What Are We All Playing This Weekend?

It’s July, isn’t it? I should be saying something about sunshine and playing outside, shouldn’t I? Since moving up from London to Edinburgh I’ve become confused about what seasons are meant to be, what the weather should be like. I think my internal clock is running two months slow. Thankfully, the seasons are (nearly) always the same for everyone everywhere in video games. Good old reliable virtual lands. Speaking of, what are you playing this weekend? He’s what we’re looking at:

Adam: I’m hunting for something new to play and might try Dead Age because, yeah it’s zombies again, but it’s a survival RPG with turn-based combat and all that other good stuff I enjoy. If it’s naff, I’ll probably end up playing short-form exploration and madness simulation Curious Expedition, which had a big update this week that I’d already have tried out if I hadn’t spent most of the week travelling to Berlin and back.
Alec: I will be playing a latter-day Quake 1 mod campaign called Arcane Dimensions, which is beautiful and huge and clever and action-packed and does thing witch geometry and skyboxes of which the engine was never intended to be capable, but somehow looks entirely appropriate. Also it looks AMAZING on my ridiculous new 21:9 cruved monitor. The technology of the future to play the games of yesterday: I am entirely happy with this arrangement.
Alice: Satellite Reign adding co-op reminds me that I never did get around to playing this cyberpunk cyborg murderzone. I do like a spot of co-op Syndication – even that type. And if this weekend turns out as grim as it’s looking, maybe I’ll vanish into the darkness of Devil Daggers and try to become actually good at it. Hanging with skulls and satans is great – don’t get me wrong – but I wish I could hang tough.
Graham: I spent last weekend dabbling in derelict searching in Duskers, and enjoyed my time immensely. I’m tempted to return this weekend for more robot shenanigans, but I’ve also found myself crafting the feel of a zippy platformer beneath my thumbs. I might give Inside a go, though I suspect it’s weightier and more ponderous than I’m looking for. Maybe it’s time I finally played Dustforce.
John: [Warning: John has gone rogue. None of our sensors can ascertain John’s whereabouts. John is loose. If you think you see him, back away slowly while avoiding eye contact then retreat to a safe location and phone the RSPCA. Do not attempt to engage with him. Do not mistake him for a Gone Pokémon. Do not battle him.]
Philippa: This weekend I will not be playing Pokémon Go but I will be watching other people play Pokémon Go and try to work out how I feel about it. Kind of excited by the stories of togetherness, kind of uneasy about the massive amounts of location data and OH FOR GOODNESS SAKE I WAS PHOTOGRAPHING THAT INSECT IRL MOVE YOUR HOOVES

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?


  1. tigerfort says:

    I like the idea of “Thing Witch geometry”, although I’d have expected it to belong in Hexen, not Quake.

    I suspect I’ll mostly be playing Lego Pirates, but maybe I’ll actually get started on one of the big RPGs that have been installed for ages without getting touched.

  2. noah54 says:

    Enjoying Steamworld Heist, it feels like a cross between worms and X-COM. Plenty of strategy involved and the art style is 10/10.

  3. TeePee says:

    Rocket League. It’s always sodding Rocket League. Somebody help me, please.

    I may briefly break the spell with some GTA V, as a gang of us identified that the stunt races are ludicrously good fun if you have a reasonably-sized group of people who all agree not to be complete dicks and play dodgems at the first corner (after the first corner, it’s fair game, of course…).

    Also, if I get time between crack and more crack, I might try some Viscera Cleanup Detail. Would love to see what this is like with a gang of three like-minded idiots.

  4. kwyjibo says:

    Will probably give Evolve a shot now that it’s free.

    • welverin says:

      I bought it way back when, but Stage 2 has led to me playing more recently, it helps that my friends were finally willing to try it out (free passing their price threshold).

      In addition to that I will/have played some Battlefront and Destiny around the Eldritch Moon prerelease.

  5. dahools says:

    After starting and finishing banner saga last weekend it’s shadow run Hong Kong installed for this weekend. May just end up back in Thea instead, we’ll see. . .

  6. bills6693 says:

    Castle Story will probably take the crown, even with occasional crashes and pathfinding still not perfect.

    Total Warhammer has been a stalwart regular for weeks now and will continue

    Banner Saga might make an appearance, trying to complete a campaign before moving on to the sequel.

    Rimworld is also likely to feature, with a new alpha version and bring on steam now and all!

