What Are We All Playing This Weekend?

The weekend is here, let’s give it a cheer, in the hall of Horace we’re ready to start caring for you. By which I mean we’ll tell you which video games we’re playing this weekend. Then would you do us the courtesy of telling you what you’re clicking on?

Adam: Like Alec, I’m planning to finish Inside, which I’m enjoying well enough having put in just over an hour last night. It’s a game that I enjoy looking at, so far, and there haven’t been many NOW YOU’RE DEAD moments. It feels like a collage of scenes, most of which are recognisable from elsewhere (including the dev’s previous game Limbo), but they’re entertaining enough in isolation that I’m not too fussed by the lack of anything really startling or spectacular yet. Mostly, I just want to see the ending because I’ve seen such varied reactions to it, from John’s “good grief it’s utterly dreadful” to lyrical expressions of pure ecstasy. Whatever happens, I’m hoping it’ll move me to some kind of outburst.
Alec: I am planning to play the rest of Inside, with the pure and simple intention of discovering how wrong John Walker is about it. Unfortunately going on what I’ve played so far it rather seems that he is at least partially right about it, but never let facts stand in the way of a good argy-bargy.
Alice: With the Devil Daggers leaderboards starting over after the latest update, I am trying to clamber back up all over again. It’s been too long and I am far too bad at it – I’m a minute-and-a-half short of my previous best. Shocking scenes. It’s enough to make me dig out the swish gaming mouse I gave up in favour of an ergonomic doodad. Wrists be damned, I must kill those satans. God, it’s still one of the most beautiful games. It leaves my heart racing every time.
Graham: I’ve installed a lot of games this past week, and I think my choice boils down to either Vanilla Bagel: The Roguelike, which Adam brought to my attention a couple of weeks ago, or Duskers, which has been on my to-play list since a friend started raving about it a year or two ago.
John: This weekend I’m going to be playing a bunch of mysterious games of mystery. And no, I’m not being prickishly evasive, I mean games like The Black Watchmen (on Steam) and Extra Solar in browser, because my disappointment at The Temporal Invasion not reliving the magic of In Memoriam has made me want to play other games in the genre that I missed at the time.

If anyone has any suggestions for other fiction/real world blurring investigative games (not ARGs though), please do mention them in the comments.

Philippa: [Pip is on holiday and, as such, has been granted immunity from the RPS tracking satellites.]

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?


  1. yogibbear says:

    I’m playing through backlog still. Playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution at the moment, just returned to Detroit for the 2nd time having been to Singapore once. Also finished INSIDE yesterday.

    • yogibbear says:

      Forgot to add that as usual John was so wrong. :P But each to their own.

    • Herzog says:

      Deus Ex: HR for me too. Still in Detroit for the 1st time. The Motherly Ties subquest wonderfully glitched out in the end so I couldn’t complete it. Made me wonder that such a bug is still in the game.

      Shovel Knight – halfway through. Retro platforming done well.

      Spelunky – Spelunky!

      • yogibbear says:

        What glitch did you get? I tossed a box too far and had to wait till I upgraded to heavy object strength to get into a certain tunnel by grabbing a heavy trash bin down the Police Stn. alleyway nearby.

        • Herzog says:

          At the very end of the quest. I cannot complete the last conversation. After talking through all three options it gets in a loop and gets stuck.

          • Herzog says:

            Just died the first time at Yama. Falling rocks. Spelunky!!!

  2. aircool says:

    Horrible weather here, so I feel like playing something dark and Lovecraftian, but I don’t know what :/

    • dahools says:

      +1 on the weather. Absolutely rubbish. Going to start banner saga see if I can get into it. If not back to a few games of Gremlins Inc.

    • Pogs says:

      There is only one CoC computer game worth it’s salt (imho) even to this day and that is Dark Corners of The Earth. Its a bit old but the atmosphere is creates excellent and it still scares the hell out of me :o

      • Jay Load says:

        This is a good recommendation AS LONG AS you wave the appropriate caveats around. Namely, it’s as rough these days as a badger wearing armour made of broken glass, and does like to get a little crash-happy later on.

        Worth it for the level of Fish Men alone, but I was forced to give up not long after that.

