Road Redemption Crotch-Rocketing Out In October

I know some folks love their jobs so much they playing games recreating ’em – such as truckers, farmers, and pilots – but I’m not one of them. After a long, tiring day, I want to park my hog, slip out my leathers, put my whippin’ chain in a tub of oil (take care of your tools!), and get away from the violent world of illegal motorbike street racing. But while I’ve obviously not played Road Redemption [official site] myself, I have heard good things about the crowdfunded Road Rash ’em up. Now the devs have announced that, after two years on Early Access, it’ll properly launch on October 15th.

Road Redemption is a motorbike racing game about zooming along roads, dodging cars, turboboosting, and beating seven bells out of your fellow racers. It’s a bit like ye olde Road Rash games, yeah? With a splash of RPG progression in skill trees.

The main feature coming for the final release is online multiplayer, complementing the current split-screen play. If you’ve already bought it but not played in a while, you might want a look after the most recent big Early Access update. It brought improved loading times, graphics, controls, physics, AI, the camera, character voices, new weapons, new bikes and riders, new mission types, pickups, and… a lot of things. Big update!

Road Redemption is in the Steam summer sale, by the way. A 40% discount brings it to £8.99/11,99€/$11.99.


  1. Murdock says:

    Maaaaan… the nostalgic feelings.

  2. Baines says:

    I didn’t realize this was still in Early Access. Probably because I wasn’t sure what they could keep adding to such a basic concept.

  3. anHorse says:

    Kinda offtopic but looking at this game demonstrated how awful Steam’s new approach to the reviews system is

    When looking at this in the sale I had to actually put in a load of effort to find a review that provided a decent summary of the game.
    No point putting new reviews first if they’re all a sentence long and just say it’s been getting better and better

  4. melerski says:

    Sadly the game doesn’t have the good old chain as weapon yet :(
    Otherwise it’s very good. Has alot more weapons than Road Rash like explosives, swords making it more over the top combat-wise.