Steel Yourself: Hearts Of Iron IV’s First Big Patch Out

Paradox release some cracking games, but they often need a patch or two to start to shine. If you’ve been waiting for Hearts of Iron IV [official site] fixes, good news: Paradox today launched the first major patch for their new WW2 grand strategy game. Along with the usual bug fixes, crash fixes, and balance tweaks, update 1.1 gets stuck into improving the game’s AI.

This also means we can start enjoying more of the weird fun patch notes Paradox’s complex sims often bring, such as “King George V only dies once, now.”

The full patch notes for update 1.1 (which is nicknamed Red Ball Express after a WW2 truck convoy system) are over here, but Paradox pick out the following highlights:

  • Command Group Postures: Your armies can now carry out orders Carefully, Balanced, or in a Rush.
  • New Template Design: An empty template for new division designs is now available in the edit division drop-down tab.
  • AI Production Priorities: Computer controlled opponents will have a greater emphasis on infantry and fighter production.
  • Making Friends: Computer controlled opponents will be more likely to grant military access to countries fighting a common enemy.
  • Boys From Brazil: Germany less likely to spam South America with justifications for war
  • Bug Fixes: Tweaks to warscore calculation, the peace process and King George V only dies once, now.

Ironeers, are these the sort of changes you’ve been hoping for? What else would you like from future patches? Heck, what would you like in the inevitable expansions?

Oh, also here is a new wee video inviting Lieutenant-Colonel Conny Hansen of the Swedish Armed Forces to have a go if he thinks he’s hard enough. Playing as the USA, he has high hopes for securing victory in the Pacific before wading into Europe.


  1. TheAngriestHobo says:

    I haven’t experienced the Germany bug, but in my most recent game, the Free American Empire started declaring war on each and every country in South America, without actually deploying any troops to the continent. Oddly, several of these wars began at 100% warscore for the Americans, but no peace talks took place.

  2. yusefsmith says:

    Did they fix the supply teleporters? Nothing like watching Italy supply its tank factories with resources from Central Africa, while Allied fleets own the Mediterranean.

  3. thetruegentleman says:

    Still has some of the most entertaining fixes:

    “Moved Sao Paulo to be part of the Sao Paulo state”
    “Moved capital of Brazil to Rio”
    “Found a better Serbian fascist party leader”
    “Added straits to Denmark to make them more surrendermonkeys”
    “Soviet and Germany should no longer bail from the Unholy alliance as soon as they can”
    “Polish AI will no longer randomly change its ideology by picking ministers”
    “Fixed a bug where you could avoid civil war by inviting back trotsky”

  4. Hugo_Stiglitz says:

    Did they fix the AI for when they have an entire force cut off from supply and surrounded but refuse to attack for some odd reason, espesially with Japan and surrounding chines forces.

  5. RegisteredUser says:

    From what I can tell, there is still a lot of work to be done.

    Also there does not appear to be a mode for “real” Hearts of Iron style playing, such as without any kind of weirdo AI-handholding planning bonuses. Its well enough that they made it a playstyle and I get the whole building momentum idea and whatnot, but for people who loved HOI2, this whole “War theatres” and other delegation nonsense is just completely against the OCD micromanagement vein.

    Comfortable UI features for mass deploying new units easily and similiar things is what “real” grognard armchair generals want, not someone else fighting half their war for them. This of course just my opinion as one of the hugest fans of what HOI2 achieved for WW II wargaming.

    • Grizzly says:

      YOu can still micromanage the whole thing though. Draw the arrows but don’t press “Start” and you still get the planning bonuses whilst keeping control.

  6. morganjah says:

    I am much happier with Paradox games when I pretend they come out a year, or two, after release. It takes about that long for them to become semi-playable. I still have high hopes for a working Pacific campaign.
    Anyhow, only 11-23 more months!