Worms WMD Trailer Promises 80 Off-The-Wall Weapons

When Worms WMD [official site] launches later this year, it’ll come packing 80 weird and wonderful weapons fit for wanton worm-walloping, say developers Team 17. By my count, the latest trailer showcases just 21 of them, however does include outlandish armaments such as Concrete Donkeys, Dodgy Phone Batteries, and Agile Old Ladies. It’s looking like Worms as we best know it, then, with this extended arsenal owing itself to the latest iteration’s new crafting suite. Hop below to discover just over a quarter of the ways in which Worms Must Die.

Because this is Worms, ‘standard’ weapons include run of the mill firearms such as machine guns and sniper rifles, but also stretch to the likes of Banana Bombs, Furious Prods, and divinely intervening OMG Strikes. The rest are products of the game’s crafting setup which allows for idiosyncratic slants on the existing toolset. Expect things like Bazooka Pies, Alloy Baseball Bats, Electric Sheep and Stinking Carpet Bombs, among other things, then, as you mix and match to achieve the craziest of concoctions.

As for the new line of ordnance, some of the ensemble sounds pretty interesting. The Dodgy Phone Battery, for example, creates a chain of shocks, arking to the next friend or foe within the appropriate range as it goes. The Unwanted Present, on the other hand, lets you determine how many turns a seemingly innocuous parcel will take to explode (between one and five); whereas the aforementioned OMG Strike calls upon a sky-bound satellite to rain lasers upon the battleground below.

Truth be told, it’s been a while since I’ve played a Worms game for any length of time, yet they’ve often struggled to hold my attention. I’ve always found them entertaining, sure, but I’ve almost always ran out of steam after just a few hours of battle – even considering its off-the-wall comedic approach. Adding crafting to the mix seems like an obvious solution, and one which I’m surprised hasn’t been implemented before. For full details on what to expect in this regard can be found by heading to this here announcement.

Multiplayer looks pretty fun too.

Worms WMD will be deployed at some point later this year.


  1. onodera says:

    What’s wrong with their faces? Why do they all look like nu-metal album covers from the 00’s?

  2. Hunchback says:

    This actually looks decent! I am glad they’ve abandoned those silly “3d” ideas they had (i actually did a review of Worms 3D some 10 years ago, for a local gaming magazine! :D) and have gone oldschool. I’ve spent many a lazy summer days with friends, playing Worms and laughing like idiots…

    Hope it’ll be a good one!

    • Mr. Mister says:

      While the 3D games are obviously not so fit for quick boot-and-play matches (they’re less arcadey, so-to-speak), and not as precisely balanced, I do still find them personally more enjoyable. I really loved Worms 3D’s humorous campaign, challenge scenarios and wormpedia, and while Worms Mayhem didn’t have the hilarious latter nor the gag videos, the team customisation options (specially accessories) was heartwarming and really helped you connect with your team.

      Mostly I miss all the lovingly crafted campaign scenarios that just aren’t possible in a 2D game. To me, Worms 3D and Mayhem are to the 2D games like the Path of Radiance and Radiant Down are to the GBA Fire Emblem games.

    • GHudston says:

      I was quite fond of the 3D titles. What bothered me was the more recent 2D attempts to reimagine the original game with pointless new features like classes for the worms. Glad to see them taking a look back at the one or two titles that people remember fondly and just doing more of it.

    • Leozaur says:

      Hogs of War worked quite well with 3D. Although it could never replace the good old 2D Worms, it was WAY better than Worms 3D.

  3. peterako1989 says:

    Lets hope customizations options will be better than worms revolution, which even with all the DLC didn’t have much going for it.

  4. Holderist says:



  5. Jeroen D Stout says:

    Just want to point out the flamethrower is not a new weapon and was in Worms Armageddon.

    • gunny1993 says:

      Was there? I remember a blowtorch but not a flamethrower

      • ThornEel says:

        It was, but it had a way shorter range and it was pretty easy to burn oneself with it (which stopped the attack immediately), particularly with wind, and like most automatic weapons, it ran out relatively fast.
        Not the most powerful weapon, but could be pretty fun. It wasn’t so much to cause damage but to make worms jump around, for example down a slope and into water, or toward mines/barrels (which you could ignite by spraying them enough).

  6. DarkFenix says:

    Let’s see if T17 have learned their lesson this time. The repeated problem with Worms games is that they keep taking things away from a formula that works best if it is just allowed to get crazier.

    Removing customisation options, shrinking maps, removing weapons. Worms is the perfect example of a series where the developers didn’t know where they were going right, so they kept trying to take the series in some direction without realising that they’d already found the magic formula and just needed to improve it.

  7. vahnn says:

    Only 80? Check out ShellShock Live.

  8. Phasma Felis says:

    I know the current cartoony style is what the worms always “officially” looked like, on box art and such, but I thought they were much cuter when they were about 8 pixels tall and basically looked like pink Lemmings.

    Also, squeaky voices. Why the hell did they remove the really squeaky voices?

    • thaquoth says:

      I’ll always be partial to the terribest mid-90s CGI rendered cutscenes of the first Worms.

      That style obviously went out of the window for good reason but man… so good. But so bad. But so good.

  9. ZXDunny says:

    The last time I played a Worms game there was no way to import your own image files to be used as a custom map which was really, really disappointing – it made previous Worms games so much more fun when you had a floppy full of maps made of your mates’ faces…

    Is that making a comeback at all?

  10. cairbre says:

    The last worms game me and my mates bought to relive the glory days of worms in the 90s didn’t allow cross play with mac which what some of them had. I hope this version is well made and not another lazy cash grab

  11. turkeydrumstick says:

    I feel like an old fogey, because I feel all “In my days, our worms were 8 pixels tall and we didn’t have half of those wacky weapons to play with. You had to look at the wind twice ways before firing your bazooka, cross the whole map uphill both ways with a physically impossible ninja rope before pushing the last guy on a landmine yourself because prod was the last weapon with any uses left. And if you were lucky, one of us would get a banana bomb in a box. And we liked it that way.”

    You’ll have to excuse me now, because I believe there’s a cloud that needs shouting at.

    • Blackrook says:

      And if you were a really old (& cheap) fogey you would of been playing Scorched Earth like the rest of us instead.

  12. pepperfez says:

    Too bad this game is doomed to be vaporware. Everyone knows WMD never actually show up in the end.

  13. KastaRules says:

    I still have the boxed Amiga version from 1995.

  14. Cederic says:

    Worms was always fun in a silly way but the ninja-rope killed any level of competitive fun for me. Worms at its amateur best is about cocking up a weapon trajectory and killing your own team; precise movement across the entire map destroys the ethos that made the game fun for me.