Overwatch Competitive Mode Patch Coming This Week

There’s few things more frustrating than enjoying a multiplayer game only to be disconnected partway through. One of those few things might be getting disconnected, reconnecting automatically just a few moments later, but then being punished for that brief moment of internet interruption. That’s what Overwatch‘s competitive mode, which launched last week, is apparently doing: if you get disconnected for even a second and then reconnect, you’ll still often receive a loss for the match if your team wins. Thankfully it seems Blizzard are working on the issue.

Without elaborating, game director Jeff Kaplan posted on the Overwatch forums to say that “We have some fixes coming (hopefully) next week.” That’s this week, now, time fans.

While these sorts of disconnects don’t matter as much in regular play, every match of competitive mode affects your current rating as a player and therefore the kinds of other players you get matched against. If you’re doing one of your placement matches – which determine your current skill level based on how many of your first ten matches you win – it must be infuriating to get marked down as having lost a game you won just because your internet connection is temperamental. Obviously Blizzard need to do something to discourage people who quit deliberately mid-match, but hopefully they can find a way around punishing people unfairly.

Personally I just got internet at home after a two week absence, and I’m looking forward to playing Overwatch in its non-competitive quick play mode more than anything else. I shall be attempting to dunk a basket.


  1. jon_hill987 says:

    I don’t think it is my internet connection, everything else seems fine, but since the competitive update I have been getting random disconnects. Seems to be only happening in ranked as well. Anyone else found this?

    Fortunately most of my disconnects were when we were losing anyway but I did have one that we won (4-1) but because I was not in the game for the time it took to restart the client that was recorded as a loss. Two others did get recorded as a win though despite me disconnecting, I hope this next patch does sort things or I will be sticking to Quick play (I might anyway, ranked can be far to saline for my liking).

    • FunkyB says:

      So reddit claims there is a bug when you can get out of the bounds of the level and crash the server, thereby disconnecting everybody. Because people take things far too bloody seriously, people have been doing this in competitive mode when losing. Maybe it’s that?

      • jon_hill987 says:

        I don’t think so, when I reconnect it seems the game has been going on without me. That does sound like a pretty horrendous bug though.

      • mouton says:

        The Genji thing? They are also reportedly permbanning people who do this repeatedly, so it will clean the place a bit.

  2. UniuM says:

    I’m having the same issue, previous build without competitive mode worked just fine, i’ve never been disconnected. Now its been 2 times in a row, quick and comp.

    It must be server side.

  3. aircool says:

    I’m enjoying playing this game (just don’t play by yourself, play with a friend if you can), but the language is confusing.

    People keep saying stuff like toxic, cancer and salt. Young people, eh?

    • PoulWrist says:

      Or russians. Battlefield servers with russian players usualy have a steady stream going in the chat from people who are dead that goes something like this:
      “deadguy 1: jew jew jew jew jew jew”
      “deadguy 2: cancer cancer cancer cancer”
      “deadguy 3: gay gay gay gay gay gay”

      And then you repeat that with a bunch of abuse about how people use aimbots, cheat and so on. But the most steady things being spammed are jew, gay and cancer.

  4. Kitsunin says:

    I’m too glad for this. Left to take a piss during setup in my last game and got back to find I was kicked for inactivity. Reconnected before setup was even over. Got play of the game. Lost an entire rank.

    I like it on the whole, but there are some things which slipped through the cracks re: ranked play that seem stupid to a bonkers degree. Especially funny considering how excellently Overwatch launched on the whole.

    • PoulWrist says:

      The issues with ranked just seem to make it not worth it. Takes ages to gain a rank, takes moments to lose it (even without disconnects), matches that draw out for ages and end in cheesemode sudden death despite one team taking half the time of the other to finish the objectives…
      Just, doesn’t seem worth the time it requires to invest. Especially since playing alone is not really an option.

      • Calculon says:

        This is my issue as well with competitive mode. I play 3 games – win all 3 and I barely gain a rank. I lose 1 game – lose 1.5 ranks, in the second we lose one player and it says ‘you can leave without penalty’ so I do – and am peanalized heavil – now down almost 3 ranks – which will take 9 wins to repair.

