Experience Double Undeath In Over My Dead Body

Double Undeath sounds fun!

I hope I become a skellington after I die. Being a zombie is pointless (barring iZombie magibrains) and being a ghost is sad, but skellingtons are always laughing and larking about. However, apparently one can become both a ghost and a zombie?

That’s what happens to Noelle Brody in Over My Dead Body (For You) [official site], the newly-announced commercial follow-up to a fun free action-puzzler from 2014. It’ll send us off on a merry murderous adventure through the megacorp which did this to her, controlling her zombie and ghost on different thumbsticks (or keys).

An experiment at Mortiga Consolidated goes wrong, see, leading to Noelle contracting Double Undeath. As she searches for a cure, her ghost and zombie have different powers – ghosts obviously being better at sneaking and distracting, and zombies at… ravenously devouring their former co-workers. But look, it’s all colourful, it’s fine.

This commercial follow-up is expanded with more levels and challenges modes. Developers Duneworld Games plan to launch it this autumn for Windows and Mac priced at $9.99. First, they’re going through Steam Greenlight.

You can still play the original free game through Game Jolt, if you want to get a feel for what it’s about. And here’s the follow-up’s announcement trailer:


  1. asret says:

    Am I the only one who read that as “fun-free”?

    Looks splashy.

  2. SMGreer says:

    The original was great, especially for a freebie. Wonderful style, good humour and a control scheme that worked surprisingly well for the puzzles in play.

    Excited to see what they can add to it with a priced release.

  3. tigerfort says:

    I’d rather be a Lich than a skeleton; you get all those funky magic powers. Being both a skeleton and a ghost might be cool, though. I’d have to think about that one.

    • LTK says:

      You have to have magic powers to turn yourself into a lich, which makes that advantage moot.

      On the spectrum of specters you could also become a wraith, which is basically a ghost that can turn corporeal, or a revenant, which could be either a corrupted soul or an animated corpse driven by such.

      I think vampires do not have a soul, but they still seem to be very much sentient. Which raises the question, if you turned into a vampire, could you communicate with your now-disembodied soul?

  4. MrFinnishDude says:

    Skeletons are the best, always so carefree, laughing, rattling their bones, going “MYAHH HE-MAN” and stuff. Being one would be great.