Street Fighter V: Balrog Arrives In Story Mode On Friday

We already knew that Street Fighter V‘s ‘cinematic story mode’ would bring with it a few new characters, including the opportunity to play as them before they’re added to the wider game. Now we have a trailer that shows boxer Balrog in motion, alongside a very brief glimpse of characters Juri and Urien, who are also joining the game.

Here’s the trailer:

Those three aforementioned characters will be joined by Ibuki, who already had her own trailer.

I never much cared for Balrog back in my Super Street Fighter II Turbo days, because he seemed boring. If I wanted to win I played as Ken, and if I wanted fun then I played as E. Honda, Chun Li, Blanka or Dhalsim. I put Balrog firmly in the Zangeif Of Boring People Who Hit. That’s likely wholly unfair, but I know nothing of high-level (or mid- or low-level) fighting game strategy. I like the colourful characters and the casual couch button mashing.

I wasn’t familiar with either, but upon reading about them it seems Juri and Urien aren’t much better. Juri is one of the game’s antagonists and her two traits appear to be “spider” and “sexy”. (From the Street Fighter wikia, the game’s Design Director said, “From the start, we felt like, ‘let’s make her an evil, sexy character’.”) Basing your evil woman character around a spider’s traits ought to be banned right alongside “gorilla scientist.” Meanwhile, Urien is the antagonistic younger brother of Gill, has the same physical body, but isn’t bright red and blue.

Of course, it’s possible they’re really interesting to play.

All these characters and the story mode will be available this Friday July 1st.


  1. HilariousCow says:

    I don’t know what you mean? Spiders are sexy. I’d have sex with a spider. I’m a legs guy.

    • NetharSpinos says:

      I want to believe you mean an anthropomorphised spider, rather than the real deal. Nevertheless, I didn’t have a favourite SF character until Juri. She’s evil and, as you say, sexy. What’s not to like?

  2. Xerophyte says:

    What I hesitate to refer to as the Street Fighter community are of course screaming bloody murder because Juri’s outfit has been “censored”. By which they mean there is a piece of SFV concept art where she’s not wearing a shirt under her jumpsuit, yet in the trailer she is wearing a shirt. Capcom have foolishly caved to The Man by not sticking to this bold and defiant vision of shirtless ladies fighting. Normal people would refer to changing the appearance of a thing during development as “design”, but the internet is often confused on those two terms. I’m not sure what they’d do if they ever found out that most characters are first sketched without any clothes in particular…

    Also, while I know it’s ridiculous I rather liked Juri default SF4 outfit. Baggy-pants-and-spider-sports-bra was a good execution of the trite sexy spider lady concept, being both practical (well, for street fighter) and thematic. The apparent SF5 look of half-unzipped-sexy-jumpsuit, eh, not so much.

    • mllory says:

      I do understand what design is and I also understand that this is a change to an otherwise finalized design. The image you are referring to isn’t just a piece of concept art but an in-game 2d rendering preview of the character (all of the other such images have been pretty accurate in their representation of the 3d models). I’m certainly not going to loose my mind over this change, but it’s important to call things by their actual names and acknowledge that Capcom do indeed make changes just for broader appeal. It’s not like there isn’t precedent with this either.

      • Xerophyte says:

        It’s possible this is for broader appeal. It’s possible it’s because someone jumping around kicking people in the head in a half-open jumpsuit with their boobs flapping about would look ridiculous. There’s no one claiming the boobtacular version would not be published, or would have a higher rating or be actually censored in any way: Capcom made an entirely voluntary change to a design because they felt it was a good idea for whatever reasons. This is emphatically not censorship. It’s a design change.

        Beyond that, adding a bloody shirt is not inherently betraying of some sort of grand vision. This is true regardless of whether the shirt is added for what you’d perceive as cynical or non-cynical reasons, or if it’s done when the character has been drafted, or rendered, or put in a prototype, or released. People should die on better hills, no pun intended.

        • mllory says:

          While I cannot claim to be sure of the reason they changed it, I’d be willing to bet a hefty sum on it being directly related to Capcom’s push for broader appeal and making the product easier to broadcast. They already admitted to that being the case with Mika’s animation change. And it’s obviously not changed due to realism, as we’re talking about a game containing Laura’s story-mode outfit.

          I’ll agree it’s not a cause for riot, but I’ll happily groan any day because of an artistic change done due to popular opinion. I don’t particularly care if we’ll label it as censorship or ‘democratic design’, I still find it a bit shoddy. And I’m happy to have taken this off my chest (and Juri’s, once the mods come).

    • Steven Hutton says:

      Now if only they could redesign their rest of their shamefully adolescent female character concepts.

      Poor Laura must’ve fallen on economic hard times. She can’t afford enough fabric to cover her massive, ridiculous tits.

    • MisterFurious says:

      I got into it on facebook this morning with one of those dipshits. What a stupid thing to say. These brats throw a hissy fit over the dumbest things.

    • Stewardly says:

      It wasn’t concept art but her design in the story mode that’s currently in SFV. Shirt is also a pretty liberal interpretation of her latex bodypaint.

  3. Det. Bullock says:

    “If I wanted to win I played as Ken”

    I hate Ken when playing single player, he is worse than M. Bison in Super Street Fighter II on the Mega Drive and in USFIV he isn’t much better.

  4. Chillicothe says:

    Juri’s IV outfit was garbage anyways.

    Hopefully Urien does his unblockable thing from 3.

  5. siliciferous says:

    Capcom still haven’t added DirectInput support, and Microsoft still hasn’t added *any* support for Xbox One fightsticks to Windows 10.

    I’m still using a Razer Atrox One, an XB1->PS4 Brook Converter [the pink one], and xbox360ce to play on PC.