Civilization VI Egypt Vid Is Comin’ Atcha

Cleopatra can't even

I made a silent promise to myself that I wouldn’t post every single new leader/civ reveal for Civilization VI [official site] because, really, do you need a video to tell you that France is likely to have some big cultural advantages based around museums, and that Japan might have its own warrior code, and cities that enjoy the benefits that come from island life and seafood? The Egyptian video is a good one though, teasing out some details of the new adjacency bonuses for improvements, and the ways that early game strengths might change through the course of a campaign.

Trade could turn out to be one of Civ VI’s secret weapons. The video explains how Egypt’s trading bonuses are mutually beneficial for both partners, making Cleopatra a good friend even when her civilization’s early wonder-focused boosts have faded. Ideally, I’d like Civ VI to create interesting decisions regarding useful trade partners, in that keeping them safe and strong might be more useful than conquering them or allowing them to decline.

As far as the new district mechanic goes, Egypt benefits from speedy construction provided they’re building near a river. It’s not much of a stretch to see how a focus on river-related religious ideas might create a certain character for an Egyptian civilization in the early game, and that emphasis on the importance of geography as well as technology is one of Firaxis’ goals with the game.

What they don’t tell you here is that Cleopatra has almost zero respect for anyone with a feeble army, which led to problems when I encountered her earlier in the year. The AI has one historical trait and one selected randomly, and if you’re not packing some serious military power, Egypt is likely to treat you with disdain or outright scorn going by my brief experiences. What’s interesting about that is how reactive the AI is, and how dynamic the reactions are, so if you’re coming off the back of a long but successful war and have suffered heavy losses, Cleopatra might identify your post-war reconstruction as a temporarily weakened state. On the flipside, if her own armies have taken a beating, she may be quick to bury grudges.

Maybe it’s just the over-expressive animations but watching the video was the first time I realised quite how much the leaders remind me of Sims.

Civ VI is out October 21st.


  1. Grizzly says:

    Look’s like the game is seth

  2. wishforanuclearwinter says:

    Maybe wait for several new vids to be released then do a new post?

    With Egypt getting trade route bonuses, and the way Wonders now take up a tile, I’m concerned that Venice might not be around this time.

  3. Oridan says:

    I really like how expressive the leaders are in Civ 6.

  4. Bweahns says:

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    • oyog says:

      I see we have a new bot in the comment section.

      Welcome, friend bot! I look forward to the spam you will post unhindered for the next five or six years!


  5. Kefren says:

    Something I couldn’t tell from the vid – do the leaders speak in the appropriate accents? Or do they speak in an American accent, or a hammed-up travestial cliche? Hopefully authentic accents, so you could more easily imagine them as real opponents/allies.

    • Lukasz says:

      What’s authentic accent of ancient Egyptian speaking modern English?

      • RuySan says:

        In Civ5 most leaders spoke their real languages, and i hope it stays that way.

        • Arathorn says:

          Though the woman narrating the video does speak over the bit where Cleopatra speaks, I thought what I could hear from Cleopatra wasn’t English. So here’s hoping leaders will still speak their original language.

          • Zorgulon says:

            If you watch the E3 preview from a couple of weeks ago, you can hear her speaking Coptic. It’s a nice improvement from Civ 5, where Ramesses spoke Arabic.

          • savagegreywolf says:

            Zorgulon: Unfortunately it’s also inaccurate. Cleopatra, as a Ptolemaic pharaoh, would have refused to speak Egyptian in public. She should be speaking Greek.

          • Zorgulon says:

            @savagegreywolf: admittedly, but I think given the fantastical nature of Civ representing a country through the ages, and the fact that there will certainly be a Greek civ speaking Classical Greek, it’s certainly a more interesting choice.

            And Cleopatra was one of the only Ptolemies to bother learning the Egyptian language, so at least there’s that :)

          • Tanngnjost says:

            It’s an improvement that she’s speaking Coptic now instead of Egyptian Arabic (urgh). I wish it were Koine Greek, but you can’t have everything.

            Hopefully the Greek civ will sound less modern than in the older games!

      • Kefren says:

        I think an Egyptian speaking English would be as authentic as it is possible to be.

      • Catchcart says:

        Brummie, I believe.

      • RedViv says:

        As we all very well know the accent of a Macedonian Greek brought up in Ancient Egypt speaking Coptic now speaking English should be the Queen’s English. DUH.

    • 2late2die says:

      I don’t remember the exact video, but in one of the previous reveals/gameplay videos Cleopatra speaks in definitely not English. I couldn’t tell you though if it was ancient Egyptian, modern Arabic, or something else entirely.

    • Press X to Gary Busey says:

      ‘Allo ‘Allo! style silly accents representing actual languages, including gibberish English would fit the over-animated pixar sims style.

  6. MrLoque says:

    Is this the tablet version of the game or… what? I mean, seriously.

  7. GernauMorat says:

    I find the character models spectacularly ugly. Hardly a deal breaker, but still.

  8. Chiron says:

    Eh, can it go back to static counters and static leader portraits, much nicer.

  9. -funkstar- says:

    I don’t know what’s worse: the header reference, or the fact that I got it.

    • Vandelay says:

      I am mainly shocked that it was done by Adam. I was certain this would be an Alice post when I read that.

  10. Abacus says:

    Pretty nose!

  11. Denis Ryan says:

    Er, am I crazy or is the music in the final few seconds of this trailer from the country song “Hard Times”?

  12. Someoldguy says:

    This is Civilization. None of the leaders have had any respect for anyone with a feeble army since at least version III. They’ve always cheated to know your exact army strength and which cities you have left undefended and exploited that information to provide a challenge. Not sure why this has been repeated again as if it’s something new or in any way unique to Cleopatra.