Twin Trouble In Hitman’s Interesting New Elusive Target

The sixth ‘Elusive Target’ is wandering around in Hitman [official site] for the next three days and – wait, this one is interesting – so is his identical twin. Like other Elusive Targets, Dylan Narváez is only in Hitman for a short while and he’ll be gone forever if you skip this or fail to murder him. Unlike other targets, Dylan has an identical twin. If you harm his brother Gonzales, that’s it, you’ve blown it. That’s an interesting little wrinkle in something that was becoming formulaic.

Dylan and Gonzales are out and about in Sapienza until 1pm (UK time) on Monday. Being identical twins in a video game, they of course dress and style themselves almost identically too. The tell-tale sign is that Dylan has a fancy new watch, though you may need to get close to spot that. Or, you know, kill whichever you see – it’s a coin toss, yeah? Here, this trailer introduces the pair:

I don’t know if I’ll post about many more Elusive Targets unless they do something interesting like this one. Square Enix have now released a Hitman Companion app to tell your pocket telephone when there’s someone to murder, mind.

Anyway, now please tell me stories about how you’ve already cocked up this Elusive Target, won’t you?


  1. mtomto says:

    Yes, please don’t post anymore of this episodic/limited window bullshit. The game is good, but content that can only be completed within a fixed timeframe where people might be vacationing etc is beyond stupid. I payed for this, but can’t use it – great.

    At the cost of gameplay, they break down the game into little bitesize chunks sprinkled with limited one-time-only deals (that you already bought, but can’t always use). Why? For marketing! For articles like this…

    Just please stop….

    • lupinewolf says:

      You’re the worst kind of person. You can’t make use of this particular feature so you shit on the whole thing, and everyone else that might enjoy it or just wants to know about it. Talk about entitlement, man. Sheesh.

      • ChairmanYang says:

        Mtomto is arguing for the exact opposite of what you’re claiming. To have the targets available for everyone, all the time, instead of in a small window.

        It’s fine if the official recorded credit for the kill is only available once, and for a limited time. But Eidos deserves to be slammed for not making the content available after that for purely single-player purposes.

        • zarthrag says:

          There’s something to be said as to why previous rare targets can’t appear at least once in everyone’s game – regardless of when you buy or how often you play. This makes the game seem more like an MMO, and thus, much less interesting to me.

        • lupinewolf says:

          But surely the small window is what makes this fun and special? I’m thinking that knowing that you have one chance and a limited timeframe is what makes these contracts exciting. Something to look forward to on your weekend.

          If they were available all the time, wouldn’t they be like any other assassination in the game? Or any other game even? If you take that away, don’t you take the appeal of the whole thing? That’s my line of reasoning, but I see what you are going for too.

          • RealWeaponX says:

            By all means have a small window of opportunity, but why not allow players to choose when that is? So instead of suddenly announcing a new target, it goes live but you choose when to start your clock, and therefore you could also make them available to new players.

          • hotmaildidntwork says:

            It seems like that would rob it of some of the magic, though? I feel like part of the charm of the entire enterprise is the idea that the world doesn’t revolve entirely around you and/or your timetables.

          • April March says:

            I agreed when this was first announced, mostly because I don’t plan on buying this game anytime soon, and also because I dislike it when games force the real world to interfere with their ficticious worlds. But I somehow argued with myself until I came around? One of the perks of these special things is the limited data. With only 48 hours, you cannot wait until someone has figured the entire level out and then play it perfectly. You need to start acting immediately, by yourself. Anything done differently would result in something entirely different.

          • Dicehuge says:

            I agree, I didn’t like the idea at first, and missed a couple which irritated me. But the ‘live event’ experience is the whole purpose of the feature, and I find it keeps bringing me back to the game which, I’m sure, is the whole point. Also, to their credit, they’ve extended the deadline from 48 to 72 hours for the last few, which makes it much more accessible, particularly for those of us in weird timezones. The ‘Featured Contracts’ can be played by anyone at any time, and new ones pop up regularly, so surely those who miss elusive targets can still enjoy those. What annoys me is the “oh ffs stop writing about this, that’s what they want you to do” comments on all of these articles. It isn’t RPS’s job to “punish” marketing strategies, to police the behavior of developers with a refusal to cover their games.

        • woodsey says:

          The plan has never changed for how elusive targets work. The limited time frame is part of the allure.

      • mtomto says:

        I don’t really know how I deserved that personal attack. I guess you are a nice person, unlike me of course.

        • Chaz says:

          Hitler, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, forget them, you are the worst kind of person. They might have killed hundreds of thousands of people between them, but at least they would have enjoyed this. My god, you should be put in front of a UN tribunal for crimes against humanity or something.

      • Nick says:

        no, you are the second worst type of person, someone who accuses others of being the worst type for utterly petty, pathetic reasons.

        The worst type is clearly sociopathic murderers.

    • Premium User Badge

      Lexx87 says:

      These are the most exciting and interesting events the game has to offer. One time, one chance targets?

      They make a very repetitive game the most tense and exciting game i’ve played in a while. I want more articles and stories (success or failure) not less.

      I fucked the previous one as they found me hiding in a bin but managed this by shooting him in the head and running the hell away.

    • merbert says:

      Bitches whining should also be asked to stop.

    • Capt. Bumchum McMerryweather says:

      No, you paid for the episode as it was sold to you. The elusive targets are something being offered by the developers as an interesting aside to the existing game, a one time challenge for you to test your skill, and if you miss your chance then you blew it.

      And besides, who cares if you miss one because you’re on holiday? There will be another.

      Stop being such a bitch about being given content. If you hate it so much, either don’t buy any more of the game or don’t read the article, it’s not like anyone is holding a gun to your head and forcing you to open your wallet, and there are people out there who want to know.

  2. ukpanik says:

    All adult twins that dress the same should be on a hit list.

  3. MuscleHorse says:

    Glad to see that the mentioned app’s sole purpose to notify me of this sort of thing hasn’t actually happened. Off it goes.

  4. Day0ne says:

    These elusive bros are like buses. I still cant find these creeps.

    Love how you can use any of the levels challenges to dispatch any target whether npc, escalation, elusive. But first you need to locate the mark(s)!

  5. Jediben says:

    I just fucked this one up because the distinction between the two models is nothing but a shitty wrist watch that is so poorly visible as to be utterly useless.
    They spawn at the secret entrance by the harbour.

  6. RealWeaponX says:

    I tried to poison them with rat poison. They drink from the same glass, but only one of them (the wrong one) got sick. Then I hurt the brother and failed.

  7. OscarWilde1854 says:

    I don’t get the people complaining about them being one time only… it’s like a double xp weekend in Call of Duty or a Holiday event in Grand Theft Auto… oh, you missed the double xp weekend? Too bad… you don’t get 48 hrs of Double xp whenever you DO sign in. You missed the GTA Christmas event? Too bad… you don’t get to unlock the christmas items because you played in April.

    The whole excitement of these is the timer, its the one time only, its threat of failure looming over you. Stop complaining and get the next one! I’ve missed a couple… but I know there will be more coming!

  8. kewlak says:

    Done! Silent assassin + without restarts >:D

  9. Kiwi says:

    This was fun, hope they mix it up more … even if this was the quickest I’ve ever achieved a Elusive Target :)
    link to

  10. Nick says:

    Paul Rudd with a quiff.. why would you want to kill him? Kiss him maybe.

  11. bill says:

    Twins seem like a good idea, but giving one of them a watch seems to defeat half the point. It’d be cooler if you had to follow them and listen to conversations or watch habits to find something to identify the target.