Steam Charts: Familiar Faces

Not much moving, not much shaking in last week’s top ten best-sellers, as the after-effects of the Steam sale are still felt and, without many major new releases or breakout hits, there’s that creeping sense of PC games in 2016 returning to business as usual. HERE COMETH THE BRANDS. We do get one new entry though, and it’s a pretty one.

1. Grand Theft Auto V

Sometimes I fall prey to thinking the world’s quite a small place really. It’s only when I realise that shedloads people who want to buy Grand Theft Auto V haven’t actually bought Grand Theft Auto V yet that I truly understand the enormity of the human population.

2. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Despite my heartfelt prayers that CSGO would leave the top ten, purely so I don’t have to write about it week after week, it’s determinedly on the rise all over again. This can primarily be ascribed to its discount to $7.49 right up until 7 July, but I wonder if the Youtube scandal around betting also pushed it further into the public consciousness. No such thing as bad promotion, and all that.

3. Dead by Daylight

The only game here I haven’t played yet. I should probably change that.


I just picked up a 21:9, curved monitor because I’m a ridiculous, shut-in nerd, and inevitably this was one of the first things I tested on it. It looked magnificent, and it’s testament to id’s technical work that I still got the magic 60 FPS even at a honking 3140×1440 resolution. Lovely, unexpected DOOM.


John felt disappointed by the Limbo follow-up, but it pushed my buttons a little more, which I shall write about soon. In short: I think it flows amazingly, I love its look throughout, and also it’s far funnier than people on both sides of the argument give it credit for.

6. ARK: Survival Evolved

Yeah that’s still here. Let’s do a thought experiment and imagine just how many in-development games are telling their investors that they’ll be “the next ARK.”

7. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

More sales fun. This is top of the list for indulgence on my ridiculo-monitor, if I can somehow make the time. I never quite finished the main campaign, so I’ve got that to do, but my interest is more in seeing sun-lit cornfields rendered that much more cinematically than it is discovering the fate of Geralt & chums.

8. Rocket League

Another beneficiary of the sale (it was down to $11.99 in the closing days of last week), but let’s be honest, car-to-ball has not been far from the top ten since its original release. It’ll be around for a long time to come, too. Is there anyone in the world who possibly begrudges it that?

9. Fallout 4

A 50% discount last week kept Bethesda laughing, but it’s back up to full price now. I totally burned out on Fallout 4 after two campaigns, but a few months down the line I shall go back and see whether DLC and mods have finally stuffed some brains into the itchy-trigger-fingered sandbox game.

10. Total War: WARHAMMER

As only the last couple of days’ worth of Steam sale are reflected in this chart, we get a non-sale game creeping back in. Total Warhammer’s been chuntering along happily at $60, and no doubt the first couple of chunks of DLC have helped it along.


  1. JB says:

    The link for this article on the main page goes to Rab’s recent part 2 on boardgames instead of here.

    • Alec Meer says:

      Hmm, all seems to be functioning as intended here. Are you able to replicate?

      • JB says:

        Nope, oddly enough it’s fine now. I guess my browser was being flaky. I clicked on the title, it took me to Rab’s article. I was bemused, I went back to the RPS homepage and clicked again, it did it again. I went back again, hovered over the title, the browser status bar showed that the link was indeed Rab’s bit. So I clicked on the “Read the rest of this entry” link. But now all is well.

  2. Auru says:

    Total War: Warhammer is the surprise of the year for me.. it’s something people have been talking about for years on end, how cool a melding of those franchises would be!

    Here we are and they not only pulled it off, they even made a Total War game that wasn’t a mess at launch at the same time!

    The game has some niggling issues (some already patched to an extent) but I was really not expecting this game to be as well done as it is.. it’s like a timeless slice of Warhammer Fantasy we can all keep forever (before GW butchered it)

    Props to CA, best game of this year for me so far :)

    • Horg says:

      I think we got TW:W specifically because GW butchered the old world setting. It’s a dead IP as far as they’re concerned, so a digital interpretation isn’t competing in any way with their current physical product. That might be the one good thing Age of Sigmar has ever done for us.

