The Lion’s Song Episode One Free On Steam

The Lion’s Song [official site] is a wonderful point-and-click adventure that began life as a Ludum Dare 30 entry almost two years ago. It tells the splendid tale of Wilma, a talented but struggling musician, who retreats to a friend’s cabin nestled in the Austrian Alps in a bid to kickstart her creative side which, besides her scant possessions, offers little in the way of furnishings besides one of the first ever telephones. One day, an inventor calls to test this new fangled contraption and so unfolds a charming narrative between you, Wilma, and the man on the other end of the line.

The Lion’s Song is now being expanded into a four part episodical series, it seems, the first of which is out now on Steam. For free! Here’s the episode one ‘Silence’ launch trailer that landed this week:

“The choices players make in this episode will have a direct impact on the storylines of all episodes and ultimately determine if the protagonists find the success they are working for,” reads the Steam page’s blurb, which bodes well for episodes 2-4, named Anthology, Derivation, and Closure respectively.

Again, episode one is going for free right now, however you can bag the lot via the game’s Season Pass for £8.99/9,99€/$9.99, and enjoy the rest as they become available. Episode two is “coming soon”, apparently.

Full credit to Konstantinos for first alerting me to The Lion’s Song a couple of years back in his wonderful Freeware Garden series. If this is the first you’ve heard of it, I strongly recommend you give episode one a whirl – I think you’ll enjoy it. And even if you don’t it’s free, so what’ve you got to lose?


  1. Frank says:

    The game crashed on launch for me. I tried emailing crash logs to the support email listed on their website but got one of those “Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:“…

    • MartinFilipp says:

      Frank, sorry your email got caught on our external email firewall. We whitelisted you and this should not happen anymore. Thanks for your technical support, providing all the necessary files to get to the bottom of this problem. We are already working on the issue and will try to fix it as quickly as possible. Thanks for giving The Lion’s Song a try. Best, Martin.

      • MartinFilipp says:

        Frank, again thanks for your support improving our game. We just released a patch that should fix the issue. I hope you are able to enjoy Wilma’s process creating her masterpiece composition. Best from Vienna, Martin

  2. AngoraFish says:

    And even if you don’t it’s free, so what’ve you got to lose?

    Well, yes. But as a result of years of random bundles, Steam sales and Kickstarters my games library is now full of literally hundreds of games that I’ve never had the time to play.

    Quite a number of these I was quite enthusiastic about at the time of purchase, and some of them I even managed to pay full price for. These games have nonetheless managed to slip down and down again on my to-do list.

    In practice, all of my unplayed games are now effectively ‘free’ since in order to play them they don’t require a single extra cent from me.

    Nowadays, it’s not cost that stops me from playing games, it’s time, and time is far and away my scarcest and most valuable asset.

    • froz says:

      So many people here write something similar. It’s incredibly astonishing to me, to be honest. Maybe that’s because I live in a country with less then half the average salary of UK. But I just cannot imagine buying games and then not playing them. Sure, lots of games I bought I only played for a short time, simply because I didn’t like them (fortunately Steam allows me to give them back most of the time).

      I don’t want to be rude, but I also found it very funny that you wrote how valuable your time is, yet instead of playing games, you are here reading about them and writing a long comment. Maybe you just like reading about games, commenting on them and buying them more than… playing them?

      • yhancik says:

        Maybe you just like reading about games, commenting on them and buying them more than… playing them?

        You know that’s a possibility… because sometimes I do ;)
        (although it’s also always easier to fit “reading an article and commenting on it” in a busy schedule than spending a more consequent amount of time focused on a game)

      • AngoraFish says:

        Maybe you just like reading about games, commenting on them and buying them more than… playing them?

        There’s more than a grain of truth in what you say.

        Certainly it’s true that part of my gaming is now being lived vicariously by reading about others playing games, commenting in forums, and making the occasional impulse buy during a Steam sale. Sure, <$5 a pop doesn't seem like much, but it no doubt adds up over time.

        In my defence, I find that I can usually find the time to read a few articles about games, comment, and then get back to the other things going on in my life. Whereas, even sitting through a half hour tutorial, let alone actually playing a new game, can be difficult to find the time for and can require more energy than my brain often has available.

        Interestingly, despite my backlog, I find that a good chunk of the gaming time that I do have is taken up with playing free to play games… go figure.