Riders of Icarus Beta Lets You Tame Dragons, Realize Your Wildest High-Fantasy Dreams

Did you know that Riders of Icarus [official site] was getting an open beta test this week? Me neither. Apparently, it’s your typical free-to-play Korean fantasy MMORPG, and it’s now open to the public.

There is one enticing twist, though. Riders of Icarus lets you tame, ride, and fight mystical beasts, including dragons. Sold! What’s that? Becoming the veritable mother of dragons doesn’t quite do it for you? In that case, you might be pleased to know you can also drain the souls from the creatures’ bodies and use them to strengthen your weapons and abilities. That’s pretty sick in my opinion, but to each their own.

In celebration of the beta launch, Nexon has a bunch of events planned for the rest of the month. Those who log in before July 20 will receive a free Dragon Fire Shoulder Raven. The Dungeon Dominator Event challenges players to explore the game’s deepest dungeons in search of nifty new gear. The Summer Attendance Event (they kind of phoned it in on that title, huh?) grants players daily rewards until July 26.

Riders of IcarusĀ is available now on Steam, or you can get access via the game’s site.


  1. trjp says:

    I tried this yesterday, it’s a stinker!!

    First warning-bell came when I died and it told me I could either use a (bought in the store) item or I’d suffer a wait/death penalty for 5 mins.

    Second warning-bell is that they sell an item in that store which allows people to SHOUT – it’s almost entirely used by Gold Sellers and I can’t find any way to block it (other than blocking each seller individually)

    The game itself looks really dated and plays even more dated. The story is the usual nonsense, the combat is ‘single-target shin kicking’ (sword swings passing through other monsters without so much as a graze) with zero skill required, just mash the buttons in the right order (after Tera, Wildstar and BDO it’s really poor – even Rift is a BIT better)

    The taming mechanic is novel but the process seems entirely random – there’s a QT event thing but it ‘sometimes fails’ and ‘sometimes works’ with no input at all!!

    tl;dr it has zero novel ideas and looks/feels like a 5-year-old game – you can safely ignore it unless riding a flying horse is really something you must try (you get to do that in the intro and then basically you need to grind AND pay money to do it again)

    • trjp says:

      I should add that they’ve disabled the megaphone shout thing for now (by making it’s level requirement > level cap) but they emphasise it’s a temporary measure until they ‘something something’…

      • cfreaper2 says:

        That 5 minute wait is not maditory you just click the top button and respawn .The tutorial actually explains this and the gems to go the other way you earn by doing daily quests . Already got two from farming were wolfs at the ranch . A lvl 10 Area ,

        The quick time depends on your taming points left and your taming lvl . Each attempt at a tame drains your points which regen over time .

        Megaphone was capped to lvl 30 since gold spammers were joing and farming to lvl 10 and capming at the ranch.Which everyone voted on as a great quick fix for the problem . While a report system is being updated. How you report now is take a screen shot and submit a ticket.This was mentioned in the steam comunity where the Devs are ACTUALLY ACTIVE.

        As for ridding mounts you get one at the end of the tutorial. A phenix with a nice parot coloring. No money has left my pocket and almost to lvl 15 when i will write my review. Standards mate never write a reveiw for a game untill you get past lvl 15 and the tutorial.Otherwise your credibility goes down the tube .

        Controls do take a while to get used to but not as bad as other games made by this company .But it dose indead have some weight on the mouse which can be changed in settings. Also mentioned in the tutorial click the middle mouse key helps with speed and blink teleportation in fights . This game is more for spellcasters,harder for warriors late game but easy early on .

        Land mounted combat and airial combate with the cross bow takes some getting used to but your mount soaks up so much damage you are a tank .

  2. Morcane says:

    Yeah, I tried it too and would say: don’t bother. I didn’t even get past 10 minutes due to the clunky controls and boring setting.

  3. satan says:

    Damn this game looks bland.

  4. Freud says:

    Korean MMORPG. There will be grinding and not the kind of grinding you find on World of Warcraft’s role playing servers.

  5. malkav11 says:

    The premise would be intriguing but Korean F2P MMOs have never, ever come within a country mile of actually offering anything that caters to what I enjoy in MMOs. Aside from being pretty, I suppose. And they’re a big part of why the tag “free to play” is so reviled, too, despite the many far less predatory implementations of that business model.

    • trjp says:

      I think a lot of it comes down to the localisation/publishing of the games.

      Some publishers localise the game and make the F2P a bit more ‘Western friendly’ (this may also apply to the gameplay/difficulty/grind level too)

      Nexon are self-publishing this worldwide tho, so we see the warts and other nasties often hidden.

      The last game I played like this was Allods, it was a perfectly OK WoW clone with some novel ideas but absolutely plagued with bullshit like pay-to-rez (even in PvP!)

      Mind you – Black Desert Online is an interesting game (in terms of evolution it’s new Doom to this thing’s original Doom) but it charges upfront AND for some F2P stuff thereafter so…

  6. Sangrael says:

    I’m a founder and played to the current cap during closed beta, and man is this game a disappointment. I was hoping for a time sink version of pokemon, and instead got an early 2000s bland MMORPG with decent graphics. Almost all of the QoL improvements MMOs have made over the last decade are absent here. When I realized that I needed to eat because out of combat regen isn’t a thing, I knew it wasn’t for me. Enforced downtime for “realism’s” sake in a game about catching unicorns and turning it into a stone to upgrade the kangaroo you caught is a silly excuse.

    Beyond that, there’s also just not a lot to do. You can run the same three dungeons over and over. Crafting and gathering is pointless, since there’s only two ranks of each of those, and you can easily cap out gathering before you even hit 15. The current level cap of 25 is due to the game being incomplete, and they’re going to be bringing in the rest of the game in installments. Unfortunately it’s not a complete game right now, unless you only have a few hours a week tops to devote to a game.