Total Warhammer Beastmen Expansion Announced

Wedding season is upon us and The Creative Assembly are celebrating with great gusto. Today they announced the first Total Warhammer [official site] campaign expansion will introduce the Bestmen, a new faction who come to get wicked hammered and fornicate then rampage across the continent roaring. Look out, Bruges!

“Alice,” you say in that certain tone. “Is this another ha-ha-hilarious intentional misunderstanding?” It’s a fair cop, guv. It’s actually the Beastmen coming in ‘Call of the Beastmen’ on July 28th. The rest of that is mostly true, though.

Have a bit of a look at what the Beastmen get up to:

Call of the Beastman brings that horny lot as a playable race to the Grand Campaign, multiplayer modes, and their own new Story Campaign ‘An Eye for an Eye’. As for how they’ll play, the marketing blurb says:

“With a uniquely aggressive horde-style campaign game, the Beastmen are masters of unconventional warfare both on and off the battlefield. They feature an array of unique gameplay mechanics, including the ability to travel through overgrown Beastpaths to outmanoeuvre unsuspecting foes and, through a dark bond with Morrslieb, the Chaos Moon, perform twisted acts of faith to gain its favour.”

Call of the Beastman will arrive via Steam on July 28th, priced at £13.99.

The Bestmen campaign would, of course, be named ‘An Oi! for an Oi Oi!’


  1. HexagonalBolts says:

    Awesome! Most of us thought it was just going to be a re-skinned empire faction (a fleshed out Bretonnia). I am so impressed by the efforts that have been made.

    • dongsweep says:

      More of anything is great! This is one of the few games where I want more DLC. I love how each race plays so uniquely. Finished a Dwarf and Vampire campaign and thoroughly enjoyed both. One cannot use ranged and one requires it to win.

    • Katar says:

      I’m sure there was an already announced free piece of DLC that everyone, myself included, assumes is going to be Bretonnia.

      As for this DLC, £14 sounds like a lot of damn money. I’d be more excited if they had some new unique game play but all of it sounds like rehashed abilities already in the game. Yes just modelling and animating the units takes ages let alone balancing a new army, but Chaos Warriors are already hordes and Dwarfs/Greenskins already have a similar (or exactly the same) movement abilites. So that “array of unique gameplay mechanics” doesn’t sound that impressive.

      Sounds like DLC that can wait for a Steam or similar sale before I’d consider purchasing.

      • Premium User Badge

        FhnuZoag says:

        My understanding is that the real beastman thing is vanguard deployment for most of their units. Which could mean all sorts of fun things like starting behind or virtually on top of the enemy.

        • Katar says:

          Vanguard deployment is hardly new or unique either.

          A new campaign is nice and makes the DLC worth a bit more then Chaos Warriors, but I’d still think it should only be a maximum of £10 (£9 with the pre-order discount) for me to even consider buying. I’m going to wait until it is £4-£5 in a sale or in a bundle with other future DLC I’m not that interested in before buying.

    • Meneldil says:

      Nobody thought the first DLC pack was gonna be Bretonnia (who isn’t a reskinned Empire…). The datamining mentionned either Beastmen or Wood Elves.

      Plus, Bretonnia is gonna be free, when it’s released (by the end of the year, IIRC).

  2. tnankie says:

    bah, give me the Elves.

    • Hmm-Hmm. says:

      The High and Dark Elves will probably be in one of the standalone expansions. But Wood Elves might come far sooner.

  3. liquidsoap89 says:

    20 FUCKING DOLLARS!? I thought I wasn’t going to be able to resist buying every race pack, but for that price I’m REALLY tempted to wait!

    • DarkFenix says:

      Yeah, that’s really expensive for a small DLC adding a single faction. Pretty sure I’m not willing to throw that much at something so small.

      • dongsweep says:

        haha wow, I was going to get every pack too but at $20 no way in hell. I love TW but I am not dropping $200 over the next year on it to enjoy what little they add.

        Also, when DLC like Blood and Wine come out for the same price it really puts something like this in perspective, it is overpriced.

      • mashkeyboardgetusername says:

        Their justification on the forums is that it’s because you don’t just get the faction, you get a mini-campaign with a new map as well. I can kinda see their thinking, although maybe it would have been nice if you could get the faction only for cheaper, but I guess that’s not how videogames work nowadays.

      • Meneldil says:

        The DLC adds a new faction and new mecanics, which other TW games didn’t have, as everyone played the same more or less. It also adds a mini campaign, like Caesar in Gaul or the Iberian Peninsula for Napoleon TW. Which probably has Wood elves, which will be playable once their race pack is released, too.

