Grand Theft Auto Online Going A Bit TrackMania

I’ve been hoping Rockstar will add more singleplayer stuff to Grand Theft Auto V [official site] rather than focusing on its multiplayer, but I can hardly be upset by them turning Los Santos into some sort of Hot Wheels-y, TrackMania-ish raceground. Grand Theft Auto Online’s Cunning Stunts update (ooh those scamps!) will bring aerial raceways with loops, pipes, and rings of fire, not to mention new vehicles to race round them. It’ll launch next week. For now, look at this wackiness:

I’m in favour of that.

As you can see, aerial roads with forks, jumps, and all sort of stunty bits will wind over and through the city and around the world. Also: giant bowling pins and bowls are around the place. These are good things. New cars and bikes are coming for the new racing, and folks will get to wear new racing clothing.

Cunning Stunts will launch next Tuesday, July 12th. Hang on… ‘Cunning Stunts’ is an anagram of ‘Cnut Stings Nun’! Rockstar are a rowdy bunch all right! Always subverting The Establishment and sticking it to The Man, that lot. Even medieval kings and friendly nuns aren’t safe from their satirical sideways take on the world.


  1. Bamse6666 says:

    Haah, stunning cunts


  2. Iskariot says:

    I’m very disappointed that we still have not seen more story content. I could not care less about the online stuff.

    • The Algerian says:

      Last I heard they were making some serious money with Shark Cards. Don’t think they’re in too much of a rush to release singleplayer stuff.

  3. Donkeyfumbler says:

    RIP Kenny Everett – gone but not forgotten.

    • Llewyn says:

      Indeed. Ever since the GTA radio started to get really silly in San Andreas I’ve suspected that Rockstar would have dug the man up and reanimated him if they’d thought they could get some Cupid programming out of it.

  4. montorsi says:

    If we get story content it will be in the form of Episodes like their last game. Those take a while to churn out.

  5. Slazia says:

    The Carmageddon update. Nice.

  6. Cederic says:

    I chuckled mightily at Carmageddon’s “Cunning Stunt Bonus!” in ’97.

    Maybe I haven’t grown up, it still makes me smile.

  7. ChipDipson says:

    What’n the Brian Dunkleman is TrackMania? The PCGamer headline included this specific as well. Apparently an international household name that flew 100% under my radar. If only this and all other information were at my fingertips but alas

    • yhancik says:

      Hopefully in the near future a technology will emerge that gives us instant access to easily searchable information! A man can dream, can’t he?