    • TehK says:

      If you’d like something a little slow with a lot of (great) reading, I’d recommend having a look at Sunless Sea. That was my go-to game when the weather was too bad :)

      • TheAngriestHobo says:

        I second Zunlezz Zea. I might load it up myself, come to think of it… it’s dark and stormy here too.

    • fish99 says:


  3. DaceX says:

    After finishing both Steamworld Heist and Final Fantasy 9, I´m in search for something new. After a certain article here, and a visit of a friend of mine who is a fan of the series, I actually consider going back to Gothic.Been some years, and I never played the english version, so I´m curious just how bad the voice acting is.

  4. Thulsa Hex says:

    Despite its sequel coming out next week, I’m only just getting properly stuck in to Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate on 3DS. It’s my first MH and I have to say that it’s brilliant.

    PC-wise, I’m not sure. I installed SWAT 4 for the first time recently, but current affairs over here in the U.S. is making that sort unappealing. It’s a little too close to home right now — literally. The Philando Castile shooting was 5 mins from my apartment. Bonkers shit.

    I also installed Dreamfall: Chapters, now that it’s finally finished. Perhaps I’ll play that instead.

    • malkav11 says:

      Apparently I went to highschool with him. (We were both St. Paul Central Class of 2001.) I didn’t know him – it was a big school and I wasn’t very social – but I know people who did. I’ve been aware of and saddened by the officer involved shootings elsewhere in the country, of course, but this one is, as you say, literally close to home. :(

      • nindustrial says:

        I’m sorry to hear that, both of you. The tragedy, even without personal connection, is unacceptable.

      • Thulsa Hex says:

        Yeah, these shootings have all been difficult to read about and when it happens on your doorstep it becomes even more sobering. What makes everything more difficult for me to process is that I’ve only been living in the U.S. for just over two years. Growing up in Cork, Ireland, this sort of thing was inconceivable. Back home, I’ve joked around and even argued with Gardaí (when they were being jerks) but fucked if I’m going to do that with the cops, here.

        Somewhat related, one of the victims of the Orlando massacre went to university with my wife. She didn’t know her well, but it was terribly upsetting all the same. It’s been a shitty couple of months — I hope your friends are ok.

        Normally I’m well able to compartmentalise games and reality — and I in no way believe games have significant influence on real-world violence — but despite wanting to play SWAT 4 for years, it really doesn’t feel like it’s the right time.

  5. Monggerel says:

    Probably going to install and replay Jedi Outcast for the umpteenth time.
    I’m nothing if not monomaniacal.

  6. LearningToSmile says:

    I’m thinking of finally trying to get through Undertale. I bounced off it something like two times already, and I feel it’s time to get around to finishing it.

    • Syl3nc3 says:

      Undertale is the game that MUST be completed. The ending is amazing, and there are so many hidden gems waiting to be found. Complete it and have fun.

  7. redgore says:

    I am back on to Skyrim. Grabbed the DLC I was missing in the steam sale and am now playing it. Keeping away from the storyline for now and trying out a Orc build using double handed weapons and heavy armour.

  8. TehK says:

    Elite: Dangerous.

    Picked it up in the Steam Sale and wasn’t expecting much, but especially at the beginning, everything seems huge and there’s so much to learn and discover (in terms of game mechanics as well as the actual galaxy or community activities)… and that’s always a lot of fun for me.

    Don’t know how long it’ll keep me, but right now, I’m enjoying the hell out of it.

    • Jekadu says:

      Elite: Dangerous is such a delightfully relaxed experience. I think I might play some later; a HOTAS setup does wonders for immersion, and I’ve barely touched mine as of yet…

    • -USER-ERROR- says:

      Steam are offering ‘Elite Dangerous – Arena’ totally free this weekend – am waiting for the DL right now (please don’t crash….please don’t crash….)
      It’s a one time offer and is a permanent free gift (no time limit like ‘free for 3 days’ as seen so often with demo’s these days)if you grab it now it’s yours forever.
      After this weekend it’s back to a fiver a pop.
      Pro’s – Arena lets you wreck your ships with no lasting disadvantage, it’s purely about combat.
      Con’s – No missions or exploration.