        Tdlr, it’s not “just a race”, as in “they make me pay 20€ for Baktria”

        • JaRrIs94 says:

          If the standalone campaign is in the same ballpark as the Expansion campaigns of Medieval 2: Total War or Shogun 2: Total War, I’ll happily fork out $20AUD for it. If it’s anything less than that, definitely going on the waiting list for a Creative Assembly Humble Bundle or a Steam sale.

      • Greg Wild says:

        I wouldn’t call it a small DLC. There’s a lot of content here – a new GC faction & mini-campaign is probably 30, maybe 40 hours of content.

        I’m cool with £14/$20. I’ve spent 132 hours on the main game and haven’t even touched the orcs or finished a chaos campaign yet.

    • Freud says:

      My default mode for all games I want to play but doesn’t have to play right away is GOTY wait mode. Especially those with loads of DLCs/expansions.

  4. RedViv says:

    No no, close-near but no wyrdwood-pipe no no! Still wait! No slippy-slide of golds!

  5. Pheeze says:

    Skaven DLC, WHEN!?

    • Meneldil says:

      Not with this Warhammer TW. Probably with the third game, released somewhere in 2018-19

    • patrickpeppers says:

      Skavenblight is on the map and is currently an impassable area, implying that they will be added in this game. I certainly hope so as they were my favorite table-top faction.

  6. mashkeyboardgetusername says:

    Campaign-wise, they sound like chaos without the things that makes the chaos campaign tedious (no attrition when stacks are close together, and easier to run away and hide so less tiptoeing about). Cautiously interested.

    • Sian says:

      Well, chaos without attrition, able to use what sounds similar to the underway stance and what looks to be the WAAAGH mechanic of the orks (orcs? orx?).

    • Greg Wild says:

      Sounds also like they’re going to have a knock-on effect in improving the Chaos campaign. It’ll be nice having another faction spreading corruption ahead of your march. I get the sense we’re going to constantly see more effects of Chaos added to the game.

  7. Turkey says:

    Beastman, you furry fool! How dare you start your own campaign in a different universe when we still have yet to conquer Eternia!

  8. Lars Westergren says:

    I don’t see any beastwomen. Who do they fornicate with? Each other? The imperials?

    Thinking about getting this, even with my massive backlog… Which story campaign is the best?

    • stuw23 says:

      From what I remember of my Warhammer lore, Beastmen are humans or animals who have been mutated by the power of Chaos, and were either born as a beastman, or mutated in to such as they grew. They’re not a seperate species, as Skaven are, but corrupted versions of other races.

      I may be very wrong though, and would happily be corrected if this is the case.

      • LexW1 says:

        They are actually both in Warhammer lore – most Beastmen are true-born Beastmen from groups that live in the forest/wilderness. Some are humans who were born mutated, and some are transformed into full-on Beastmen in later life. But Beastmen themselves are actually a race. Depending on the precise lore, the females either stay in the forests, or are indistinguishable from the males.

    • Premium User Badge

      FhnuZoag says:

      It depends on your taste, really. I like the flexibility and options of the Empire start, but the monsters and magic of Vampires are a lot of fun. Dwarves are good for people who want to plan out neat formations and have the battle pretty much fight itself, while orcs bury the enemy in piles of free units.

  9. SuperDion says:

    What is the difference between Bestman and Beastmen?

    Today they announced the first Total Warhammer [official site] campaign expansion will introduce the Bestmen, a new faction who come to get wicked hammered and fornicate then rampage across the continent roaring.

  10. SuperCaffeineDude says:

    I kind of feel like that the beastmen really should have been implemented on launch with a couple of units as a traditional tw “rebel” faction spawning from the forests as an internal threat, rather than as a new playable dlc faction.
    Perhaps to bolster the ranks of Nordic Chaos, over the dragon-ogres and such. Regardless will be interesting to see how they play.

  11. MaxMcG says:

    DLC that costs 25% of the full game? I think I’ll pass. That just reeks of greed to me.

    Haven’t even finished campaigns with all of the vanilla races yet anyway.

  12. Midnight Black says:

    ANY DLC for this title is Good DLC! The game had a solid launch, and even a novice can see that a lot of love was put into its crafting. And while I normally HATE DLC, and see it as greed, this is one time I support it. If they are going to make a game this deep and detailed, they deserve to make a lot of money off of it. Now sega, CA? WHERE THE HELL IS MY KHORNE ARMY!!! (Oh, and my wife wants her dark elves or she will feed you to her Cold Ones LOL)

  13. thaprofbaws says:

    Sweet, can’t wait to play as the “Bestmen”.