story “fans will love yet newcomers can also come and enjoy as if they picked up the very first volume.”

September 21, 2016 has been touted as launch day in Japan, however nothing is set in stone as yet in the west. The latest screens also point to a second playable character. Look, see:


  1. Reuffee says:

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    • Dunderbar says:

      Did he just say making fuck?

    • Capt. Bumchum McMerryweather says:

      It makes me want to cry that the people too young to remember this reference are actually old enough to be parents.

      • Blackcompany says:

        Snoochy Boochies!

        Seriously, though, I agree. Its…sad…

      • Unruly says:

        Take comfort in the fact that some of us who were too young to get that reference when it was fairly new are still able to get that reference today. I mean, I wasn’t even in the double digits when that movie came out, and yet it’s easily one of my favorites of all time. It’s a movie that transcends generations, I think, because just about everyone can relate to it on some level.

        I had 37 staples in my arm after a surgery, and it made me kinda giddy when I first realized it. Because it was 37. In a row. And in 2 weeks I’m getting the scar tattooed over, and 37 is going to play a role in that as well because it’s both a great reference to the movie, and it’s how many staples there were.

        • Capt. Bumchum McMerryweather says:

          Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad that the permanence of media allows young people to enjoy old stuff; what makes me want to cry is how fucking old I’m getting.

          • Unruly says:

            Oh. That. Yea. I can’t help there. I’m just about to enter my third decade and I’ve already got a badly receding hairline and salt and pepper hair, so I’m getting beat up by age more than most of the people I grew up with. Add in that I’ve got a sedentary night job and poor diet/exercise prospects, and I’ve attained anti-social fat guy status on top of it all.

            Adulthood and aging sucks.

  2. nrinaudo says:

    It’s certainly not *all* set during the golden age. In the trailer, Guts has already lost his arm and eye, and the trolls (and other fantastic creatures) only start appearing much later.

    The Griffith screenshot could be set during the golden age, but then again, his appearance hardly changes.

    • Baines says:

      It looks like it runs through the Witch of the Spirit Tree.

      Guts has the Berserker Armor in some images, which doesn’t appear until the Spirit Tree. (The Dragon Slayer is present from the very first chapter, as the Golden Age arc is really just a years long flashback showing how Guts reached the point of becoming the Black Swordsman.)

      There are also images of Schierke fighting trolls, as well as Guts in the Berserker Armor fighting Grunbeld.

      Sadly, I don’t have that much hope for the game. Omega Force has yet to truly wow me with inhuman creatures in their games. Hyrule Warriors had giant boss monsters, but they relied on Zelda-style “(nearly) invulnerable except for when their weak spot is exploited and revealed” mechanics to actually sell them as more than just oversized punching bags, which doesn’t fit the pace of normal Warriors games. One of the Warriors Orochi games introduced double-height enemies, but they might as well have been regular enemies. They also had a demon dog thing as a boss of one game’s castle mode, but that fight wasn’t that good.

      Plus, I’m a bit worried that Omega Force has taken the wrong messages from Berserk. Their first promo was Casca getting violated at the Eclipse, and they’ve already announced a Casca pre-order DLC outfit of her in a wet nightshirt (taken from her post-Eclipse mindless period). Yes, Berserk was a graphic series with some violent sex and rape scenes, but the scenes were not actually portrayed as “good things” quite the way Koei/Omega Force are using them.

  3. RecycledKaos says:

    Berserk is so good and RPS should cover Anime.

  4. Eight Rooks says:

    Ha, does the lore actually say Berserk’s world is specifically supposed to be medieval Europe? Oh, stop, my sides. Medieval Europe as seen through a very Japanese pop culture lens after having watched 300 multiple times back to back, maybe.

    That said, I re-read a bunch of the opening chapters and I’d forgotten just how good it is. Frequently very silly, juvenile, problematic and all the rest of it, but it’s honestly still a genuinely pretty awesome series, not just “a cool shounen manga story”. If this game can capture even a fraction of what makes Berserk great as a piece of storytelling – along with chopping up mans by the thousands – it might be the first musou title I actually buy at Tecmo Koei’s ridiculous premium prices.

    • Syt says:

      Besides the story, what really drew me in when I first found Berserk (has it really been 16 years), was the magnificently detailed art that was just so far beyond what I was previously used to from mangas.

      • Eight Rooks says:

        The early volumes don’t date too well, but a good deal of the later stuff – particularly after Schierke turns up – is absolutely magnificent. Some of the forest scenes put me in mind of what Ghibli might come up with if they made an actual horror film.

        • Baines says:

          The art always made me think of Gustave DorĂ©’s illustrations.

          • Eight Rooks says:

            Yes, good call. Or Rackham, but it’s definitely got that… lumpy quality? many of Dore’s figures had.

          • sandineyes says:

            I know nothing about art or art history, but I always thought that a lot of the art in the manga was inspired by the works of Hieronymus Bosch.