    Cities in motion (from the cities skylines people), duskers and stellarius might also come in depending on what I feel like.

  7. GWOP says:

    Alec, thanks for your snippet on Arcane Dimensions. I have a let’s play of it running in another window while I work – it’s such an aural pleasure.

    • GWOP says:

      Talking of aural pleasures, I miss the Geth.

    • Catterbatter says:

      Seconded. I’m playing Quake this weekend already, so the rec came at a good time.

      • Catterbatter says:

        It’s very good! Intended for Quakespasm but supposedly works with DarkPlaces. I haven’t tried that one.

  8. MiniMatt says:

    Pip’s insect photos on that there twitter have been dead good btw

    Games? Oh, right. Mordheim probably, it’s quite good.

    • stuw23 says:

      Mordheim is also my game of choice this weekend. The recent beta patch has fixed the problems I had with loading a campaign, and I’m very much enjoying playing as Skaven.

      Other than that, I’m quite enjoying Fallout Shelter when I want something less hardcore that I can play whilst watching videos or reading the news. Given recent events, it’s kinda sad to think I’m finding escapism in post-nuclear wastelands and cities blighted by Chaos.

  9. gunny1993 says:

    Going to go on a Pokemon Go walk with the dog (Seriously the dog is probably a bigger fan of the game than me) for a few hours, then overwatch.

    • citrusninja says:

      Probably will go on a Pokemon Go walk as well with my kids (if the servers ever come back online). That and I thoroughly enjoyed Raw Data last night so I’ll definitely be playing more tonight!

  10. batraz says:

    Playing “Enemy well know” and watching news channels. We all play this in France this week end.

  11. Herzog says:

    Deus Ex : HR
    Binged on it this week. Currently playing the Missing Link DLC mission after the second visit in Hengsha. Only negative points: Two sidequests (Mothery Ties and Talion AD) bugged out and couldnt be completed. Hope this wont happen with Mankind Divided.

    Shovel Knight
    Finished the Hall of Champions. Three or four more bosses to go.

    Playing some more duels. Engine and netcode is so super tight in this game. On the other hand it is a straight CPM clone. Lets see how long it can keep me interested.

    Weeeeeeeeeee Spelunky!

  12. AngoraFish says:

    RimWorld, now it’s finally out on Steam!

    • TeePee says:

      God dammit, why did you have to go and mention Rimworld? Now I have ANOTHER game to try and cram in alongside my non-voluntary 20 hours of Rocket League and GTA V this weekend.

      What kind of sick, sadistic monster labels their game ‘Dwarf Fortress meets Firefly’ anyway? That’s pretty much catnip for me.

    • Kaeoschassis says:

      There are very, very few times – almost none – when I find myself wishing I could justify splashing out on a big money game, but this is that time. Everytime I see Rimworld it torments me. Somebody is making the perfect game.

      Ahem. Anyway. My own weekend will probably be divided between Final Fantasy Brave Exvius on my phone (help) and X-Piratez on the laptop (help x2). Presumably I will remember to eat at some point.

  13. mgardner says:

    Monster Hunter Generations for me, maybe I will even play with other people this incarnation.

  14. A Wanderer says:

    Sins of a Solar Empire. Again.
    Playing as the Advent is a bit like playing Warhammer 40K without the gothic aesthetic and much less grimdark.

  15. Agnosticus says:

    DOOM to see how Vulkan is faring with my rather dated system: R9 280 and my i5-4590

    also some RL, R6S and the f*ing difficult last levels of Action Henk! :D

  16. Fomorian1988 says:

    Continuing my new-found obsession with Stardew Valley, maybe starting VA-11 HALL-A.

  17. jeeger says:

    I’ll be trying (and failing) to build a boat in From the Depths. It’s bit like KSP for tank fetishists, and I’ve only built terrible things so far.

    Relatedly, isn’t it time John got his SCP number (SCP-1947, Feral humanoid entity, classified Keter)?

  18. Harlequin says:

    Tough one. I’ll probably play some board games on Tabletop Simulator with my girlfriend – all of them competitive, of course, because she’s absolutely vicious and will have none of that friendly co-op nonsense.
    On my alone time, I think I’ll continue carving my way through La-Mulana, the first game in a while that had me pop out a notebook and pen and jot down multiple notes. A couple of runs in my roguelike sweethearts, Nuclear Throne and Enter the Gungeon, aren’t off the table either, as isn’t my Fascist Ireland playthrough in Hearts of Iron IV.