      I could never get the hang of the flight model on the old Elite (didn’t shoot 1 pirate ship, ever) so I expect to get shot, a lot, but hey ho IT’S FREE!

      See you on there?

    • Unsheep says:

      It’s a great game. It’s a pure simulator, I enjoy it in the same way I do games like Euro Truck, OMSI and Ship Simulator. It’s relaxing yet still active. I’m a big fan of the X-series, and Elite reminds me of those a great deal, yet feels more open in a way.

  9. cairbre says:

    Witcher 3 playing through the first expansion after completing the main game. It is such a great game.

    • Imbecile says:

      That first expansion was just awesome for me. Yeah, there are a few difficult fights, but the way it maintains my interest even after I dont feel the need to level up further is a trick that Bethesda really need to learn.

    • Explodian says:

      Same here. I bought both the expansions a couple weeks ago and my plan was to power through the early levels so I could play them (the premade character seemed like cheating) but goddamn if I’m not enjoying playing the whole thing through from the beginning again. It’s such a beautiful game, and I’m realizing how much stuff I didn’t even touch on the first time around.

  10. Jekadu says:

    World of Warcraft. I fell off the proverbial wagon.

    I also saw the Warcraft movie yesterday. It was immensely daft, but dang if I don’t want to level a Mage now.

  11. mukuste says:

    Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. It’s wonderfully daft and over the top in that half serious, half tongue-in-cheek way and I’m having a lot of fun with that aspect.

    Mostly it’s just such a blast to play though, every minute of it. There’s basically no part of it that made me go, “uh, when is this going to be over”, it’s paced fantastically well. Even the boss fights, which I’m usually no fan of, aren’t huge difficulty spikes (well, on Normal at least) and mostly respect the basic rules of the game. They feel doable and just test you if you’ve internalized what you have learned so far.

    • mukuste says:

      Finished it now. The final boss was HARD. I did prevail finally and it feels good.

      I’m tempted to start a hard playthrough, soon.

      • cairbre says:

        Fleck hard I say. Finishing a game for the first time is always nice and for me a rare experience.

    • Thulsa Hex says:

      Ah I’ve had this for ages but I’m holding off until I someday play MGS4, first. Guns of the Patriots is the only main-series MGS game (including Peace Walker) I haven’t had access to. I’m one of those silly people who cares about the narrative of these games, so I think I’ll enjoy MGR:R all the more if I sort that out, first.

      While I’m waiting, I really should go and finish Bayonetta 1 & 2…

  12. JFS says:

    The weather is too good! But anyway, Avadon 1. I want to get further than the first outdoor quest this time.

  13. caff says:

    I shall be playing “Upgrade my PC to ridiculously overpowerful levels” by shoving a couple of new 1080 graphics cards in SLI.

    I shall also be watching more Summer Games Done Quick and so should you too – check out this speedrun of the Witness:

  14. RaunakS says:

    I got the Portal games in the Steam sale and am now playing through them for the first time. I have just murdered the poor innocent companion cube and am starting to find creepy graffities behind the panels. Though according to the billboard I’m near the end of the game already, since I’m at stage 17/19. Too bad. But I still have the second game! So this should be a good weekend!

    • Eight Rooks says:

      Portal is really, really “Wait, what, that’s it?” short. Still, I envy anyone experiencing it for the first time, whether you’re young enough to be sick of the Olds banging on about it, or you’ve simply never got round to it before.

      • RaunakS says:

        Just that my internet was never good enough to get games legitimately (i.e. not buying CDs from footpaths). I’m just starting to get through games that came out when I was a teen – for instance I finished the Prince of Persia trilogy just a couple of months ago.

        But yeah, for such a famous game, Portal does seem to be quite short. I know the Portal 2 is bigger though, so maybe that makes up for it.

      • Aitrus says:

        It’s short, but it doesn’t feel like a “that’s it?” to me, the way the story progresses it feels quite natural and the finale is satisfying.

        • Eight Rooks says:

          Totally felt like “That’s it?” to me. Every single puzzle other than the last two or three was a formality better suited to a tutorial, and then just as they started getting more involved, poof! it was over. You can finish the entire thing once you know what you’re doing in less than ninety minutes, and without any speedrunning nonsense, either. Still a fantastic experience, mind you, but if I had to pick one or the other I’d go with the sequel any day.