    • MaxMcG says:

      I agree and I really haven’t been enamored with any TW games since the brilliant Shogun 2.

      What I particularly like about TWW is not only how they made the armies somewhat asymmetrical but that they stripped out all of the overly fussy stuff from the last few games. I could never really get my head around the stats that leaders had since Rome 2 – what exactly was the difference between the “Might” stat, “cunning” and “Authority”?

      If I have one criticism, it’s the battle speed, it’s still too fast – I want to have time to watch the blood & gore DLC enabled battles!

  3. Simplex says:

    “DOOM – I just picked up a 21:9, curved monitor because I’m a ridiculous, shut-in nerd, and inevitably this was one of the first things I tested on it. It looked magnificent”

    If you play doom in 21:9 you may be interested in this fix for the weapon model: link to

  4. Yachmenev says:

    Inside looks interesting enough, that I’m willing to give it a try despite John’s reservations, as soon as they release a version without Denuvo.

  5. Unsheep says:

    Sure, why not. GTA V is one of my favourite games of all time. However I think most people play GTA V today solely for the online multiplayer, not the “proper” games content.

    Great to see Witcher up there.

  6. yogibbear says:

    What is PC gaming again? Sorry I’m currently obsessed with this thing where I run around the local lake and catch Pokemon then finding a nice bench that’s comfy to set a lure and wait. Absolute chaos outside at the moment. :D

  7. Pogs says:

    This looks nothing like me Steam Top 10 Best Sellers. Are you using the US version? You must be since you quote all prices in $? My top 10 blessedly does not have CSGO in it.

    • unimural says:

      First of all, is Alec’s list based on what he sees in on or something else? Second, at some point in time Valve has added a ‘Global Top Sellers’ filter. You can find it at the bottom of the Featured page Top Sellers list. I have no idea what the difference between Top Sellers and Global Top Sellers is, not sure if anyone actually knows.

      Then again, the exact basis for the list is not known either. The historically accepted theory seems to be that the list is based on revenue, not number of units, and that Valve changes the tracking period at least during the events.

      I would love someone to provide hard facts about what the heck the list is based on, but Valve is Valve (a twenty year old house). As it is, the list may tell us what game is making the most money over some period of time, within some set of constraints.

      • Pogs says:

        Gah now I know where the Global Top sellers list is it has CSGO in. Thanks for that! :(

      • Alec Meer says:

        It’s the summation of the previous week’s worth of sales, here.

      • Holderist says:

        If it’s based on revenue, then would that include the Steam market? That would indeed make sense as to why CSGO is always there.

  8. KoenigNord says:

    May I mention that Rocket League is in a current Humble Bundle for a minimum pledge of $15,-. There are more interesting multiplayer games in it, too.

  9. Vast_Girth says:

    What monitor have you got? I’ve been thinking about getting a curved screen for a while. How is the performance hit? How do older games fare?

    A full write up about it would be great.

    • UniuM says:

      A month or so ago me and some ”old school” friends of mine made an ”oldschool like” Lanparty with old games, like Q3, UT, joint Ops, Civ’s, Age of Empires, etc.

      There was this guy with a Dell UltraSharp 34 U3415W and the poor guy had to go home bring back a normal 24′ because all the hassle of trying to play old games. Even some more recent games were really bad.

      Performance wise, the guy was running one 980TI and playing almost everything maxxed out. Maybe some tweaks here and there, but a decent card with 8gb of Vram can handle anything decently i think.


    • Jeb says:

      I’ve been running an LG curved 34″ UWS 1440 screen for about 18 months and it is a thing of beauty. My 980 will run most things at 60fps. I have to turn down the anti aliasing, but that’s no big deal since the resolution is so good anyway.

      I’ve played a few old games and didn’t have any issues. It handles old legacy resolutions as you’d expect with vertical scaling and black bars at the sides. It is a little jarring though after playing modern shiny…

  10. AutonomyLost says:

    Congrats on the new monitor, Alec. I picked up an Acer Predator X34 a few months ago and will never play in 16:9 (by choice) again! DOOM is magnificent in all its cranked-up gory glory at 21:9 and a blistering frame-rate. I still need to finish the last level.