  19. Halford9000 says:

    Some Heroes of the Storm, saved up gold to buy Gul’dan. Waiting for the full release of Starbound to bridge the time to No Man’s Sky.

  20. Arioch_RN says:

    Carrier Command Gaea Mission for me, the Deadly Islands mod has been updated again with even more goodness.

    Qwirkle with the family.

  21. Stellar Duck says:

    Today I’ll probably play Witcher 3 or Metal Gear Solid.

    Tomorrow I’ll play Work. What a shite game.

  22. Denis Ryan says:

    Rome II. I’m finding the Imperator Augustus (free) campaign fixes a lot of issues with the game by making it more challenging and more structured for the Roman factions. As Pompey I’ve already destroyed Lepidus. Octavian declared war on me, but Marc Antony got the better of him anyhow.

    If only the AI could deal with combined land/sea battles.

  23. Michael Fogg says:

    I will probably wrap up Pillars of Eternity. I think it delivers on the promise of spiritual sequel to Infinity engine, while the question remains open if such an inherently conservative approach justifies itself sufficiently.Many of the bad things I remember about Icewind Gate: Torment have carried over – most notably the pathfinding and constant load screens. Would it really be that hard to implement some sort of pre-loading as you walk around the neighbouring map?

    There are also several irritating omissions and simplifications: no random encounters on rest & travel, no thievery, no ammo for ranged weapons, inifinite inventory space. Also some of the systems feel stretched to their limits and problems begin to show: combat is and incomprehensible blur without near constant micromanagement, with no lessons being learned from Dragon Age. If each combatant, even a simple fighter, has a whole suit of special moves (per encounter, per rest, inventory based etc.) why can’t I just ‘program’ my wolf companion to do his takedown move in specific circumstances, rather than having to do it myself each time? I’m also getting tired of having to scan each environment for traps and secrets – that whole facet of gameplay needs some enhancement from a simple skill check (I do appreciate the traps are often placed in logical chokepoints).

    But overall I enjoyed the 60 hours I played so far, especially as the writing seems to casually surpass any of the predecessor, save for the one with the grey guy, of course. Really, does any scene in BG or IW even get close to the set piece moments as the animancy hearing or ‘communion with the gods’ from here?

    • gabrielonuris says:

      The main problem I’ve found with these “modern oldschool isometric RPGs” is that they have more resemblance with the action games counterparts than the games they try to emulate:

      Pillars of Eternity – it has more in common with Icewind Dale than Baldur’s Gate;

      Wasteland 2 – it’s more Fallout Tactics than Fallout 1 & 2.

      Maybe Divinity and Sword Coast Legends are better, but I can’t say for sure, as I still didn’t play them.

    • malkav11 says:

      I consider most of those omissions welcome, their inclusions would have been the irritating bit. I have never encountered a game where it was fun to be constantly fiddling with your inventory just to make room for stuff (deciding what to equip is interesting, deciding what consumables to have immediately ready to go is interesting, deciding what useless crap to haul around for transition into fungible currency, not so much). Random encounters in a game where you don’t get experience for combat would be super annoying. (You get experience for learning more about monsters, which yes, you do by killing but only to a point, and you’ll be well past that for most enemies quite quickly.) And ammo for ranged weapons is again mostly just busywork. They could perhaps have stood to have unlimited regular ammo and some fancy magic special ammo, but ultimately having enchanted quivers was essentially that but minus the tedium. Thievery would have been nice, though.

      • Michael Fogg says:

        You are right that some of these features would be a P in the D if they were imported wholesale from the predesessors (the Builders?). But Obisidian could have used a more ‘enlightened’ approach and really figured out how to use them to give more depth to the game.

        Limiting the ammo would nerf the all-powerful status of ranged (my main character is a ranger and takes the majority of the party’s kills with his war bow), especially that you can still shoot freely through your front rank. Also, the opportunity of cool special ammo (the insane exploding arrows in BG1).
        Having to sell off all trash loot is just buyswork as it is, it would be IMO better if mobs just dropped more gold on average rather than full sets of weapons and armour.
        And random encounters are not usually meant for the purpose of allowing the player to farm XP, but rather as a deterrent from taking a nap after every encounter.

