Sweet FA: Lego Star Wars – The Force Awakens Launches Broken

A live stream of the game.

Update 2: And now the game is finally working. I imagine our review code will arrive any month now!

Update: It seems that a missing 9.5GB of the game are now appearing on people’s hard drives. What a pickle.

Original story: Warner/Traveller’s Tales have historically treated the PC releases of their Lego games with what can only be described as contempt. Despite the games almost always being completely wonderful, from marketing to access to review code, PC is bizarrely ignored. It was only the most recent of the few dozen games that acknowledged PC system settings as even being a thing. And now the latest, Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens, has launched on Steam as a black screen.

This isn’t the usual case of a game not working on a particular PC setup. On sale for £25, LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens works for precisely no one. Currently Steam users are entertaining themselves by giving the game overwhelmingly positive reviews and celebrating its display of a stationary black (or, after you’ve task-switched, white) screen. Ah, Steam reviewers.

It’s not clear what’s causing the problem and there’s no word from the developer or publisher yet about whether a fix is being worked on.

It’s worth noting that historically Warner’s PR has refused to even acknowledge that there will be a Steam release of any Lego game, always insisting the only review option is to send us a boxed copy in the post days after release (which they then never do). This is the sort of action usually used by a company trying to bury a terrible game, and yet the series is persistently wonderful and we regularly celebrate it for this. All very, very strange.


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  1. Premium User Badge

    distantlurker says:

    Maybe it's not just a black screen. Maybe the opening text crawl just starts far, far away?
  1. Optimaximal says:

    Even more saddening is that the game, even though it’s another licensed property, is wonderful and even somehow meaningfully advances the series (which has been pretty stagnant since LEGO Marvel Super Heroes).
    I’ve had more fun playing the PS4 demo with my son than I had pretty much all of LEGO Dimensions, Jurassic World and LEGO Batman 3.

  2. Premium User Badge

    distantlurker says:

    Maybe it’s not just a black screen. Maybe the opening text crawl just starts far, far away?

  3. Pogs says:

    Because this is what the dark side really looks like.

  4. kyon says:

    I’ve done a quick read of the forums, and they are saying the black screen is happening because they messed with the preload and they accidentaly let people play while it hasn’t even downloaded all the files and launched oficially.

    That doesn’t stop the shitty reviews with “I really Liked the white screen.
    10/10 would pre-load again!” for example, though.

    • John Walker says:

      I think it’s more that they launched the game with 10GB missing, and are now hurriedly trying to put it back in.

      • Artist says:

        “This game will unlock in approximately 7 hours”
        Do your homework, Mr. Walker…

        • Artist says:

          Weird, the unlock info just vanished right after my previous post. MAGIC!

          • John Walker says:

            And my Steam said the game was released on the 27th. So, you know, maybe I did some homework and you were a silly rude?

      • chewbaccasdad says:

        Gamers these days are so entitled. When I was a kid, we’d have been grateful for a black screen and it would have provided hours of entertainment for the whole family.

        • Premium User Badge

          phuzz says:

          A black screen!?!
          We’d ‘av sold grandma for a black screen back in the day.
          We had a bit of cardboard with “Fergason” written in biro at the bottom and we were bloody grateful for it!

          • caerphoto says:

            A biro, oh my, lah di dah, look at Lord Luxury here! In my day we had to write with our fingers, using our own blood!

          • Jay Load says:

            Oooooo, hark at Mr gold britches! Blood??? Our family were too poor for proper blood! We had to mix our own using mud and the filthy river water that everyone pissed in because we also couldn’t afford outdoor privvies!

  5. Premium User Badge

    Aerothorn says:

    Er – I just looked and they are now selling at-launch, $10 DLC to get certain characters? When did this happen? I played the early games and everything was unlockable in them :(

    • Optimaximal says:

      They’ve been doing that for ages now, easily since Lego Marvel Super Heroes.

      The prices generally crash fast enough on LEGO games that the game + ‘Season Pass’ will be sub-£20 before long.