Indie Legends 4 Bundle Includes Door Kickers, Skullgirls

I’ve grown immune to the draw of bundles as the number of them has increased, but the Indie Legends 4 Bundle has a good enough haul that it reminds of the early days of Humble. For €3.15 (around £2.62/$3.51) you get Viscera Cleanup Detail (with DLC), Door Kickers, Skullgirls, Sir, You Are Being Hunted, Reus, Lethal League, Party Hard, and Another World. I haven’t played Sir or You Are Being Hunted, but I’d pay that much for Door Kickers alone.

Disclosure: Sir, You Are Being Hunted is made by Big Robot, company founded by Jim Rossignol, co-founder of RPS. So that was a joke just there.

And I’d pay twice that much for Door Kickers alone! The topdown tactics game was one of our favourite games of 2014, and despite playing it for dozens of hours I’m not even near having finished all its missions.

It’s not the only game on the list that RPS adores. Gore-washing sim Viscera Cleanup Detail is adored by Alice and Pip, for example.

And it’s not like the others are anything to sniff at. Skullgirls is a smart, polished fighting game; Another World – although you probably own it – is a classic, beautifully animated action platformer; and Reus is a neat little 2D god game.

The bundle ends at midnight Pacific Time, Wednesday 27th July. Here’s a trailer featuring clips of each of the games.


  1. HeavyStorm says:

    Too bad their PayPal payment method seems to be broken.

  2. derf says:

    Sadly, I found the Door Kickers controls too fiddly.

    • Bull0 says:

      It has some quirks but you can pause at any time, queue up most commands, use go codes etc. I think the scope naturally brings some fiddliness to it. Absolutely killer game, all the same.

    • TeePee says:

      Yeah, I found the same – compared to Frozen Synapse’s relatively simple and slick method, I found Door Kickers’ controls to be a bit obtuse.

      Still, worth persevering with, as it’s a fun game once you get your head round the controls.

      • Person of Interest says:

        I mothballed Door Kickers after an hour because the controls didn’t click with me like they did with Frozen Synapse. Also the squad customization seemed overwhelming. (Maybe it wouldn’t intimidate me so much if I played more XCOM-likes with squad building.)

        Thanks for the encouragement. I’ll give it another go.

    • Wormerine says:

      Yeah, it still installed and I still want to play more of it, but the controls are simply poorly done. Frozen Synapse is a more complex game, and it is easier to control.

      Doorkickers is fine if you pause every few seconds and give short term orders to your teammates. However, game encourages and rewards (demands even if you want all the challenges) to complete missions using one move order for the entire mission. When you do this the system shows up lots of ugly design decision.

      • Banyan says:

        I’ve got 30+ hours in Doorkickers and don’t think I’ve ever completed a mission without it running on a complete plan, with the sole exception of capture missions where you need to click and drag at the end. Obviously you need to tap the occasional checkpoint key to synchronize entries. I even use plans for missions you don’t get plan challenges for, like multi level houses. You have to run missions over and over to fix plan flaws, but the rube goldberg-ness of a good plan is incredibly satisfying.

        There’s a bit of fiddliness with doors, facing, and move orders that occasionally ruins a breach, but I can literally not imagine what issues you are having that would result in such dismissiveness.

  3. Bull0 says:

    Cracking bundle. I already have most of these but will get it for Party Hard. Do you get gift keys for this stuff?

  4. Neutrino says:


  5. TeePee says:

    What a superb bundle. Have been waiting for Viscera Cleanup Detail for a while, looking to have a giggle in multiplayer with this over the weekend.

    Party Hard has been on my ‘not-quite-wishlist-but-I’m-vaguely-intrigued-list’ for a while.

    The others I think I already own or am not particularly interested in, but there’s plenty of fun to be had in here – Sir, You Are Being Hunted is a game that’s far more fun than its frequent heavy discounting would let on, and as others have said, Door Kickers is the top-down SWAT game you always wanted.

    • Bull0 says:

      Yeah, Sir is really great. I assume it was a decent success since Mr. Rossignol disappeared not long after. Whether he’s now evading killer robots or just sitting on a beach, or evading killer robots on the beach, I couldn’t say (because I’m too lazy to find out).

  6. Sadfist says:

    Bought it on the first day. Value is huge even if for Party Hard

    • klops says:

      I don’t see much good in Party Hard. The gameplay is just bad.

  7. MajorLag says:

    Hooray. I’m sure future MajorLag will appreciate all the money he saved on games that probably won’t even run now that he’s retired and finally has time to play them.

  8. Askis says:

    Bought it for Doorkickers and Party Hard, but I already own Sir and Skullgirls, anyone interested in only these games?

    • Zankman says:

      Well, sure. Not to be selfish, I’ll tell you to go to and put it in a giveaway there.

  9. Carra says:

    Bought it, looks like excellent value for only €3.15. Good enough that the enjoyable Reus comes under the “and 3 more games” section.

  10. hungrycookpot says:

    That damn DoorKickers map! I never retried a level so many times as that one, those damn terries keep coming from all sides. That game really is worth the price alone.