        • Michael Fogg says:

          Forgot to add, to me it’s somehow SO immersion breaking that shopkeeps will buy any number of, say, Xaurip spears, and pay you good coin for that, instead of just telling you to shove off with this crap. I mean, is there even a marked for used Xaurip spears? You might as well try to collect some twigs and try to sell them in WalMart.

        • malkav11 says:

          I think a well built player character tends to be more effective than the NPCs, who aren’t optimized. My rogue is a murder machine. My ranged NPCs, not so much. Dropping gold instead of stuff to sell is certainly one possible solution to the loot problem, but I think it’s one that breaks immersion a lot more than simply having unlimited carrying capacity. After all, what happens to the gear enemies are using in that scenario? Why are wolves carrying cash? Etc. (The Bard’s Tale remake inXile did a while back had a system like that and made it the butt of several jokes.) And I know the point isn’t to farm for XP, but having unnecessary encounters that wear you down and -don’t- have any payoff is one of the most aggravating things you can put in any RPG design. Certainly, letting the party rest at will makes it impossible to present difficulty through attrition and so there’s an argument for limiting that ability…but Pillars already does so by requiring you to either find an inn or consume camping supplies, and sharply limiting how many of the latter you can carry. I will grant you that I never ran out of them, but I also was playing on easy (I don’t like the combat that much) and even though I wasn’t forced to husband them carefully and go significant periods between rests, I still did because that’s just the RPG hoarder instinct at work. Introducing random encounters on rest wouldn’t have gotten me to rest any less but it could have gotten me to quit playing the game.

          • Gibs says:

            You can retrain companions at a inn though, can’t change stats but you can still give em a lot more specialization (for example my Kana is a master mechanic and can unlock everything).

          • Michael Fogg says:

            Re: loot problem, for ‘kith’ opponents I always thought it could be safely assumed that a lot of the gear would be destroyed during the fighting – how would you go around selling the armour of somebody who was just hacked to death with a barbarian’s axe? The thing would be in pieces, covered in gore, half-melted from fireball blasts etc. Not great for resell value.

    • Gibs says:

      I’m also playing PoE currently at level 8 so I think I’m still a long way from finishing the game. Could’ve been better, could’ve been worse. Good enough to finish it, maybe.

      • Michael Fogg says:

        I just discovered, to my disappointment, that the game has a hard level cap at 12. No more character advancement for me, and I’m only questing around Twin Elms. IMO an RPG should have a level cap high enough that it can only be achieved by 100%-ing the game.

        Also, I’m playing on hard/expert mode and PoE feels a tad easy. I mean the main quest areas have been smooth sailing since at least the Dyrford dungeon. It’s not all easy, I mean I still haven’t figured out how to take out the Elmshore ogres or the Adra dragon, but the way I was able, with my highly unoptimised party, to rolfstomp the pale elfs in the ice temple just felt wrong.

  24. ukpanik says:

    Rimworld & Steamworld Heist.

  25. Monggerel says:

    Finished Jedi Outcast last weekend. Was shorter than I remembered it being – then again, I did spend hours running in circles when I played it back in the day because MAN navigation was a bitch in old school JK. Like, in one level go through a pair of floor grates, one on each side of a spaceport hangar, both blending perfectly into the floor, one of them hidden under a movable crate. That’s relatively easy, compared to some of the other stuff you need to do.
    Combat was still as amazing as I remembered, thankfully. Heart skipped half a beat at the first Reborn fight on Cloud City.

    So this weekend it’s Fallout 1! It’s pretty fun so far, just met the Brotherhood of Steel and they told me to kill myself. Good stuff.

  26. the-stax says:

    I like the look of the new GTA5 update, despite having avoided re-buying it so far (Got it on X360). Typically decided after the steam sale finished, so I think I dipped out there.

    Got a couple more achievements to get in Poker Night at the Inventory (Straight Flush!) so will probably have a few more hands of that too.

  27. TehK says:

    After I just binged on all 3 Hexcells-Games (which were amazing!), I’ll be returning to Elite, because I’m still quite hooked. But… since the weather seems to turn out really shitty, it’s likely I’ll start with Nelly Cootalot.

    I don’t know why exactly, but somehow… if it’s raining and cold and just plain “stay indoors” kind of weather, there’s nothing I like more than to play a nice, funny Point&Click adventure.

  28. TELH says:

    I’m starting my morning with some Skyrim, having recently bought the Legendary edition. Having a grand old time with that.

