Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered – Watch Full Crew Expendable Mission

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered has a new video showing off the game’s snazzy makeover. To the casual viewer you are seeing bits of Crew Expendable, the second mission from the game wherein yer man Soap MacTavish is going on a cruise sent to retrieve a package from an Estonian freighter.

More technically-focused watchers will note “next generation textures, physically based rendering high-dynamic range lighting and much more to bring a new generation experience to fans”.

I’m watching it with a comparison video running on my second monitor:

And here is a gif comparison so you can see the flourishes the team have added – things like the tarpaulins whipping in the wind and the rain effects and things. The old version is this one:

And here’s the remaster:

It’s so strange, actually. Watching the original footage and then the remaster is almost like going from a perfectly functional fairy cake to one of those monstrously fancy bakery cupcakes. It’s so pretty but fresh from the pared down version it can feel super full-on. Is that just me? That might be just me. Mostly I think the problem here is that I’d quite like a cake but I’m not in the mood for icing and that is bleeding over into videogame trailer watching.

As a reminder, Modern Warfare Remastered is bundled in with Legacy, Legacy Pro and Digital Deluxe editions of Infinite Warfare [official site] so it’s an incentive/reward for picking up NuCoD rather than a standalone product.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is nearly ten years old.

God, I feel ancient.


  1. Capt. Bumchum McMerryweather says:

    What a big bag of meh. In a world containing Overwatch and DO(OOOOOO)OM, the battlecod series are starting to look a bit lame, and clunky.

  2. CarthAnne says:

    Honestly, I was expecting a bit more. Probably my fault.

    • CarthAnne says:

      It might be how dark the level is that’s making me think that though. I’d like to see more footage, perhaps from Shock and Awe or one of the other urban missions? If its not that, its probably next gen games these days tricking me into thinking everything needs to be shiny and colourful to look “good”.

  3. Mortivore says:

    Initial thoughts: On the fence.

    “As a reminder, Modern Warfare Remastered is bundled in with Legacy, Legacy Pro and Digital Deluxe editions of Infinite Warfare [official site] so it’s an incentive/reward for picking up NuCoD rather than a standalone product.”

    Afterthought: I’ll make sure the door won’t hit me on my way out.

    • Razumen says:

      Good riddance!

    • Det. Bullock says:

      well, nuCoD looks a lot like the initial pitch of Squadron42, only that it actually exists, so it’s not all bad.

  4. mukuste says:

    Now I’m not an expert on international jurisdiction or anything, but I have a hunch killing sleeping civilians in their bunks might just be considered a bit of a war crime?

    • Perjoss says:

      yes, but video games.

    • USER47 says:

      Most of what the British part of MW squad is doing in the series is bit of a war crime.:-D

    • SlimShanks says:

      It’s been awhile since I played the game, but I believe it is established in the previous mission that the crew is not civilian.

    • Grizzly says:

      Aside from that ship being military (there’s a reason the russians know it’s exact location and send migs after it as soon as the SAS arrives), it was always one of the points of MW1: The SAS might just be stabby bastards, but at the very least they get something done with relatively little impact. The Americans invade not-Iraq with shock and awe, but in the end your squad gets themselves killed because they dogmatically stuck to their “No man left behind” motto and tens of thousands of US soldiers die without actually having achieved anything.

      • Grizzly says:

        (Not that I agree with MW’s ethos, but it atleast had a point)

  5. Llewyn says:

    Mostly I think the problem here is that I’d quite like a cake but I’m not in the mood for icing

    But, Pip!

    Can I have the icing?

    • malkav11 says:

      I’m not saying icing is the entire point of cake, but it’s got to be at least 60% of it.

  6. Laurentius says:

    I don’t play FPS but MW1 was first FPS I completed in my life.
    I am not ashamed to admit I played this mission, Charlie Don’t Surf and All Ghillied Up many times, bombast, military jargon and constant hoorah somehow got to me, although normally these are things I just hate.

    • fearandloathing says:

      Yeah it’s like watching a great B-movie, cheesy sure, but it’s cheesy par excellance.

    • whydidyoumakemeregister says:

      I got it free with my first modern graphics card. I’d played Half Life 2 and even COD2 on the 360, and I played shooters in the 90s on the family PC, but this was my first real keyboard and mouse experience and I still look back on it fondly. The multiplayer servers that forced tactical gameplay (must use iron sights, no blind grenades, etc) are still the perfection of multiplayer gaming to me. I can’t believe enough people believed in that style of gameplay for those CTU and other servers to last for so many years!

      I’ve been thinking recently about how recent games don’t seem like such a huge leap in technology, they just add more shit floating around on the screen. This article pretty much sums that up!

  7. MrUnimport says:

    I’m with Pip on this one, the new game is certainly shinier but I’m not sure it’s better-looking. Maybe it’s just my rose-tinted memories of COD4, but I remember it looking a little more grounded, a little less superhero-oversaturated. There’s bits in the new trailer that give me pause, like the fireballs suffused in orange against the blue wash of the rest of the game.

    • Person of Interest says:

      Yes, it’s disappointing but unsurprising that the remaster appears to amp everything up past the clipping point. It’s as if Michael Bay wanted to “do a Michael Bay” to a Michael Bay movie.

  8. emotionengine says:

    That’s it. This article has just sealed the deal for me. Just shut up and take my money already.

    I’m going out and buying cake.

  9. G-Lord says:

    Looks like Raven did a decent job here, now please let them make an original game again Acti…