          • Vandelay says:

            To those playing it for the first time, it is worth bearing in mind that Portal was originally released in the Orange Box. It was pretty much a bonus game, alongside Episode 2 and TF2. The fact that it turned out being the best part of the package was not something that anyone would of been expecting when booting it up for the first time.

            Portal 2 is great expansion of the ideas into a fully fledged game. It is much more streamlined in its approach and more accessible (such as removing many, if not all, of the puzzles that require reflex – might also be a consideration for console/pad players,) but it is a real joy.

    • fish99 says:

      Let’s just say 19/19 isn’t the end.

  15. NetharSpinos says:

    This weekend will be a continuation of last weekend. Explosions and sanctioned murder in sunny Medici courtesy of Just Cause 3; death, undeath and gallons of blood in the Old World courtesy of Total Warhammer; and something new, getting back into gaming with my music via Melody’s Escape now that Audiosurf is of questionable safety. My Gods is it so much more difficult than Ninja Mono ironman mode :(

    Also ruminating on the possibility of reinstalling XCOM 2 after Alec’s analysis of its current state avec dlc, even though I found the game to be kind of disappointing in the late/end stages.

  16. Minglefingler says:

    Continuing my run on Enemy Within, I bought it last year but never finished it as my previous game got abandoned after I realised that I’d completely underestimated the need to launch satelites as soon as possible. No work for a week so I’m planning on finally finishing Blood and Wine and dipping in and out of Crusader Kings 2 where I’ve just been refused marriage to an widowed heiress which is especially anoying given that I went to a lot of trouble to have her husband murdered.

  17. Jay Load says:

    With relaxation in mind I have picked up Grow Home (which is bloody lovely, by the way, he says having almost finished it three hours after installing it – thank god there’s a sequel coming!) OCD-generator, Viscera Cleanup Detail (Which might not be so much fun solo…) and the Gothic series of ye olde RPGs. Bundlestars have the “Universe” collection (1, 2+expansion and 3) available for less than the price of a bottle of fruity swedish cider, if anyone’s got that rattling around their digital pockets.

    Inspired by the retrospective-y article a couple of days ago I have applied a full brace of aesthetic polish mods, as suggested in the always informative comments, to the first game and am taking my first tentative steps into figuring out just which two of the three camps under the magical bubble I’m going to show my as-yet-untalented-but-ultimately-magical middle fingers to. Am looking forward to a more considered RPG experience than I’ve been taught to expect from the likes of Bethesda, as those in the know have scoffed many times, but can already attest that the voice-acting is HIGH-larious. Fun times, ahead!

    • Jay Load says:

      *the money, not the bottle of cider. That’d be a strange thing to keep in your pocket.

    • Ben King says:

      I’m also playing Grow Home, and hopefully a bit of homeworld remastered later on as well. As usual probably going to be spectating my GF murdering cave people and petting wild beasties in FarCry Primal. Also because my dad is a pretty avid entomologist I’ll also be flipping through all of Pip’s neat vacationing garden bug pics on Twitter because they remind me of home. Thanks Holiday Pip.

  18. rahji says:

    I hit a wall in Dark Souls because I can’ t beat the boss at Anor Londo, so I will circle back in other areas. just managed to get rid of that egg on my head which plagued me for quite a while. But I had to ask someone because I would have never found it on my own. I also considered a new game because I thought that egg was permanent.

    Also Hearthstone because I like it.

    • mukuste says:

      O+S are probably the hardest boss, going elsewhere and farming up a bit can help. Also, consider picking up pyromancy if you haven’t yet, it helps a lot.

    • Vandelay says:

      That boss fight in Anor Londo was a stumbling block for me too. Must have done that run to the battle dozens of times and I can’t think of a moment in any other Souls game that I struggled with as much (although I did give up against the final boss fight in the Bloodborne DLC.)

      Just know that nothing will seem as hard once you have defeated them. It is also when the real fun with the plot begins!

  19. Geebs says:

    Inside. There’s a few really annoying moments, mostly involving dogs, but those get redeemed/paid off at the end. Also the end is pretty darn great.