    • Ashabel says:

      It isn’t. Berserk’s world is as much Europe as Witcher’s world is, with certain countries bearing strong parallels to real ones – Midland, where most of the action takes place, is inspired by Hundred War-era France, Chuder is vaguely based on Britain, and the Kushan Empire is a reference to its real-life counterpart.

      There are no places in the manga where the setting is said to be Europe, though. It’s always been Midland.

  5. DanMan says:

    I remember playing Sword of the Berserk on Dreamcast. This is based on the same thing, amirite? Doesn’t look great though. Just like another Dynasty Warriors clone…

    • DanMan says:

      Anyway, it’s Koei Tecmo, so the port is probably going to be pants.

    • Baines says:

      The Dreamcast game was indeed based on the same series. It was a side story, set after the Eclipse (which is where the anime ended) when Guts was traveling with just Casca and Puck.

      There was a PS2 game released later that retold manga story arcs more directly (but with some new material about twin Apostles added), but it wasn’t released in Europe or the US.

  6. surethingbud says:


  7. kraken says:

    Is this game planned to be released on PC?

    • Baines says:

      Steam logo was included at the end of the first trailer.

      The *quality* of the PC port is of course still questionable, considering it is Koei-Tecmo. Koei Tecmo is improving, but they’ve previously admitted to not wanting their PC ports to be “better” than their current gen console releases, have had a spotty history when they did try to port from current gen console to PC, and used the PS3 version as the base for their PC ports of previous Warriors series titles. (PC might get some “enhancements” that boost them above PS3 quality, but still fall short of the PS4 versions due to using PS3 assets. And sometimes the games end up falling short of even the PS3 versions due to missing features and issues that might never be fixed.)

  8. KDR_11k says:

    On NeoGAF there are some concerns because they’re using a rape scene from the original story as cheap sex appeal: link to neogaf.com

    • skalpadda says:

      The “bewbs and tentacles” teaser really turned me off when it was posted earlier as well.

      Sure it might be lifted from the manga (and the manga is deeply troubling at times and not always for good reasons), but it takes a long route to set up the horrific sacrifice conclusion of the arc, which has a gut-wrenching rape scene with terrible consequences for the main characters. “Nekkid Casca!” isn’t the thing I’d take away from that.

    • GWOP says:

      A post-rape DLC. Just… wow.

      Anyway, can’t wait for any criticism of it being chalked off as triggered SJW censoring of glorious Nippon culture.

  9. Buggery says:

    This reminds me of a PS2 game that I read a preview of once and would like to track down. The gist was something like:

    It’s a brawler/action game.
    You are a guy who had all your body parts stolen by demons and you had to hunt down and kill the demon bosses to get them back.
    Because you had your body parts stolen by demons, you began with swords for arms[!] and the game was presented in black and white until you won back your eyes and could see in colour.
    Defeating the demon bosses won back your body parts and got you upgrades. For example, win back your arms, get a new combo or sword style.

    So this may or may not be helpful info. Does anyone know what I’m talking about or did I just dream this?

    • Erastoinen says:

      You didn’t dream it, it’s called Blood Will Tell: Tezuka Osamu’s Dororo. I have no idea if it’s any good, mind you, I’ve only seen the movie version (which I seem to remember being kind of mediocre).

      • Ashabel says:

        I own a copy of Blood Will Tell and can confirm that it’s really good. It’s a bit slower than most games in its genre due to being more of an action/RPG than a brawler (your stats and the quality of your equipment matter heavily in how well you perform throughout the game), but the atmosphere, monster design and world-building are top-notch.

        If I had to point out the one weakness in it, it’s that the very final boss needs to be cheesed with a very specific sword and is almost unbearable otherwise. To be fair, the player needs to hunt down all body parts (including optional ones) in order to face it and will likely figure out the trick by the time they have to face it.

        • Buggery says:

          Genius! Thanks to both of you. Time to trawl the ebays I think…

  10. horrorgasm says:

    Oh good. Everyone remember how awesome these guys’ Dynasty Warriors-themed Fist of the North Star games were? and by awesome, I mean complete shit.

    • dorobo says:

      Oh a sane person for once :) they will definitely ruin this. Who ever sold them licence is a bad person.

    • X_kot says:

      Don’t forget Bladestorm: The Hundred Years’ War.

  11. iMad says:

    As much as I enjoy DW series, I feel that Platinum would have been the better studio to work on it.

  12. Sc0r says:

    As a big fan of Berserk, I still received the announcement with very mixed feelings. It seems solely fixed on the joungest, shallowest part of their fanbase who skipped through the pages for tits or blood. Especially advertising the rape of casca like some sort of messed up tentacle hentai scene is an insult.
    I’m certain at some point a game will release which will honor the manga, which is unique in it’s complex medieval storyline which trails back to 1000years of its time, absolutely crazy-skilled drawing and interesting character developement. At some point we’ll get thit, but not this time.