    I’d like to get a few hours in with Monster Hunter Generations and finish Inside as well, but we’ll see how that goes.

  29. Bobtree says:

    RimWorld, Total Warhammer Chaos campaign, maybe the Dota 2 weekend Battle Cup if I can find a team. Also watching the Summit 5 (Dota), and some Evo (fighting games).

  30. rahji says:

    On the bright day I play Tales from the Borderlands which is really good. The jokes are so good that I literally had to laugh out loud. I played Borderlands for an hour but I didn’t like it. But this game is very good.
    When it is getting dark, I play Dark Souls. Last night I could beat 4 Kings. It was a strange fight because the game teaches you the whole game to keep it slow and steady and be always on your guard. Also keep your distance. But in this fight you have to ignore all those rules, charge at the boss, no shield in hand, and beat the heck out of him as fast as possible. At least that was my strategy which worked.

    • DelrueOfDetroit says:

      That’s the same way I beat them. Struggled trying to take down even one for a few tries and then switched to blitzkrieg and killed them first or second attempt.

  31. lglethal says:

    Tonight I’m going to a real life Knight Tournament with Jousting and a full on medieval market. (I went to it last year as well, so I know its going to kick ass! Yeah for living in southern Germany – check out Kaltenberg Ritterturnier on google if your interested).

    So thats my “gaming” for this weekend. Controls are a bit off, and there’s a lot of cutscenes where you just have to sit and watch the action, but the atmosphere, food and beer really make up for it! ;) :P

  32. default_name says:

    Gonna play some Pokemon Go and Overwatch with my girlfriend. Maybe a bit of Shadow of Mordor here and there. That bastard Thrak keeps getting away from me, it’s getting rediculous, he’s level 19 already.

  33. zinzan says:

    Just gave up and bought GTA V yesterday, sooooooo will be playing this (NO^T ONLINE) see how long I manage before getting bored/hacked off.


    • the-stax says:

      @zinzan where from?

      • zinzan says:

        ERRRMMMM If you mean where am I from – UK :)
        If where bought – canna remember now.
        Been enjoying it, BUT not finding the story as “engaging” as GTA 4. (Yeah i know I’m weird)

  34. malkav11 says:

    Well, first I’ll be playing “transition my Windows install to a new, larger and faster drive” which takes a bit over USB 2.0, sadly. (I do have USB 3.0 ports but my swappable drive enclosure predates that.). It’s also proved unexpectedly complicated. I -thought- I could just clone my previous install and be done with it, but apparently it’s an MBR install and you can’t just copy that onto a >2TB drive and boot even if you have a bios that can handle drives of that size as boot drives, which I finally do. So I’ve done my best to set up EFI partitions and am recloning the main install. We’ll see if that works in another 8+ hours. Sigh.

    Once I’m back in Windows, I’ve finally finished Avernum: Escape from the Pit (back on Monday), with all three Great Quests done. Assassinating the Emperor is quite the feat, involving a nonstop combat gauntlet the whole way once you’ve arrived at his tower. But even so, I never actually was in much risk of losing any of my characters given their equipment and levels, so the final fight was not as tense as it might have been. Very cool ending, though. Anyway, that means it’s time for Avernum II: Crystal Souls, which I started long enough to have the first few encounters and exit the starting fort on Thursday. Apparently physical fighters are virtually deprecated in this one so I went ahead and put together an all caster party – one pure priest to tank, three that will be some hybrid of mage and priest. (Mostly mage, probably, but with enough priest for some utility spells.)

    Also on the agenda are Zero Time Dilemma, perhaps some Star Wars: The Old Republic, and maybe even taking LOTRO for a whirl again given rumors that it may be on its last legs.

    • malkav11 says:

      Transition took all day, still failed. I think I can just fit the new drive in as well as the old one instead, but I’ll need more screws, since it was an OEM drive.

  35. NetharSpinos says:

    This weekend I will be…hmm. Good question. Finishing off Just Cause 3 I suppose. I’ve finished the (short) campaign with Manny in Total Warhammer, so I’ll be pushing Orcs & Chaos around on the proverbial plate to decide which one is more appealing. I also finished Life Is Strange earlier this week (that day was a terrible day for rain) so I’ve got Tales of the Borderlands waiting for me next.

    Aside from that… Killing Floor 2? Sunrider: Liberation Day also sits idly in the library, but that might have to wait for a few days.