  20. gunny1993 says:

    Going to be playing the overreach drinking game with a group of friends in a night we shall refer to as HangOverwatch

    • Aitrus says:

      When do you take a drink?

      • gunny1993 says:

        IIRC when you die, when you get killed by bastion, when you get a kill as bastion on torn, when you get play of the game and when you get killed in play of the game.

        I mean tbh the rules only natter for about an hour then it just devolves into shouting randomly… Like all drinking games

  21. gabrielonuris says:

    Alpha Protocol. Bought it cheap in the last sale, after a recommendation by RPS (thanks Alice).

    My god, it is rough around the edges, but after you get used to the mechanics, some bugs turn into features and you start to love the game.

    • Unsheep says:

      Yeah it’s not perfect but definitely unique, and we haven’t seen a similar game since, that blends RPG and Action in this way. It’s really a shame people can’t be more open-minded about games, preferring ‘the same old’.

  22. KieranFurie says:

    Last weekend I managed to finally get Fallout New Vegas sorted, so after thinking about getting stuck into Skyrim which has been in the steam library for 5 years unplayed now I’ve left it to gather some more dust and started Dragon Age Inquisition instead.

    Picked up Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak in the steam sale and will have a go at that if I get bored of RGPing it.

  23. Aitrus says:

    I gave Witcher 3 another try after being bored and frustrated with it by the time I got to Novigrad. This time I’m having a ball. Trying to finish all the sidequests in Novigrad now, but more keep seeming to pop up!

    I didn’t think I was going to play a single game of Gwent (not knowing anything about it), going in with a “there’s no way I’m going to try and learn a complicated digital card game when I want to be slaying monsters” attitude, but when I went to Whoreson’s casino and the story asks (although doesn’t force) you to play the game, I tried it and found it fun and surprisingly easy to learn. If it was a physical card game I would definitely get into it.

  24. Boult Upright says:

    It’s been a four day weekend here, so I’ve played some short, sharp games to get through my backlog. Defunct (not too bad), Space Pilgrim Episode 1 (Not too bad), Samoliotik (Horrendous) and Hook (Wonderful, just too short) and I am about to tackle ‘Missing: An Interactive Thriller).

    This will decrease the backlog by five, but it’s an almighty backlog.

  25. zsd says:

    Dead End Road.

    The best $3 I’ve spent in a long time, possibly ever.

    • wifflebeef says:

      such a cool game, I keep getting killed by traffic on the wrong side of the road though.

      • zsd says:

        Yeah, I have been killed by oncoming traffic while picking up a hitchhiker at least twice. But at least I get to wish for a pet turtle.

  26. malkav11 says:

    Marvel Heroes’ anniversary event is over at long last, so that’s going back on the backburner, but I should probably at least pop into The Secret World for theirs.Other than that, my two main priorities are Avernum: Escape from the Pit and Zero Time Dilemma.

    Made all sorts of progress on Avernum since last weekend’s post, getting my party up to level 24-ish and securing a couple of the game’s artifacts, including the Orb of Thralni, which allows brief flying jaunts in the overworld map and thus lets you get a few places you wouldn’t otherwise plus allows you to ford the occasional river, and the halberd Smite (completely useless to my party, which includes no polearm specialist whatsoever). I also cleared out a handful of dungeons, including Gremlin’s Gold, a second Aranea cave with their Queen, the home of the Chasm Drake, the Slith Temple, etc. At this point the only part of the overworld map I haven’t explored is the lava-intensive northwest, easily the most dangerous and least populated region. Oh, and I finally met Erika at her tower. She’s…kind of scary.

