World Of Warcraft: Legion Will Start To Leak In August

The World Of Warcraft [official site] blog is talking about the upcoming Legion pre-patch. As a non-player the update info tends not to grab me particularly (unless it’s about Illidan and looks like a pro wrestling intro) but I do like the talk of the pre-expension patch where the new content starts to seep into the world and set the scene for the expansion.

It’s a transition period that I don’t really get with the games I play. Those are more about dumping in a bunch of changes via a patch and players needing to unpick them. They’re not story-based or world-altering.

Obviously there’s also a financial side to all this – whetting players’ appetites and priming them for the expansion. There’s also the accompanying consternation about the removal or particular quest lines and alterations to particular rewards. But still, I like to read about the pre-expansion process again so maybe you’ll enjoy it too.

After the patch has been implemented and players have had time to get to grips with the changes, invaders will start dropping from the sky:

You’ll be able to identify where the invasions are currently happening by looking at your world map. As quickly as you can, head out to the zone that’s under attack and lend your aid to the defense of Azeroth.

Each demon invasion takes place in four stages, and each stage ends with a reward of Nethershards—and sometimes a chest. That means it’s always a good time to rush out and fight the Legion.

A week after the invasions begin, the Legion’s assault will begin to intensify. Then, a week after that, the demonic onslaught will intensify even more, increasing your chances to complete the event-only achievements Stand Against The Legion (for completing one invasion) and Defender of Azeroth: Legion Invasions (for completing invasions in all six locations).

The above is expected mid August (no later than the 17th). According to another blog entry, in addition to these Burning Legion invasions, “Azeroth’s heroes will begin their first foray onto the Broken Shore—the epicenter of the demonic invasion.”

One of the things I’ve always liked in persistent worlds like Azeroth is how history has the capacity to leave physical traces in the game even if the reality is that not much of that happens. WoW makes permanent changes and you see elements of previous versions when you play.

I’m wondering whether it’s reached the point where someone could act as a history guide and take me on a walk through the zones, pointing out scenes of previous battles and buildings which were once vital but have now faded in relevance? Or maybe these things just tend to fade as their associated quests vanish from logs and the rewards will no longer occupy future inventories.

The full blog entry is here and the information about what’s being removed and the timescale of that is here.


  1. SomeDuder says:

    Sounds like the undead invasions of the WotLK release event, where necropolis (necropolii? necropolises?? aaaah) went on a trip around the world, dumping spooky scary skeletons everywhere. Can’t recall if there was a reward, but seeing flying pyramids everywhere was coo.

    But I don’t care for the world-altering stuff. I loved the old zones, pre-Cataclysm. Sure, some were a bit weird (Azshara, Ungoro come to mind), but it feels like they damaged the game somehow.

    • mtomto says:

      Agreed! I dropped the game around 5 times, only to come back again and again. The world changes made it easy to stay away. I have memories of a game that doesn’t exist anymore. It’s both good and bad – but I am somehow glad that the game is dead to me :)

      • skyst says:

        Check out the private vanilla WoW server, Kronos. I’ve been at it for ~4 months, best time I have had MMOing since falling out of love with retail WoW around WotLK. Thousands of players from all over the world, servers are stable, GM staff is fun and reliable. Great place!

        Kronos I is about to launch AQ, Kronos II is a bit newer and still only has MC/Ony afaik.

      • DiiGiiTAL says:

        As a lapsed player, I always get the itch too. I find just rolling a new toon and playing for free up to lvl 20 scratches this itch nicely.

    • malkav11 says:

      I do miss being able to visit the original versions, from a game historical perspective. But the new zones have vastly better design, writing, etc. And you can fly over them now, which makes everything 800 times better and was worth the redesign all on its own. (Of course now Blizzard’s being dumbbutts and trying to withhold flying on newer content but they’re wrong. SO wrong.)

  2. Carra says:

    It’s been over a year since I’ve last played and lately the itch to play again has started again. Time to renew my subscription in a few weeks.

  3. satan says:

    ‘pointing out scenes of previous battles and buildings which were once vital but have now faded in relevance?’

    Goldshire Inn and the Deeprun Tram.

    Many a long and hard melee began in these locations, often lasting well into the night. Actually passing near either location you could usually hear multiple swords pounding on shields at almost any time of the day, as well as the associated grunts of effort, moans of defeat, and howls of victory from the parties involved.

    Nowadays though they’re virtually abandoned, and more for people who want to meet up for a quick, dirty and usually disappointing one on one swordfight.

  4. Turkey says:

    I’m not sold unless they make a cinematic trailer with stuff on fire falling from a vortex in the sky.