Arma 3’s Apex Expansion Now Exploring New Lands

Nice vines!

Arma 3 [official site] has jetted off on its summer hols with the launch of its Apex expansion today. Apex sends those surly soldiers to the sunny South Pacific to adventure on the tropical archipelago of Tanoa. Naturally, they’ve snuck a few fun toys into their luggage – one can hardly hit the beach without a thermal-masking uniform. A big update launched aside Apex too, with changes for all Arma 3.

Tanoa is 100 km² of tropical island to explore, with everything from cities to sugar cane fields. Apex adds new factions including the local gendarmerie and the criminal Syndikat, thirteen new weapons from classic to high-tech, new gear, ten new vehicles including water scooters and VTOL aircraft, and oodles of Arma 3 kit painted up all tropical-like. Lots of things.

Also out today is update 1.62, which brings an overhaul of the revive system, tweaked environmental sound effects, and… look, an awful lot. Check the changelog for full details on everything.

Arma 3 Apex is out on Steam for £24.99/29,99€/$34.99. Or for folks coming fresh to Arma 3, the Arma 3 Apex Edition includes the base game and all DLC for £44.99/59,99€/$69.99 – a fair discount.

Anywho, have a gander at those lads larking about in Apex’s launch trailer:


  1. quintesse says:

    The Arma series has a weird effect on me. It’s the only game I always buy, but never play.

    I love the game, but find it hard to get into. I also never know where to find quality games. (I’ve sometimes been directed to groups that seem to welcome newcomers, but they seem to only play at certain hours on certain days, not something that makes it easy to say “I have time now, where do I go?”)

    But at the same time I’d hate for these guys to go out of business because of lack of sales, so I keep buying their games and all of their expansions! ^^

    Maybe somewhere deep down I still haven’t lost hope that one day I’ll actually get to play heh

    • quintesse says:

      (and I always forget to tick those damn checkboxes when I post!)

    • SlimShanks says:

      Not an uncommon problem. I would suggest the campaign assuming it currently works, it gets broken every time they change the AI of course. Grab some linear user made missions, or an AI mod and something more dynamic, check out Armaholic for all that stuff. There are also a few vanilla public servers that aren’t too much of a cluster**** to have a good game, like the 7th Cav server.
      OR! Spend a thousand hours messing around in the editor, and looking at plants and stuff. Personally I spend most of my time in game swearing at army vets until they listen to me.

    • SlimShanks says:

      Oh ya, and some people are really into King of the Hill and other PvP modes, most of which don’t need any mods. And of course there is Altis Life and that whole side of the game.

    • Synesthesia says:

      You ned to find a group. Trust me!
      RPS has it’s own, it plays on tuesdays and sundays, iirc.
      link to

      • quintesse says:

        Heh, this is exactly the group I’ve seen mentioned several times. But playing just 2 days a week at a very specific hour… then there will be very few times that I could actually join. It definitely isn’t Counter Strike or Overwatch where I just start up and know I’ll be able to play hehe ;)

    • vahnn says:

      Hop in to my clan’s Teamspeak server. There are about a dozen of us who play Arma 3, usually the vanilla King of the Hill pvp mode (aka Sector Control), 1944 IFA 3LITE (a WWII King of the Hill mod), Breaking Point (kind of like DayZ, but we like it better), and we also have our own server that we run oddball games on, which most commonly is a Capture the Flag mod (standard CTF setup, but on much, much smaller maps than your standard Arma fare). There are a few guys who like to run co-op missions, as well.

      There are almost always a few guys playing together at any given time between 2pm and 11pm CST, and it’s not uncommon for there to be 8-12 of us playing together. Come check it out!

      Teamspeak IP is:
      No password. Just say you know Vahnn. And Push-to-talk is appreciated!

    • inmotion says:

      Create a small village with some bad guys. Infiltrate alone or with friends. Repeat.

      I remember doing this with a friend when I was studying. I think it was just Op. Flashpoint then, and we hit the personnel limit pretty fast.

  2. Churba says:

    I love ARMA. Not nessissarily because I’m a hardcore sim guy or a real anorak for military shit, since I’m neither of those things, but because it’s a game with a dedicated salute button. That tells you a lot about the kind of game it aspires to be, where being able to salute at any moment is important enough to get a dedicated keybind.

  3. noxohimoy says:

    Great video. transmits a Crysis 1 feel.