    I was originally going to have received Zero Time Dilemma on PSVita, since the initial announcement didn’t mention a PC port and there was no reason to assume one based on past history, but Amazon completely borked their preorders of the game. The official launch date was 6/28 and they had plenty of stock by 6/30 at the latest. Meanwhile they didn’t even have a ship date for my preorder until 7/1, and they sailed right past the promised ship date of 7/5 without actually shipping the game. When they gave me a new forecasted ship date of 7/11 (i.e. next Monday, almost two weeks past launch while they continue to have the game in stock and shipping immediately for non-preorder customers), I gave them the finger, cancelled my preorder, and bought it on Steam. More my style anyway. So far it’s….weird. You can get an ending extremely early in a very pleasing way, but after that the way they progress things seems kind of disjointed – it seems like having played three versions of the initial major choice (which you’re forced to do because nothing else is open on the flowchart at that point) unlocked all or at least most of the room escapes immediately and without any particular order or narrative continuity. There’s some interesting bits that have come out of the two I’ve done so far but I don’t really understand why they’ve set it up this way. It seems like 999 and VLR’s “story; major decision; room escape based on your choice in major decision; more story” rhythm made a lot more sense. Oh well. I still need to know how this turns out!

  27. TheAngriestHobo says:

    I’ve got to finish up Dishonored. I’ve only corpsicled one person so far, and that was by accident (I shot him with a sleeping dart and he fell into a pool of hagfish). It’s a great game, I see why it got such high scores.

    I’m pretty clearly on the last mission (Lighthouse), so by the end of the day I expect I’ll be looking for something else. Green Man Gaming has a good price on Doom, so I might pick that up.

  28. Durkonkell says:

    SKYRIM because things are p. rubbish right now and it’s basically computergame comfort food for me. Electronic beans on toast.

    This is the first time in a while that I’ve spent more time playing the game than screwing around with mods. I bloody love mods. MODS.

  29. pfooti says:

    Would you believe, Oblivion? I never really played much before – I didn’t own a PC or console when it came out. I have played hundreds of hours of morrowind and skyrim, but oblivion is the middle child of history here. I spent four hours last night wrangling HD and environmental mods (which required no less than four different other programs: wrye bash, boss, obmm, and tes4edit to deal with), and got it to launch without crashing to desktop last night. Then I spent a while dealing with the old-style character creation conundrum – pick skills that won’t make you level so fast you lose out on attribute points, instead of the ones you’ll actually be using all the time. Then I went to sleep.

    Today, I’ll see if I can make it through the initial stuff without crashing or burning. If anyone has any suggestions for good texture / mesh or environment mods, let me know – I don’t really like changing core gameplay, but I do love mods that make the game look less like a lego set.

    • Geebs says:

      For Oblivion, I genuinely do recommend changing the core gameplay because the auto-levelling is completely and utterly broken. I tried Oscuro’s Oblivion Overhaul and enjoyed it a lot more than vanilla. Other re-balancing mods almost certainly exist.

      • malkav11 says:

        I hated the autolevelling but my (admittedly long ago) experience was that the mods that removed it didn’t do anything to create a natural progression of difficulty to replace it, much less signpost where you should be going for a level-appropriate experience, things that are of fundamental importance to a non-scaled design.

  30. Agnosticus says:

    Rocket League solo, Action Henk solo+couch, R6: Siege Multiplayer – good times! :D

  31. Marblecake says:


    It really is a thoroughly delightful play, isn’t it? Haven’t had this much singleplayer shooty fun since Half-Life. The first, that is.

  32. fish99 says:

    Finished up Bloodborne this week (inc DLC). In terms of artistic design, world and lore it’s the best in the series. It’s only really let down by the PS4 hardware since I’m used to playing Souls games on PC at 60fps (Demon’s Souls aside). And personally I preferred the Souls rolling to the Bloodborne dodging.

    I still think the Dark Souls 1 DLC is the best area with the best boss fights of any From game though, and for that reason I still think Dark Souls is their best game. Also have to mention in passing that Bloodborne shares all the mechanical issues that all these games have.

    Dunno what I’m playing next, maybe NG+.

  33. TELH says:

    I’ll be playing Inside, which I started last night and thoroughly enjoyed the hour I played of it. I’m also on the last level of Halo: Combat Evolved, so I might finish my replay of that game and start Halo 2.

    Also really considering installing Gothic or Gothic 2 after the RPS piece about it earlier this week. Never played either one but I’m intrigued enough by them that I picked them up on Steam in a sale a while ago.

  34. Carra says:

    Time for some backlog games until I finally decide to buy a new graphics card. Currently playing Far Cry 4. It’s more of the same as in Far Cry 3 but since it’s been 4 years since I’ve played that I won’t complain.

