Fancy A Kickabout? Super Arcade Football Now Online

There’s only one thing better than foot-to-ball on grass and that’s foot-to-ball in a neon arcade. But lo, what wizardry is this? Now you don’t even need to be in the same glittering arcade as your toe-poking chums, because Super Arcade Football [official site] has now added a beta online mode. Glory glory, ar-cade fooootballlll! Glory glory, ar-caaaade fooootballlllll! That’s a chant. I’m chanting.

The footie-em-up came out on early access back in April, giving the beautiful game the top-down view of yesteryear, letting players bend shots with “after-touch” and punt balls across the pitch in slow motion. There already was local mulitplayer for up to four people but with the beta version of online mode you can now find a random game or start a private game with mates on your Steam friends list.

One of the developers has even invited people to add them on Steam, and posed a challenge to any that did.

“But remember to bring a good supply of salt,” they said, “because I don’t hold back.”

There’s yet more planned for future versions, including a career mode in which you captain a team through famous tournaments. I look forward to playing this with a friend and shouting “goal” like they do in Central America. Like this:


Only longer.


  1. exioce says:

    Does this have the feel of the original Sensible Soccer? Loved that game.

    • JiminyJickers says:

      There is a demo you can try. For me this one is far to fast and random, which is a shame because I want a fun short kick-around foot-to-ball game for those times FIFA is too intense.

  2. gebrps says:

    Sorry guys, you lack of “Arcade powers”… ;D
    This is too much “inspired” in “Tehkan World Cup” (1985).
    You can play it in MAME or the Internet Arcade Archive.
    link to
    link to