Gul’Dan & Diablo’s Auriel Joining Heroes Of The Storm

Angels are an easy Halloween costume – rub a little flour into your Slanket [other wearable blankets are available -ed.] and tape an Aerobie Sprint [other objects can be thrown -ed.] onto your head – but they’re rarely cool, are they? However, I have always quite liked the radiant cheesecake murdergirls of Magic: The Gathering and the eerie archangels of Diablo. I’m always glad to see more of Diablangels. Tyrael is already in Blizzard’s supergroup MOBA Heroes of the Storm [official site], and soon he’ll be joined by the supercool Auriel. Oh, and Warcraft’s naughty orc magician Gul’dan is coming too.

Blizzard announced these two upcoming additions with a wee video:

Yep, Auriel’s looking pretty cool there. I really do dig that Diablo angel style, the combination of gleaming plate armour, a hood casting impenetrable shadow, flowing sashes, and vast wings of ethereal tendrils. Good stuff.

As for Gul’dan, he’s naturally in full ‘World of Warcraft back-breaking pauldrons’ style. Given his poor posture, they honestly don’t seem sensible. Perhaps they’re meant to be corrective – they’re supposed to train him to lean back to counter-balance the mass. Orc science can be a bit funny like that.

Blizzard don’t say when either of these two will launch, nor when any of the upcoming skins will arrive. They can’t be too far out, as surely that sportsballing Li-Ming skin will be in time for the Olympics.


  1. Hunchback says:

    Watching this video reminded me once more why i can’t ever get to like this game – All the CC and “ultimates” are so underwhelming that it just seems like an action game with no strategy, timing etc involved. You what, stun for 0.5 seconds with your ultimate skill? Wow!


    • Freud says:

      They have for the last six months tried to get away from the stun lock meta and lowered stun durations. The stun meta dominated the game before that. I think it’s healthy for the game to not have every team fight be decided by easy to land CC chains. It’s still effective but takes a bit more coordination.

    • Paladin says:

      It sounds to me like you don’t like the pacing of the game, which is fine – to each its own.

      Then, probably to feel justified in not liking the game to begin with, you start making a loose connection between duration of effects and absence/presence of strategy, which I’m not sure is an argument that holds well.

  2. Freud says:

    Good that they are adding another support, since it’s been almost a year since the last ones in Morales and Kharazim.

    Gul’Dan is no surprise since this is the summer we get the Legion expansion to WoW and the Warcraft movie.

    • PineMaple says:

      Medivh is definitely a support, despite being labeled as a specialist. No healing (until 16), but portals, invisibility buffs, and a Divine Shield on a 5 second cooldown in addition to his scouting make him a hero that supports and enables the rest of his team.

  3. Twyst says:

    Li-Ming, no Mi-Ling :)

  4. Thirdrail says:

    I have a had a lot of fun with Heroes of the Storm since it launched. Yes, it’s bubblegum, and it has absolutely become the MOBA of choice for people who will never be competent, sane, thoughtful, or studious enough to play a real MOBA, but sometimes it’s nice to hang out with players who are simply dumb, instead of categorically venomous. My ONLY real complaint with the game is that there are times where “Heroes of the Storm” starts turning into “Heroes of Warcraft”. I wish they would do a LOT more with their non-fantasy IPs, like Starcraft and Overwatch, and a lot less WoW and Diablo. Including getting some Starcraft/Overwatch maps into the game.