  36. wifflebeef says:

    I got some friends together last night to try Push Me Pull You. It was a lot of fun, so I’m hoping to play some more of that. Everyone found the characters and sound effects very disturbing.

    Also hoping to squeeze in more Hyper Light Drifter, which I’ve loved. I’m torn between fighting the last boss and exploring further to find more secrets. The game hits a sweet spot for me, with fluid and challenging combat, a beautiful world, and well-hidden (but not overly obscured) collectibles that perform in-game functions, rather than existing solely as collectibles. I want to see the end, but know I won’t enjoy backtracking further once I’ve finished it.

  37. Premium User Badge

    gritz says:

    Just more overwatch because I’m boring.

  38. zsd says:

    Sometimes I make plans, have big dreams, but I always wake up in bed the next morning with Fallout NV, filled with shame.

    Current playthrough complete, I guess. Did all the DLC, was going to do the House ending until he asked me to kill a bunch of people I liked and had taken the time to get Idolized with. Wouldn’t take no for an answer, so I took a golf club to his withered face. Had already reached the point of no return with NCR and Caesar, so all that was left was Yes Man. I already did that ending and didn’t really care for it, so I blasted him into scrap. Now the quest marker just points to his smoldering ashes, so I think it’s game over.

    Maybe an Unarmed specialist next time?

    • Kaeoschassis says:

      Technically I don’t think it’s Game Over – you can still get the Yes Man ending, no matter what. But yeah, probably time to start over.

  39. fish99 says:

    Bloodborne. One of the most aesthetically striking games, attached to the biggest pile of garbage game mechanics.

    • Catterbatter says:

      I’ve heard nothing but good things about Bloodborne! I haven’t played it, but I’m honestly curious to hear your take.

      • fish99 says:

        When I say garbage mechanics, I’m just talking about the stuff that’s bad across all the Souls games. The only thing that makes Bloodborne any worse is the framerates, which can dip under 20 in some boss fights and when that happens you sometimes get slow motion and laggy feeling controls. It also has a ton of motion blur, which makes the game a visual mess at times.

        The mechanics though, I’m mainly talking about the useless camera and lock-on system, the dodgy hit boxes, the input queuing, but also the design of some areas and particularly boss fights being unsympathetic to these defects. There’s a bunch of boss fights, especially in the latter chalice dungeons, which are hard purely because you either can’t see what is going on, or can’t get your character to do what you want.

  40. bananana says:

    Maybe Gran Turismo 6. Or Civ 5. Elite? I dunno.

  41. Premium User Badge

    Waltorious says:

    A warning: Dustforce is not a “zippy” platformer, it is a deliberate, measured platformer. Moving fast requires skill and control. This is not a complaint; it’s an excellent game. But if you really want something “zippy”, you may want to look elsewhere.

  42. A Gentleman and a Taffer says:

    The belated arrival of the British summer and it’s scorching sunny days can only mean one thing: staying inside and pretending to be lost in the abyssal depths of a submarine research station in SOMA.

    Been looking forward to playing this for a while and finally got it. Frictional have got to be one of the most consistently brilliant devs out there. Took a while to get going but am now thoroughly immersed. Love that it’s learned a load from walking simulators but still a much more engaging and terrifying experience than machine for pigs (although I liked that too on its merits). They just keep getting better.

    Need to finish the thing before I start gushing too much, but I’ve thought before: these guys/girls are the heirs to Half-Life era Valve. I feel like this is where Half-Life would be in 2016 if it wasn’t shackled to all the expectation and hype.

    • malkav11 says:

      FWIW, Machine for Pigs was the Dear Esther folks, not Frictional. You may already know that but, just in case.

  43. Mags says:

    This weekend I shall be playing ‘Real Life’. Levels include ‘Barbecue’, ‘Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain’, and ‘2km line of giant dominoes’.

  44. Unsheep says:

    Giving Dirt Rally another chance. So far so good.
    I still think the lack of content is a serious issue concerning I paid full-price for the game, and since some of the physics and racing rules imposed by Codemasters are not that good, and too arcade for what the game tries to be.

    Complaining about a Codemasters’ sim game is quite easy, since they usually don’t offer much content for the price and never commit to making something a pure sim; as they don’t seem to learn from PC sim developers.

    However, Dirt Rally still a fun game at the end, and that’s what most important. However I wish I did not pay full-price for it.