Klocki Is A Pleasant Little Puzzle Game For A Quid

If you fancy something small, pleasant, and mildly challenging – yet cheap – this weekend, you might enjoy a look at Klocki [official site]. It’s a clean and calming £1 puzzle game about moving and swapping tiles on shapes to connect and complete the lines etched into their surface. That’s all. I’ve been enjoying it.

This isn’t one of those awful sliding block puzzles (the bane of survival horror!), to be clear, but simply picking up and swapping a pair of tiles by clicking on them. A bit like Loop, except not with loops. It starts simple, with straight lines on simple shapes, before introducing odd shapes, multiple shapes, curved lines, lines across several planes, tiles which behave in different ways, shapes which behave differently, and so on.

It’s not huge, taking maybe an hour or so to complete, but it is pleasing. Simple ideas are introduced, demonstrated, and then folded into larger puzzles with multiple elements working together.

It’s quite pretty and makes calming noises too. That’s nice.

Klocki is out now on Steam for Windows and Mac, priced at £0.71/0,89€/$0.89 including a small launch discount.


  1. Kodaemon says:

    I love the name, which just means “Blocks” in Polish. It’s something you’d use as a default working title for any game based on geometry ;D

    • Manburger says:

      Hah, that is great! :D I also enjoy that sort of naming convention.
      Like RymdResa, a game about a space journey – and the name literally means SpaceJourney in Swedish.

  2. mcwizardry says:

    Played quite a few levels today, it’s very well done.

  3. RaunakS says:

    Klocki and Hook, which are both by the same dude, are some of the best cheap puzzlers available on Steam right now. Interesting mechanics, short but with a good ambience and perfect for whiling away a couple of hours. I highly recommend buying both as a pair.

  4. meepmeep says:

    It’s very nice, but is there any way to play in windowed mode? The calming effect is somewhat overwhelming in fullscreen.

  5. Babymech says:

    A quid seems like a horrible, wishy-washy thing to be. In my book you’re either a kid or a squid, and that’s it.

    • YogSo says:

      Ok, I’ll bite, since you were obviously asking for this and I don’t want to let you hanging in there ;-D

      • Babymech says:

        Wow. After about 30 seconds that loop starts to sound really hostile.

  6. shrieki says:

    i insta bought klock because of the name and the looks. i´mn not even a great fan of such puzzle games but Klocki just looked good. and it is good. :)

  7. Wisq says:

    Have the worries about tons of people buying short games, finishing them, and then asking for Steam refunds been mostly abated at this point? I imagine Steam would start nailing serial refunders at some point, so maybe that’s been played out?

  8. SparksV says:

    Thanks for recommending this, bought it, played a bit, I loooove it. The developer also said that Achievements and Trading Cards are gonna be coming “in a few weeks”.
    Also for anyone that wants to play this in Windowed Mode, launch the game while holding the Shift Key :)

  9. SuperJonty says:

    Is there a reset button for the puzzles? I got a few into the slidey grid ones and I think I’ve totally blown it…