Watercolour Wandering: Sacramento Looks Lovely

I smile every time a new work-in-progress snip of Sacramento [official site] pops up in my Twitter feed and I think you might like it too. It’s a dreamy-looking game with a beautiful watercolour style, a wee jaunt into a world of memory and imagination against a backdrop of busy modern life. Coming soon, Sacramento is the work of Dziff. She’s part of that lovely Klondike collective, having worked on games including Oases. Anyway, here are some of my favourite GIFs and snippets.

“Sacramento is a game about capturing fleeting memories before they fade. You’ll wander through an ephemeral and uncanny landscape, flashback of moments I gathered on sketchbooks over the years,” Dziff explains. “Drift aimlessly across time & space, enjoy the quiet while it lasts as life will soon resume its course.”

To my trained eye, Sacramento looks like a cracker of a walking simulator.

I do really like the combination of a 3D world with incongruous 2D sprites, as also seen in games like Little Party, A Good Gardener, and the original Endless Express – and the hand-drawn animation especially makes me think of Gardenarium.

Dziff groups all her WIP screenshot and GIF tweets over here but these are some of my favourites:

Sacramento was expected some time in July, last I heard.


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      • InfamousPotato says:

        Ok, sorry to double-post, but I just looked at some more of the gifs, and I feel the need to emphasize: WOW!

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    Stop disagreeing with everything I say, flamingo!!

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    alison says:

    Oh this looks quite lovely.

    For those who like the art style, there is a criminally under-reported third-person walking sim called Beyond Eyes that has a similar sort of painted feel to it too. On the other hand, Beyond Eyes does not have flamingos. And flamingos do make a game at least 271% more awesome.