Have You Played… Croc: Legend Of The Gobbos?

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Now, I admit I played this on PlayStation in 1997, and never even knew there was a PC version. But there was. So I can fairly ask if you ever played this unfairly derided third-person action platformer.

I remember being surprised at the time at the negative reaction to Croc. This was by Argonaut, Jez San’s team responsible for Starglider and Star Fox. Apparently it was originally intended to be a Yoshi game for Nintendo, but when rejected they redeveloped it as their own IP. I think there was quite a lot of either, “This isn’t Mario!” or “This isn’t by Rare!” snobbery surrounding it. You were a crocodile, gathering gems, and whacking baddies with your tail.

I distinctly remember playing it the same Summer I discovered The Divine Comedy’s first two albums, Liberation and Promenade. I remember listening to both on loop, while playing this game, in spare mornings of that most glorious Summer holiday anyone ever has – the one after A Levels are over. As such, it is immediately associated with lovely times (these were the months before I learned how badly I’d failed my A Levels), so perhaps I’m biased. Gosh, I would love to have a lazy morning playing Croc and listening to Liberation.


  1. JFS says:

    Man, yes I habe! I’d all but forgotten about it. It was good! We didn’t have much Mario-likes on PC then.

  2. nakosiko says:

    It was a great game, I played it on PC

  3. sirdavies says:

    Yup, was my first video game, along with Gran Turismo. Real good times were had. I didn’t know it was supposed to be a Yoshi game, that’s interesting. I might play it again one of these days though I’m a little worried it won’t be nearly as good as I remember.

  4. Scripten says:

    There were two of them and, as far as I remember, they were pretty damned competent. There’s definitely a lot of leftover aesthetic from when it *was* a Yoshi game, which I appreciated.

  5. Radkovicbe says:

    This was my first video game and I loved it. Still think it’s one of the best of the genre (notwithstanding Mario and Crash)

  6. Arathain says:

    Mmm, those are two of my most listened albums at about the same time in my life. I should listen to them again. I do like me some Divine Comedy.

  7. Kemuel says:

    Ooh good one. Going a little further back down the same street of early cross-platform-3D-platformers, did anyone play Bug! ? Now there was something that felt like the future.

    • UmungoBungo says:

      The comment that finally pushes me over the edge to create an account and join the community! Played Bug alot as a youngster… I have a feeling that my PC made it run really really slow, and I never realised and just thought it was a very deliberate pace. I believe I downloaded it in the future and it ran nice and fast… but maybe I have made that part up.

      • UmungoBungo says:

        youtube has confirmed that it was meant to run a lot faster than it used to on my PC

  8. int says:

    Yeah I played the demo off PC Gamer’s demo CD. The one thing I remember was that Croc would leave footprints in the snow which I hadn’t seen in a game before.

  9. Zeroebbasta says:

    Played and loved them both. Never finished the first one, though, because the first boss fight was set in a really dark forest and that scared the fuck out of me.

  10. Scobie says:

    The Saturn PAL version had an amazing bug where you had to start the console and then put the disc in, or Croc wouldn’t have a head.

  11. Sinky says:

    I had the Saturn version. If you started the game with the disc in, Croc would have no head.

    That’s all I can remember as I didn’t like the game it much.

  12. Xan says:

    I played this when I was a kid, on my PC. Even got the original CD somewhere in a box of old stuff.

    I’ve never beaten it since I was bad at games back then, maybe I should try again.

  13. Wormerine says:

    Ahhhh! An important game for me. It took me a long time to finish it though. WHen I was little the snakes jumping out of the wells would terrify me. Also water levels. I was always scared of water levels.

  14. Alfy says:

    Never played it, never heard of it. But OMG, Starglider! And Starglider II! I wanted an Amiga so bad for that last one! (And I had the poster hanging above my bed. It had little to do with the game, but it looked awesome!)

  15. stuw23 says:

    Whilst I haven’t played Croc, I am now filled with an intense nostalgia for my own post-A-level summer. Mine was filled with Final Fantasy V and Age Of Empires 2, soundtracked chiefly by KMFDM and Planes Mistaken For Stars, and oh lord what I would give to feel that young and optimistic again.

  16. luis.s says:

    Yes! Croc and Croc 2 were two of the first games I played and I thought they were incredible at the time. I remember loving the voices of the Gobbos and Croc.

  17. StunningToaster says:

    Had a blast playing Croc 2!

  18. dolgion1 says:

    Played it on Playstation myself, a really fun game. I think part of it was that we didn’t have the likes of Mario 64 on PS1. Crash didn’t really count because its levels were literally linear. Croc came before Spyro, which also great. I remember really enjoying the snow levels. The whole aesthetic was like crack to my 10 year old brain, still get a little tingly sensation just looking at screen shots man.

    You should make a whole article series about games that make you feel young and optimistic again. Mine include Final Fantasy 7, Gothic 1 and the first three Monkey Island games. Oh those were the days of unburdened gaming bliss.

  19. Eagle0600 says:

    Wow, I’d forgotten all about this game! I remember it being pretty good. Like you, I played it on the PS and didn’t know there was a PC version. Thanks for this!