Romance Of The Three Kingdoms XIII Now Out In English

Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII [official site] is not new-new, having technically been out since January, but only today did Koei Tecmo release an English version. It’s a tactical grand strategy RPG wargame sort of a series, now over 20 years old, based on the famous semi-mythical historical epic about China’s strife during the second and third centuries. Buuut even if you’re a die-hard Romantic you might want to check the reviews before you buy.

Players get to play as one of 700 historical characters during the era of unification, playing through history or trying to change its direction. Here’s how Koei Tecmo’s blurb says it’s supposed to go:

“Explore the myriad of experiences within the world of Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII, covering Civil Development, Diplomacy, Debates, Duels, open field battles, sieges, naval battles and more with gameplay differing depending on the situation at hand. Cities can be built and developed; alliances can be fostered or broken; armies can be mustered and deployed. Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII prides itself on offering a wide range of options for conflict resolution including a robust army composition selection, while special care has been taken to incorporate diplomacy and personal relationships, giving the player an extra incentive to build a stable and loyal network of friends and allies.”

Player reviews are looking less sunny. If you’ve played RotTK before, you might want to check what folks have said on Steam as it seems quite a few folks were hoping for something different. However, do bear in mind that it cost more before its official English release.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII now has a launch discount bringing it to £41.49/49,79€/$49.79 on Steam. The launch trailer is all cinematic guff but this explains a little about how it works:


  1. Vintageryan says:

    I hope you have the wrong price in pounds or that is the worst euro to pound ratio I have seen.

  2. Baines says:

    While some of the negative reviews mention the price, the complaints are because the game itself is a step backwards compared to previous titles.

    ROTK X is praised for having much better RPG elements, while ROTK XI is considered to have better combat. Coming after those two, ROTK XII was considered a disappointment. ROTK XIII has met similar sentiment.

    • scubasteeeve says:

      That’s because people are looking at ROTK 10 with nostalgia goggles. It seemed amazing at the time, but this game actually has pretty much all of the same features, just packaged differently, and then some. There are some legitimate grievances, particularly with battles, but the people who claim that it’s a step backwards seem to forget how simplified 11 and 12 were. This game is much more complex than both of them.

  3. Montavious says:

    I just wish they would make the game a little slower, its basically just all out war every time. Slow down the game and add in something to do during peace times, work on diplomacy, add in randomlt generated kids so that the game can go on way longer. Pretty much make it a bit more CK2ish. I love this series, been playing it since Wall of Fire, but gets kinda tiring to all out warring all the time.

  4. Vizkos says:

    Bought it yesterday after work…was playing it until 2 AM…woke up tired for work today…good times.

    I like how they restored the ability to play as an officer instead of a ruler. I didn’t play 12 (no english release :'( ), so I don’t know if they had restored it in that version, but I did play the heck out of 11.

    I left my game last night as the Viceroy for Cao Cao. Cao Cao was leading the assault against Yuan Shao, while I lead the assault against Ma Teng. Tough battle at Chang An with his Xi Liang warriors and Tiger cavalry, but after I retook the city, I whipped his ass :)

    My main complaint is that there are not enough scanarios. There are only 5 that aren’t in “hero mode”. There are 3 as free DLC, but they do not seem to work with the english release, either that or when I clicked download, it just didn’t download…? I can’t believe there is no campaign against Dong Zhuo scenario…like what the heck?

    • HawkeyeG says:

      signed up for the RPS website just so i could tell you this…

      You should be able to get all the DLC that is shown as free on the store page, it just doesn’t seem to automatically give it to you. I had to go to the DLC listing and click ‘install game’ for each one to add it to my library and then it downloaded them. In fact, one of them is the “Campaign against Dong Zhou” scenario.

      It might also just kick in after the next time you exit and restart Steam… didn’t try that method but for other titles with DLC that was free or included with purchase I don’t ever remember having to add it manually like this. Hopefully by now you have already exited and re-entered your Steam account and it added it normally anyway