Brutal Doom Dual-Wielding New Doom’s Guns

Doom on you.

The new Doom certainly seems to have a touch of Brutal Doom [official site] in it, what with all the ripping and tearing and whatnot, so it’s only fair that in return Brutal Doom should get a bit of D44m [thousands of letters from Doom enthusiasts have flooded into the RPS treehouse demanding we call the new game that -ed.]. Out now and recently updated is a Brutal Doom add-on boshing D44m’s weapons into the ultraviolent mod for ye olde Doom. Yes, of course you can dual-wield super shotguns. And heck yes you can transform into demons. Have a look at this in action:

Brutal Doom looks a little less ridiculous since D44m got in on its fun but yep, that’s still pretty wild. The add-on adds D44m’s weapons, many of which can be dual-wielded, with their alt-fire modes and drones to upgrade some. New ‘Demon Rune’ power-ups can transform Ian Doom into a Baron of Hell or Revenant too.

To play it, you’ll need Doom with the GZDoom or Zandronum 2.1 upgraded engine, Brutal Doom v20b itself, and the D44m weapons add-on. Then follow these installation instructions. Or the Brutal Doom Starter Pack includes those first three steps.

This isn’t the final version of this add-on either. “I am still going to make a version 3, adding the remaining multiplayer weapons, and allowing the demon rune to turn the player into a Mancubus, Cacodemon, or Cyberdemon,” says Brutal Doom boss ‘Sergeant_Mark_IV’. He released the first version in June then this latest update added dual-wielding and other newbits.

Doom modder ‘Necronixxis’ created these weapon sprites, by the way, painting over screenshots from gameplay videos (D44m wasn’t out when they started).


  1. Hatman says:

    Please call it DOOIV!. Thank you.

  2. klops says:

    That ricochet sound is way too loud. Shooting with double (quad?) shotguns makes a “phieew” sound instead of “THUMMM-schloc” bacause of that, laser pistol sucks as much as in D44m and the original super shotgun was better. Otherwise I like this.