        My other frustration is that it incorrectly placed me. I’m always top of my team and have to drag them to the win but it’s so hard to make proper progress – especially if you get 1-2 bad players on your team you’re trying to make up for.

        Overall the whole competitive match making and ranking seems kind of broken to me.

  5. MDSnowman says:

    In general I’ve found groups to be more organized in competitive mode than in quick play, even when playing with strangers. In that regard I tend to have more fun in competitive matches, especially playing as characters whose abilities really just set up those of more offensive heroes. I feel, however, the focus on individual rankings doesn’t jive with the game rewarding/punishing you for a team win or loss. I was part of a long fought loss yesterday that involved me (as Soldier 76) stumbling on three enemies while rushing to the point. I successfully gunned all three of them down got the play of the game and celebrated a 18 strong kill streak, but my rank went down. Given that the rewards for playing competitive mode will be pretty minor for most players (a spray, an icon, and the ability to crawl towards affording a golden weapon) I think Blizzard really needs to make the rewards more attractive to get me interested in playing more than one or two competitive matches a day.

    • Calculon says:

      Yes – I also agree with this. It also needs to scale based on hero difficulty. If I’m using a 3 star difficulty character and rock it out – there is no way that’s commensurate with a 1 star difficulty character – especially when the team loses the match but I kick serious ….

      A good example is Hazo – hard to use and rarely gets recognized by the game even if I get 25 eliminations in a single round.

      • Procrastination Giant says:

        The thing is… How is their system supposed to quantify which eleminations contributed to the overall match? It’s quite easy to rack up tons and tons of solo kills and eliminations with Hanzo, Genji or Widowmaker without contributing to the game AT ALL – You actually can lock down a bad hanzo player (or dps player in general) that lacks situational awareness by being an easy target. If you’re on the defensive and manage to distract a Hanzo by letting him kill you over and over again while the rest of your team takes care of the rest then YOU are doing your job, not the Hanzo.

        The real problem with the current MMR/Ranking system is that it overvalues those kills in the first place. Tanks and supports win matches, yet those generally get less rank since none of their actual stats reflect how much they contributed (It’s the most common complaint among the competitive scene) – Not to mention that their relevant stats typically get devalued even further by winning in the first place. The faster you win (say, if the enemy team has two idiot snipers that hunt kills and don’t bother to stop your two tanks from riding the objective) the less objective time, objective kills, blocked damage and healing done you get – and those 4 are the only stats that really matter in the grand scheme of things.

  6. aircool says:

    It’s a team game and your rank will depend mostly on whether you win or lose. Competitive mode is really designed for premade teams.

    You could earn five gold medals every round, but often winning comes down to having the right character at the right place at the right time. That guy who switched to Zarya with one minute on the clock and reversed the momentum of the game? That’s the guy who made the big difference, but there’s no way of measuring that sort of impact.

    Which is why you’re judged on winning or losing as a team.

    • naetharu says:

      Except at the moment that’s not what happens. Your rank goes up or down based on whether you win or loose, so in that sense you are judged as a team.

      However, the amount of points you actually gain or part with is determined by how well you did with your particular character(s).

      Right now this is causing some issues with healers since if their team is doing well healers effectively do less well. If people are not taking lots of damage, healers don’t need to heal it and so their stats look average. The result is Lucio and Mercy in particular are leveling up slower and down faster than DPS and tank characters.

      • arccos says:

        Oh, wow! That explains a lot, thanks. I was wondering why I seem to be on a downward trend for my ranks. I almost always play Lucio or Mercy. Very small increases and very substantial decreases.

        • naetharu says:

          Yep, alas I have the same trouble. Lucio is not hit as badly as Mercy since he does do some direct damage in addition to healing. Unless of course you are running two Lucio and the 2nd is giving speed boosts. The game dosn’t account for that and so you’ll be counted as a terrible player even if you do your job really really well.

          I love the idea of the individual tracking. But right now the systems and metrics used for it are way too crude.