Arcen Releasing Emergency Raptor On Friday

In Case of Emergency, Release Raptor [official site] is very much not the game I would have expected next from Arcen Games. The small studio are known for games like AI Wars, Starward Rogue, Bionic Dues – strange and thoughtful twists on strategy games, puzzlers, roguelites. In Case of Emergency, Release Raptor is a 3D smash ’em up with a velociraptor fighting robots in the dystopian future. Surprising! Raptor was due to launch onto Steam Early Access today but instead it’ll arrive on Friday.

For now, you can watch a video dev diary including the line “In a lot of respects it’s kind of like a first-person shooter – the raptor is your gun.”

That’s Arcen’s Chris Park showing off the level editor and a shift in camera view. Previously it had a conventional distant third-person camera (which will still be in as an option) but now they’ve gone for a close-up camera he calls a “first-person view”. But if that on-the-shoulder view is a first-person camera, does that mean… we’re playing as a little devil on the raptor’s shoulder urging it to destroy everything? I am fine with that.

Emergency Raptor is Arcen’s first 3D game. It’s come at a difficult time for Arcen, following delays, poor sales, and layoffs. Their plan was for Raptor to be a relatively small and quick game built largely from tweaked Unity Store Assets with many systems they could re-use for a later, larger game.

Also, they wanted to make a game where you ran around as a dinosaur smashing stuff.

This three-day delay isn’t for any major problems, more tweaking the level editor and polishing a few bits up. For more general mayhem, here’s Emergency Raptor’s E3 trailer:


  1. Premium User Badge

    selkcip says:

    This is clearly just a better executed version of my senior project Space Raptor 2000. God it looked like shit.

    • TheMightyEthan says:

      That looks like a more actiony, less stealthy version of playing as the Alien in AVP campaign mode.

      • Premium User Badge

        selkcip says:

        That’s probably about right. Although it did have a sound based stealth system where guards would be attracted to you if you made too much noise.

  2. frightlever says:

    I buy Arcen games, like every one except the shmup, and I never enjoy them. At least there’s nothing about this one that would persuade me to buy it.

  3. Vacuity729 says:

    I refuse to watch the video. I’m going to buy the game, load it up and discover for myself what it is. Arcen’s games are always worth trying.

    • frightlever says:

      There’s a raptor, things shoot at him, he smashes the things. Design masterclass.

      • TheMightyEthan says:

        Sounds like the design was written up when one of the creators was 8 years old and just saw Jurassic Park, he based his whole career around the dream of creating that game, and now that the company’s in trouble he’s like “well, it’s now or never.”

        I want it.

    • Professor Paul1290 says:

      This isn’t really meant to be anything that unusual or interesting.

      This game pretty much exists because Chris wanted a game where you play as a raptor and smash things.
      There’s not much else to it than that really.

      Not that I have a problem with that, personally I think “just because I want one” is the best reasons to make game.

    • Press X to Gary Busey says:

      Anything is better as a Raptor’emUp.
      I sacrificed my degrees to Off Road Velociraptor Safari (worth it) and I’m still waiting for the promised Raptor Revenge: Sorority Island.

  4. Blackcompany says:

    Said it before but…my sentiments on this were pretty much:

    “Arcen is making a game…”

    OK, I’m listening…

    “In which you get to run about smashing robots…”

    Hmm…maybe no–

    “While playing as a Velociraptor…


  5. Premium User Badge

    gritz says:

    Given the name, I was hoping the raptor would put out fires, organize single-file lines to designated shelter areas, and distribute bottles of potable water.

    • mrbright01 says:

      Amusingly, I would rather play that. In emergency, release Raptor and follow instructions accordingly.

      Then, those that won’t comply, you eat. Fear bar goes up, you have more authority, more people follow instructions.

      • Modran says:

        I… Can’t believe I created an account for the first time to say I would play that game.

  6. Rack says:

    So that has to be one of the best names I’ve heard for a game in a while. Unfortunately the video is not inspiring me.