Armello’s Cute And Cuddly Battle Tides Update Now Live

Armello [official site], the virtual board game about royal politicking and cutesy, wide-eyed Disneyfied critters, got a new update this week. Battle Tides, update 1.4, brings a slew of free new features and fixes to the game.

As the update title suggests, Battle Tides brings with it a host of new combat features. Two new special dice were added: Reflect and Poison. Reflect, as you might have guessed, blocks an incoming hit and bounces it back at your attacker, who then has the chance to block it in turn. Poison will, naturally, poison your target if the attack isn’t blocked.
Cards play a big role in this Redwall-turned-Game of Thrones board game, so developers League of Geeks added five brand new cards into the mix as well:

Poison Taster (Follower): Removes Poison and gives immunity while Recruited.
Poisoned Dagger (Item): In Battle, First Burned Rot Card is a Poisoned Attack.
Hero’s Shield (Treasure): In Battle, +1 Reflecting Shield
Snake Venom (Consumable): (Play to) Creature; In Battle, first rolled Rot counts as a Poison Attack until end of next turn.
Palisade Walls (Trickery): (Play on) Settlement; Settlement is Fortified until Terrorised, or until owner changes. SFX audio to support this.

The developers also tweaked some pre-existing cards to help balance the game a bit. New chat options might just be the most exciting addition of all, though. League of Geeks has worked hard to create a chat system that keeps toxicity out while allowing players to communicate well, and that shines through in the vast number of chat strings now available.

There are a bunch of other smaller fixes, too, so if you’re really serious about this, you can see the full patch notes here.


  1. Necrourgist says:

    Hey RPS, just a fyi/headsup: Armello isn’t really cude nor cuddly, it is actually a well thought-out high-ish fantasy setting with anthropomorphic humans. Calling it “Cute and Cuddly” is diserving of this great fantasy setting :)

    Remember guys n gals: Only because it has more colours than shades of grey, white, black, red, brown, mud and green and uses animals instead of humans doesn’t mean it’s cute or stuff ;)

    • Necrourgist says:

      *Errr – anthropomorhpic animals.


    • Skandranon says:

      Hey, it’s a great game and all, but the animals are still pretty adorable.

      • Necrourgist says:

        I actually find them to be heroic and grim in their own way rather than adorbs :D

        • HopeHubris says:

          Nah, they’re too fluffy not to be adorable. Too bad it’s not a very good game

          • Necrourgist says:

            And you are the authority what constitutes for a “very good game”?

            The wording you used. It is utterly dumb. “Not a very good game” – So to you only “very good games” are worth playing? What *are* “very good games”?

            By the Nucleus, y’all fail at logic and reason, i swear. People of today! Please kill yourselves so we can all move on and breed smarter generations! Thanks in advance!

          • RNGod says:

            @Necrourgist does he really need an authority to state that, or suffix everything with “in my opinion”? Any quasi anonymous post on the internet can automatically be discarded as opinion, just like yours.
            Baffles me that you can actually incite someone to kill theirselves over something so petty while talking about logic and reason. I think it’s you who’s failing here.