  35. Premium User Badge

    The Borderer says:

    My gaming PC failed earlier this week,so whatever I end up playing will have to run on an 8 year old laptop running Linux.

    I know I had Euro Truck Simulator working on it at some point, so I will probably try to get American Truck Simulator working too.

  36. Velko says:

    I thought I was going to play GTA V, but it seems I’m playing Mount & Blade: Warband. Again.

  37. wifflebeef says:

    I’m going to be alternating between Jet Set Radio and Hyper Light Drifter, with a little Devil Daggers thrown in. All about the fat gameplay and sweet visuals this weekend.

  38. Zenicetus says:

    I picked up Rise of the Tomb Raider in the recent Steam sale, so I’ve been playing that the last few days. It’s better than I thought it would be, as long as I ignore the way Lara switches seamlessly from fragile eyes-wide excitement to steely-eyed murderbot, whenever the bad guys show up. And then she laments all the deaths in search of her goal. She’s a bit of a psychopath, so I’m just going with the flow and role-playing her that way.

    Mechanically it’s a better game than the last one, with fewer QTE’s and more tombs as side quests. Each tomb only has one big puzzle and a similar reward at the end though. I wish the tombs were more different. The archaeology theme is the one thing that makes this series different from a generic action RPG, and they’re still treated as just a sideshow in this story.

  39. Hawke says:

    Mars: War Logs. This RPG has more difficult moral choices, than The Witcher 3. Also better plot, characters and controls.

  40. Unsheep says:

    Mainly Automobilista and Xenonauts.

  41. Premium User Badge

    john_silence says:

    So no one finally trying out Evolve now it’s free-to-play? I might bite. Bite like a monster with a mouthful of sharp fangs.

  42. PancakeWizard says:

    Ghostbusters: The Videogame to remind myself why I don’t need to see the new film.

  43. zinzan says:

    Was going to get some games finished – BUT life intervened :(
    FTL for a couple of hours (needs no thought).

    • zinzan says:

      Ended up playins some Endless Space this morning – I should like it but it seems a “bit” limited? Is this just me?

  44. SaintAn says:

    Got my Rift in a few days ago and bought the VorpX program so I’m setting up games and trying them out. My sisters love it. Both of them already got motion sickness today from Left 4 Dead 2 and Fallout 4, and I just played a bit of Portal 2 in it which is really great. Portal 2 got me really dizzy though.

    So mainly just going through and setting up games that might be good and learning how to use everything.
    Main problem I’m working on finding solutions to are jaggies in games even at high resolutions, the gamepad extreme right stick sensitivity and in some games like Fallout 4 not letting me use the abxy buttons. My sisters don’t use M&K so they have to use a gamepad.

  45. A Wanderer says:

    Sins of a Solar Empire (Trinity edition).
    Damn. I forgot how much time you could sink in Ironclad’s 4X/RTS hybrid. It’s much more simple than say, Stellaris, and it does not have the sheer tension and ambiance of Homeworld, but strangely, what is arguably an average 4X and an average RTS manages to be a great game.

    On a side note, that’s a rare exemple of a localization that is sometimes better than the english version. The Advent female voices in english are chidlish and annoying. The french voices, however, are more mature, serene and downright terrifying (which better fits a race of psychic space fanatics).

  46. Viral Frog says:

    Well, I played quite a bit of Helldivers yesterday while my kids were napping. Overwatch the night before while they were in bed. Now they’re back at their mother’s house, so I have a lot more play time on my hands. I think I’ll get some more of Wolfenstein: The New Order down. Probably loads more Helldivers because that game is brilliant (IMO). I’ve also been chipping away at Day of the Tentacle… without a guide. I refuse to play with a guide. I’m pretty well stuck, but I’m sure I’ll figure my way through eventually. Then, of course, some Overwatch in between the rest.

  47. xcaffeinated says:

    Currently debating getting my SL3 to Anor Londo to say hi to *da boyz* behind Door Number 1…
    (Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition (PC) – fitting for the shite weather right now.)

  48. Grimalkin says:

    DOOM, Starcraft 2, and Deep Dungeon of Doom, the most easy game to play with a baby in my arms (except pacman, of course)