Investigating The Fingerguns Of Murder, She Wrote (A Hidden Object Adventure)

It should perhaps tell you something about me that in order to install Murder, She Wrote (A Hidden Object Adventure) I had to first remove the Murder, She Wrote DVD from the disc drive.

I suppose I am what you might call “the target audience”.

I should also explain that I have actually played Murder, She Wrote (A Hidden Object Adventure) before, but I played it with my sister so this time around I get to be Jessica Fletcher.

I have also named my character JessicaFletcher. You probably wish you could be this cool.

But is Murder, She Wrote (A Hidden Object Adventure) any good?

I am one case in (there are five) and, I will be honest with you, I am not in a position to be giving an unbiased review. The detective bits hinge around circumstantial evidence and leaps of logic, the hidden object side of things is not the best I’ve seen, the minigames imply that Cabot Cove is populated by puzzle-box loving weirdos, and the artwork is frankly hideous.

I love it. Obviously.

I mean, some of the plot developments come solely from the fact someone has the same rubber bands on the claws of a lobster as there are on another lobster. Also a criminal from yesteryear went undetected for like YEARS despite close ties to their partner in crime who was identified and arrested. Cabot Cove’s police department needs to up the standards of its performance reviews, basically.

But if you did want to play it I don’t want to spoil it, so instead I will share with you the magical artwork where Sheriff Mort Metzger is using his finger guns instead of his actual gun:

And this is his thinky face:


  1. leeder krenon says:

    This needs to be on Steam, ASAP

    • moms says:

      First off, I must say that, by far, this has been my most very favorite RPS article and comment read, of 2016.
      *I agree with leeder krenon, and hope that Steam gets the message.
      *I am going to buy that board game, even though I know none of my friends or family will ever want to play it with me. (Well, they might, if I provide top shelf liquor/drugs.)
      *Incredible Adventures of My Mom looks like a real faux gem. (I’ve bookmarked it, to be played after I scan it for viruses, etc.)
      And, last but not least…
      *Gwilym, thank you sooo much for the trailer link, which I watched instead of the last 3 minutes of a Bones rerun.

      The only thing that would make this day better would be a nice hot cup of tea, but I can’t seem to find my copper kettle, anywhere.
      Oh, my.

  2. crowleyhammer says:

    Have you played the Murder She Wrote Boardgame pip?

    link to

    You can tell by the artwork its a classic.

    • reaction0 says:

      I actually own the Murder, She Wrote board game. It’s actually surprisingly good, especially for the time it was made, and the fact that it is a board game based on Murder, She Wrote. It has a bit of a Shadows Over Camelot feel, with one person playing the murderer, then secretly killing people while pretending to investigate. It also has a location tracking system similar to Fury of Dracula, to help deduce who was last with the victim.

      Seriously, if you enjoy board games, you should check it out if you ever get the chance. It’s too bad that it seems the designer(s?) was lost to time/indifference.

  3. Velko says:

    I thought the title meant Pip was writing about a game called “Investigating The Fingerguns Of Murder”.

    • April March says:

      I’d play a game with that name. And I’d definitively read Pip’s article on it.

  4. planto says:

    Me and my wife play hidden object games before bedtime ( they require little in the way of any cognition ) and this series is fondly remembered for the face Jessica bites her bottom lip suggestively every time she talks about murder. It has since become a thing in our household. Can I suggest ‘Incredible Adventures of my Mom’ for more bad art & whatthefuckery

  5. Gwilym says:

    Is it as good as Return to Cabot Cove?

    More importantly, is it as good as the trailer for Return to Cabot Cove?

    link to

    Obviously, it isn’t, since nothing is. I just can’t abide the possibility that you haven’t seen this.

    • Skabooga says:

      The trailer was so good, it inspired Meatcircus’s avatar picture.

    • Phasma Felis says:

      I love how the corpse appears to have multiple stab holes in his shirt, but no visible wounds or blood.

      Also, the way that the majority of the trailer is focused on silent depictions of characters and faces. Someone actually thought “Okay, we’ve got 60 seconds to make a great impression. Do we focus on gameplay? Maybe the original-cast voice lines? Nah, what’ll really wow ’em is our gruesome, half-paralyzed homunculi.”

  6. Ross Angus says:

    But who did the copper kettle belong to?