That Ain’t Falco: Brawlout Smashing Into 2017

It’s a little-known fact that the ‘platform fighter’ genre began on ZX Spectrum in 1988 with Bash Bros: Drop the Boy, a game by Luke Goss hidden on the B-side of Bros’s second single. But the band’s collapse saw the Bash Bros rights fall, through a series of unlikely events, into the lap of Nintendo – who rebooted it as Super Smash Bros. The series may never return to its roots on PC but we are at least getting more Broslikes round our way. Look at Brawlout [official site], announced today for release in 2017:

It’s a bit Bros-like but more of a Broslikelike than a Broslike. As developers Angry Mob Games explain:

“The platforming elements and win conditions were inspired by Super Smash Bros, while the various combat moves and ground combos were largely inspired by more violent fighters, like Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter, switching to a Looney-Toons sense of violence.”

It’s largely the usual dealio: duff up dudes in 2D arenas with platforms to jump on and be knocked off. It’ll support up to eight players in online and local play, and have a singleplayer campaign as well as ranked online tournaments.

Brawlout is due in 2017, some time before April. But if you’re going to Evo, you’ll be able to have a bash this weekend in the indie showcase.

Luke Goss later pinned his star to another fighting game series, starring in the Tekken movie as Steve Fox.


  1. Syrion says:

    Note that there is already a Broslike on PC with the lovely looking Megabyte Punch. Ive been hearing good things about it!

    • Jerppa says:

      The Steam page says you can have “powerful hips for a devastating pelvic thrust attack” which is always nice to have in a game.

    • Junkmail says:

      Also Rivals of Aether, Brawlhalla, Smash Bros emulation netplay and also whatever the hell Wavedash Games is cooking up.

      • Kitsunin says:

        Having tried ’em all, I’m going to particularly recommend Brawlhalla. The right kind of free to play (with a $15 all-content pass). Fantastic netcode and competitive play actually balanced around items, and it’s incredibly fun in every format, with pretty good matchmaking for 1v1, 2v2, and 4p FFA. Even goes 8-player if you make a custom game. It’s excellent.

        • Junkmail says:

          You’ve played whatever Wavedash is currently making?

          Brawlhalla seems to be the most disliked among the platform fighter community, they think it’s too slow and random and the combos system doesn’t really work.

          • Junkmail says:

            Right, having played around with Brawlhalla for a couple of games, the physics feel way too floaty, edgeguarding seems impossible, combos are nonexistent, and the items don’t really work.

          • Kitsunin says:

            Of course not, that doesn’t even seem to exist yet.

            To me, Rivals of Aether doesn’t feel very good, I think it’s just the art style, but it feels really stiff…Megabyte Punch is pretty much the same, something just feels wrong with it, and it’s even harder to identify.

            Brawlhalla is extremely aerial focused, and I think it works super well. There are really interesting ideas, like the fact that most of your time is spent in the air (hence the floatiness) but your most powerful moves have to be grounded, but you can use a spot-dodge to use ground moves while in the air. It just works, and feels good, and I probably don’t know enough to explain why it is that I think it compares favorably to any Smash title.

            I’d be curious to know how it’s the most disliked when there’s barely anything in the first place. Further, I’d be curious to know if it’s a case of just veterans disliking the changes, or if it’s actually something non-fans feel just as well.

          • Zankman says:

            Who cares what said community thinks? To them Melee is the best and nothing else can compare.

            I am not in said community and I am a newbie to the genre and Brawlhalla feels awesome, which is what matters the most.

          • Junkmail says:

            Perhaps it is just my experience with PM/RoA speaking, but Brawlhalla doesn’t feel that great to me. I don’t get what items add to the game, and the relative inability to edgeguard (my favorite part of smash games) kind of throws me off. It’s also bizarre that there’s no DI/Teching/defensive tools while being comboed, meaning that all combos are going to be true and combos have to be short in order to be balanced.

            I also dislike the art style, the cartoony sprite-ish type of things don’t really sell the game for me. Plus, I can’t use C-stick/ right stick to attack, which just feels strange.

            I’m hardly a melee vet though – my first real competitive experience with a platform fighter was with RoA. I’m not trying to be elitist when I say that Brawlhalla rubs me the wrong way. I think it might just be that the physics mean that hits don’t feel as strong and impactful.

  2. Manburger says:

    The title & intro paragraph made me really chuffed. Golf clap!

  3. Silbergeist says:

    Couldn’t find anything about this unknown Bros’s Luke Goss game. Unless it’s some kind of inside joke, it seems to be the deeply hidden relic.

    • Eight Rooks says:

      Not sure if serious. Are you also one of the people who like to point out they didn’t have PCs in 1873? Or that it’s not humanly possible to consume 10,000 Scotch eggs in a day? <_<

      • Silbergeist says:

        I just like trivia.

      • Silbergeist says:

        Also, if the joke needs some kind of knowledge about this Luke Goss guy, I didn’t catch it.

      • SpiceTheCat says:

        To be fair to Silbergeist, it’s entirely plausible. I had a ZX Spectrum – what bliss it was to be alive – and things like this did happen. The Thompson Twins, now justly forgotten, released a game as a b-side. (I actually misremembered Bananarama doing this, and had to google to check). The rest of it is Alice’s industrial-strength whimsy, of course.

        • Silbergeist says:

          After you read enough curiosities you start considering anything as possible. Especially with something as obscure as ZX Spectrum.

  4. Zankman says:

    I mean, Brawlhalla is free and great on multiple levels, so, I’ll stick to that.